Enter The Mammoth - The Grand Metal Festival

Its this one gig ya'all don't want to miss this season! Featuring 6 gut-wrenching heavy bands from the annals of aamchi mumbai,this one is guaranteed to blow your socks, ears and also a few other vital organs off! The Navi-Mumbai(NEW BOMBAY for the old-schoolers)metal festival giants have gathered a slamming killer lineup this year not to be missed. The event takes place at Marine Centre, Sector 11, Vashi. Here’s the lineup (no particular order):

Source: Pop Splat
Primitiv - Though they simply like to term their music rock and roll, the sound borders around Sludge/Doom/Sabbath meets Celtic frost sort of a theme. Make no mistake, they're a powerhouse and heavy as fuck! Do expect a few surprises. And check out their single called ‘Taurus’ if you haven’t.

Source:Rafal Kotylak
Gutslit – Undoubtedly the kings of Indian Grind core/Slamming Death, Gutslit have just returned performing at Europe's legendary Obscene Extreme Metal Festival and are all set to be a part of this lineup. We were psyched to ask them about their experiences playing abroad and sharing stage with the big names apart from what they expect from TGMF this year. Gurdip Narang, the bassist replies, “Obscene Extreme was a surreal experience. Nothing we have encountered ever before. Right from the professional organization to the insane bands and to top it all, the people who were there, it was sheer madness. We have not one, but two new songs for TGMF. Ready to Chop? It's going to be a beautiful show back in our home town. We are looking forward to another great pit and another round of Gutslit madness!” He added
Their recent debut called ‘Skewered in the Sewer’, and its t-shirts are up for grabs and we can’t wait to enter their visceral pit ourselves.

Devoid - Mumbai's Thrash/Death outfit. Being around in the scene for quite a while, their releases include 'A God's Lie' and 'The Invasion' EP. Characterized by the trademark screeching and snarling vocals intercepted with mercilessly rapid riffing, Devoid has developed quite a  cult following. We recently chatted up with Arun, the vocalist of the band and this is what he had to say about this event,
Source: nh7.in
 “The grand mammoth festival is organized by Jeff and his cohort and they are one of the very few who annually organize metal shows in Navi Mumbai, Vashi. The last installment of the gig had a few kinks that surely must have left these guys with a bad taste in the mouth and right now my expectation will be as theirs that they bounce back and put up a full show that leaves the ticket buyers completely satisfied. Other than that I really hope that their previous experiences can give them the insight required to pull off a well organized gig. I say that because I know personally that organizing shows is one of the hardest things to do. There are so many verticals to a metal show that need to sync like clockwork and it takes a calm mind to be resourceful to solve all the on-the-fly problems. My hope is that they can rise up to these challenges and put up a show that adheres to their time schedule. Moonlight production, I think that is what the group is now known as, has a brilliant bill arranged for this installment of the show. To even get all these bands in one show is a thing to behold. I personally see this as a throw-back to all the good underground metal gigs that used to happen in the last decade. Bodies flying and people screaming! I can’t wait to meet up with the community that I most belong to. Devoid hasn’t played a marine centre gig in what seems like forever so it is exciting to do that. We’re going to be playing a new song and we hope all goes well!”

Narkasura - Relentless and uncompromising.Groove/Thrash.Repeat.Newer in the scene, Narkasura have won many regional competitions e.g. Octaves '14, NIFT Spectrum '14, Distortion etc.Do watch out.

Source: Jagdish Bhandge Photography

Zygnema - The quintessential Groove masters, with their Debut "Born of Unity" are sure to devastate the venue and their fans alike. Having recently headlined the Ctrl-Alt-Delete gig they concluded the memorable event with a bang crack, as a particular audience member's stage dive didn't exactly end up smooth. You already know the story right, so I won't fuck around much."Well we guys are playing almost after 4 months. So thats the most exciting part for us. Stepping on that stage and letting your hair loose. Also sharing the stage with such great bands is definitely a treat. Marine center is going to be packed. Looking forward to this." said Sidharth Kadadi, the guitarist of the band.

Sceptre - Seriously, being THE thrashers for around 15 years, am I expected to elucidate about them any further? Since a new vocalist has just joined the bandwagon, the legendary titans shall be headlining this event, and sceptre fans are surely in for a treat. We caught up with the drummer, Aniket, to share a few words on their expectations from the fest and their new front man. "We couldn't have asked for a better timing to introduce our new front man. Working with Jeff Dani has always been a pleasure. Plus the bands on the roster are a treat to watch and share stage with, always! From our end, we're throwing a little surprise as far as the song list is concerned. All in all, we WILL turn the venue to complete rubble once we're done!"

