GIG ALERT: 'THRASHFEST' sponsored by Transcending obscurity

Brace yourselves for an upcoming epic 'THRASHFEST' sponsored by Transcending obscurity!

Thrashfest is a Thrash Metal gig which will be taking place on the 9th of February at Hotel United 21,Thane. After a long time our country is having its own thrash fest and as the name suggests, Thrash Metal bands from all around the country, will assemble to revive this genre which has been extremely close to every Indian metalhead!. The crowd will rise up to the power of the growls and screams, bone-smashing break downs , monstrous drumming and cyclonic solos that are gonna be presented by bands like Devoid, Albatross, Chaos, Threinody, Halahkuh, Sceptre, Armament, Deadbolt, Systemhouse 33.
The list of bands who will be playing are :

Devoid - Death/Thrash Metal band from Mumbai
Albatross - Heavy/Thrash Metal band from Mumbai
Chaos - Thrash Metal band from Kerala
Threinody - Old School Thrash Metal legends from Bangalore
Halahkuh - Death/Thrash Metal band from Pune
Sceptre - Thrash Metal titan from Mumbai
Armament - Nasty uptempo Thrash from Kolkata
Deadbolt - Thrash Metal mongers from Kolkata
Systemhouse 33 - Experimental Thrash from Mumbai

Passes are out!!!! Grab yourself one as soon as possible!!This is going to be MASSIVE!!!
For More details check Facebook event page 

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