Interview with SystemHouse33

Systemhouse33 is an Experimental Thrash Metal band from Mumbai, India. SystemHouse33 is affirmed for playing interesting blend of Thrash and groove with extreme influences from different styles, including Death Metal, incorporating atmospheric parts and artistic rendering. We were able to catch up with vocalist Samron Jude for this little

Metalhead Spotted: Greetings from Metalhead Spotted! Hope you guys are doing well. Could you please introduce SystemHouse 33 to our readers?
Samron: Hey there! Hows it going? Glad to be interviewed by Metalheadspotted.net SystemHouse33 (Sh33) was formed in the small town of Nagpur, right in the center of India on Sept 22, 2003 before shifting base to Mumbai. We were just kids who hung out a lot and got into metal when one college student gave us some metal cds and that was enough to start a brand new heavy metal chapter in our lives. \m/
                                            Remembering the legend - Dimebag Darrell.

Metalhead Spotted: How did you come up with the band's name? how did you guys come together as a band?
Samron: 33 is our favourite number and we listened to a lot of Firehouse when we were kids, hence the name. We all grew up in the same neighbourhood and it was natural for us to develop similar tastes in music. We always wanted to play our own music and growing up in Nagpur it was tough to get people to open up to accepting any form of Metal, let alone original music. But we didn't give up and that's when SystemHouse33 came into existence.

Metalhead Spotted: How did you tend to play thrash metal music? What are the lyrical themes you use in writings?

Samron: Samron Jude (vocals) was playing with Cornell (ex-bass) in another band early on. Later when Daniel (Guitars) and Shane (ex-drums and Cornell's twin brother) joined them to form SH33, the sound of the band veered towards the heavier side. With the addition of Leon Quadros (2008) and Amogh Sharma (2013) the sound of the band is progressively heavier. Our fourth album Depths of Despair talks about social evils and how we seem to have lost our
way on a whole.
Metalhead Spotted: When it comes to influence, what bands drew you to heavy metal? 
Samron: We were initially influenced by bands like Firehouse, Van Halen, Deep Purple, Extreme and others, introduced to us by our friend Basil Rocque who has helped us tremendously. The turning point came when we played at a college fest in Nagpur (illegally since we were still in school haha) and a student gave us a CD with bands like Pantera, Slayer, Metallica etc on it.

Metalhead Spotted: Well, having been around for about 10 years now, How has your sound grown?
Samron: We wanted to write original music from day one. In fact, before we played a cover we had two originals written down. We started out playing straight up Thrash with tracks like Scartation of our first release Discernment. Later with Join the System and Thrive Live, we got into a Thrash/Groove mode. Now with Depths of Despair, we are more Experimental Thrash with elements of Progressive and Technical metal.

Metalhead Spotted: Your latest dominant release Depths of Despair, received rightfully by fans. How do you feel about success it has in recent times?
Samron: It feels great! Depths of Despair is a an album that has changed the sound of the band. Daniel DSouza came back from Australia we started working on "Depths of Despair" for which we have also recently released a music video, which you will find on our YoutTube channel. So we have finally have our sound which is very unique and we are very proud of it.

Metalhead Spotted: We notice a strong Slayer and old school thrash influence on Depths of Despair, how will you illustrate your sound to the fans?
Samron: We started out playing thrash and grew up listening to such bands, who have influenced entire generations of Metal Heads. With this album, we are playing music that is more progressive and in the Experimental Thrash metal zone. There are atmospheric elements as well as some downright dirty grooves. Every track on this album has something new for the listener.

Metalhead Spotted: SystemHouse 33 is set to play at Thrashfest, sponsored by Transcending Obscurity; Are you excited about it?
Samron: We are thrilled! The lineup for Thrashfest is nothing short of brilliant and we are honoured to be part of this. Anyone who is into metal cannot miss this gig, Kunal has done a fantastic job yet again and we would like to thank him for having us on the bill. \m/

Metalhead Spotted: Is there anything you’re looking forward to doing on Thrashfest?
Samron: We are looking forward to playing our album "Depths of Despair" live. When played live, the songs take on new life and we are essentially a live band that has a blast on stage and we look forward to slamming the place on the 9th of Feb.

Metalhead Spotted: Can you tell us about some vocal techniques that are usually being used by you?
Samron: For our metal vocals, we make sure that the words can be heard clearly and its outright aggression added with a lot of different kinds of sounds and pitches, which makes it absolutely brutal!

Metalhead Spotted: What does the future hold for SystemHouse33? Is there any plans for new release?
Samron: We will be releasing another video within the next month or two from the current album and we are already putting down some tracks for our 5th album, which we hope to release by mid-late 2014.

Metalhead Spotted: I Thank you for your time. Is there any words for your fans and reader?
Samron: We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us over the last 10 years. It has not been easy, but its because of the support we receive from everyone that we have managed to keep going and we are not going to stop anytime soon! So check out our latest album 'Depths of Despair' and don't hesitate to catch us on our official website www.systemhouse33.com, Facebook, Youtube and of course on Feb 9, 2014 at the Thrashfest, sponsored by Transcending Obscurity.
Interviewer: Akshay Gaikwad

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