REVIEW: Asylum - "Inmate"

What better way do you have to make your debut into the metal scene than 'Asylum' : Asylum is a four-piece Mumbai based metal band, which, after playing at numerous venues, has finally kick-started the new year with their awe-spring EP 'Inmate', which is a perfect blend of grooviness and brutality.

The first track on the EP, Towards The Zero begins with a voice sample, a very uncommon piece found in Indian albums, which is followed by a totally insane riff. The vocals are guttural, which sound perfect with the music. The solo in this track is just what the audience wants, melodious as well as technically sound. The second track, 'The Devilish Lizard', features a thumping bass-line in the begging, with the same guitar riffs following it. Its has a sludgy tone to it, and sounds awesome. The drumwork on this track suits well to it. The third track, 'The Way He Lived', is an instrumental track, which balances the whole atmosphere created by the band on the EP, and also works as a platform for the band to show their technical aspects.

'Groove. Trip. Fall' is the next track on the record. Its a typical groove track with a crushing riff and good use of the double bass. A solo was missing, which would've completed the track in all aspects. The last track on this wonderfull EP is 'Agitate The Origin'. Its a great track, only second to the first track of the EP. Clean guitar intro and various sample clearly shows the bands approach for something new.
The production job on this EP is done by Arun Iyer of the well-know Death/Thrash metal band Devoid, and is done very well. The instruments' sound is clear and the mixing doesnt compromise on the overall tone of the tracks. The vocals on the EP sound similar to that of Nick Speleos of Dying Fetus or Niilo Sevanen of Insomnium, but surely have a distinct sound. The riffs and drum pattern can meet with some technicailty, but, overall, this is an amazing piece of work, and a glorious push for a promising future.

Current members:
Anubhav Rattan - Bass
Raghu Raj - Drums
Vivek Bhatt - Vocals
Angad Singh - Guitars

Asylum Will be launching their EP "INMATE" on 16th January

 Rating: 4.2 - ‎Review by Piyush Ojha - ‎Jan 15, 2014

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