Mister Kto! new single is available for streaming


The music project "Mister Kto!" has presented a single titled "The Red Pill."

Inspired by the profound and philosophical musings of Andrei Kurpatov, "Mister Kto!" takes the listener into a world where music and contemplation collide, creating a symphony of emotions, revelations, and questions.

What lies behind each choice? What world will be revealed after swallowing this "Red Pill"? Can we return back? Is the traveler ready for a musical reinterpretation of everything they knew about life, themselves, and the world?

In this track, echoes of Russian rock, philosophical undertones, and a call to self-discovery can be heard. To the attentive listener, it offers a deep and multi-dimensional analysis of the contemporary state of the human soul, on par with the finest examples of Russian rock.

Oblivium Regnum released debut EP


Czech Melodic Death Metal band Oblivium Regnum released their debut EP «Zrádce». The release was recorded in "Silence S.E. Studios" and "OR Studio" and mixed/mastered by Luboš Martan.

Oblivium Regnum was formed in 2017 at Prague, Czechia, by former members of the band "Depressive Reality" -  Tomáš (vocals) and Michal (bass guitar). The guys contacted former band mates - Luboš (guitar), Ervin (guitar) and Slávek (drums) and the line-up was complete.

War Of Shards new single is available for streaming


Russian Metal project War Of Shards released their new single «Farewell». The metal opera tells about the world of an alternative magical future, torn apart by the war of yesterday's allies, the descendants of the Legion. In a cruel war among the stars, there was a place for love. Mulgrave and Squalla found each other, but it turned out to be impossible to cultivate a bright feeling while friends and enemies are dying in a terrible battle. Duty calls the Guardian of the Way, and he, as always, is above all. The release was recorded, mixed and mastered by Alexander Gorbunov.

The Epic Metal opera War of the Shards is one of the most ambitious and global musical projects in Russia. An exciting story awaits you about the birth of new heroes and their dramatic fate, about immortal love and eternal war between irreconcilable enemies - the heroes of an alternative future; amazing music and fantasy illustrations that immerse you in another reality, where courage and rage, knowledge and mysticism converged between the stars.

“Siberian Blues” from «Mister Kto» project is available for streaming

 “Siberian Blues” from «Mister Kto» project is available for streaming. The new month is not at all a reason to leave the listener without a fresh track - this is exactly why the Tyumen project «Mr. Kto!» decided by presenting its new musical work called “Siberian Blues”. On the audio recording presented to the general public, Dmitry Pronkin was accompanied by the previously known «Elektromaniac» and «Konstantin Neverov», who created the atmosphere of Rock, Blues Rock, spiced with Rhythm-n-Blues. The single was recorded at Studio 114 and according to the musicians is part of the new concept album “Scrape 42”, which includes about 10 diverse compositions in the typical “Mr. Who!” style.

Mister Kto! new single is availble


Russian musicians from Tyumen Steven Berkovec (Steve) and Dmitry Pronkin (Mister Kto!) released their new single «За всё хорошее» (For all the good). The single was recorded at "Studio 114" by Steve, the man who recorded, mixed and mastered all Mister Kto releases. The new music is the first single from the upcoming third «Mister Kto!» album that will be released this year.

I.C. Wiener new single available for streaming

 "On the Atoms" - the debut official video of the domestic Alternative Metal formation «I.C. Wiener»"Everything we wanted to say with the title track of the single "On the Atoms" is now with pictures in this video clip. This song describes the horror of the atomic bombings of Japan in 1945 and sounds quite topical." - the musicians comment on their release, offering to get acquainted with the work.

«I.C.Wiener» is a trio of musicians with an honest guitar sound, clear vocals and a powerful rhythm section. Since 2014, the guys have been performing at various, mostly geographically nearest venues, from festivals to clubs, while simultaneously recording their material in the studio. The discography of the project includes the single "Letters" (2019), the maxi-singles "Weightless" (2019) and "On the Atoms" (2022).

SubSpec released new live video


New Zealand Heavy Metal band SubSpec released their new live video «Parasitilogy of the Pleb Platform Panorama». The video was recorded in December 2022 at "Psycho Sound" at common ground, Sentry Hill. New Plymouth, New Zealand.

SubSpec is a one man project from Auckland, New Zealand, which utilizes heavily distorted bass (no standard electric guitars) & midi orchestrations through drum machines & synths. They have released 3 demo recordings & 1 live EP & collaborated with Karl Sanders of Nile & Mike Browning of Nocturnus AD (Formerly Nocturnus & Morbid Angel).

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