So there you have it folks, The Grand Mammoth Festival is sure to live up to its name. This lineup is interesting to say the least so do attend in numbers and help make history! And don’t miss out on any fun slacking around Breaks, since all bands will make sure to kick some ass, live and loud! Cheers and up the horns \m/

Passes are available for just 300 so don’t forget to grab them for all your buddies.
Venue – Marine Centre, Vashi
Date- 04/10/2014;
Gates open 4:30pm

- Abhimanyu Watve/Navneet Sandhu

News: Trinergic reveals New Drummer, Album Plans, Tour and more!

Trinergic, the Melodic Death Metal band from Mumbai (India) which has been making waves all over the Indian Metal scene with its melodic compositions and fiery live performances, recently launched a countdown on their Facebook page which hinted at a "Big Announcement" to be made around the weekend. The band's members and crew had kept the announcement a well-guarded secret leading up to the big reveal on Sunday - the addition of Nepal's drumming Prodigy Jay Ram Karki to the band.

Jay replaces Emmanuel Paul, who had been with the band since its inception and had also played on its two single releases "Martyr" and "Rise of Xyrith". Emmanuel has decided to relinquish his drumming duties to concentrate on the management aspects of the band.
Emmanuel, speaking on this change stated "I've been with Trinergic (formerly Dystopia) for three years now. In this time, I've had some of my best experiences and many unforgettable moments with the band. I never thought it would come to this, but since I can't dedicate my full time to the band any more, I'm now switching over to the band's management duties along side Dushyant. The journey and the bonding has been extraordinary, and I want to thank everyone that has supported us over the years. Our new drummer has some serious skills, better than all of us could have ever asked for and it only gets better from here!"
Hailing from Kathmandu, Nepal, Jay Ram is often touted as one of the finest Metal drummers to have emerged from the Nepal Metal scene. Jay has previously played with bands such as Binaash, Wakk Thuu, Terrifyer, Fall, Viral, Double Trouble in Nepal and recently made the shift to Mumbai, India to join Trinergic as their new drummer. Having been nicknamed "Nepalm Death" by USA's Sick Drummer Magazine due to his technically complex style of playing, Jay has played with the best of the best back in his home country for over three years, constantly delivering tight, power packed performances and leaving the audiences spellbound. Jay Ram sees the shift as a new beginning to his career. He will be playing his debut gig with Trinergic at Hyderabad's "Metal At the Tavern" concert on the 11th of October.
Speaking on the change, manager Dushyant Dubey has made clear what the band's intentions are. He mentions "The sound of Trinergic is now going to change. We are making the shift from Melodic Death Metal to more of a Technical and Progressive Death Metal style. The band has the talent to deliver some world class music and that's exactly what we're focusing on."
For those who are curious to see the new drummer in action, Trinergic's Youtube channel "Trinergic TV" has released a video of Jay during his jam sessions with the band! The video gives a sneak preview of Trinergic's new material as well! Trinergic's announcement also includes the start of the recording of their new album, which will be a full length 10-track Tech/Prog Death Metal release. The band will also be going on a Pan-India tour to support their album release in early 2015.

Facebook : Twitter : Youtube
For Bookings: Dushyant Dubey (+918905177387)


Indian deathsters Reptilian Death have offered a free download of their debut album 'Total Annihilation' to mark it's 10 year anniversary. The album which was released in 2004 is now a decade old and is a landmark release in the history of Indian Metal.
"It's not a great album but it's an important one given that it was released in a time where most bands in India were still playing cover music and those who played their own songs were almost at logger heads with the audience to get them to accept their own music. So for me this was something I always wanted to do and that was write my own music. The album has two parts, one being the slightly more serious old school style death metal that RD played as a live band and 'Nursery Rhymes For Satan's Children' which was the more spoofy studio death metal project as RD originally was. The artwork was done by Mephisto the keyboard player of Demonic Resurrection and I released about 300 copies of this on CD-R. The album has been out of print for years now and it kind of made sense to put it out for free download now so that all the kids who are just joining the Indian Metal party can listen to an album that was important in those formidable years." comment Demonstealer
The album can be downloaded from the band's soundcloud page:

Reptilian Death released their 2nd full-length album 'The Dawn Of Consummation And Emergence' in 2013 almost 10 years after the debut on Old School Metal Records and Universal Music.

An Incredible Metal Tribute to the History of Video Games

Do you like video games? Are you metalhead? Have you ever wanted to hear metal versions of your favourite videogame themes? Sure there are plenty of video’s across the web but this particular one sticks out from the rest.

The 23-year-old artist, Jules Conroy, has obviously put an abundance of time and energy into this project, and it has to be heard to be believed. Even if you're not a metal or hard rock fan, there's something to like in this megamix.

A 17-minute video that will walk you through the history of video games - from those earliest titles to the latest ones, You'll hear songs from games such as FroggerSuper Mario Bros., Legend Of Zelda, all the way to games like The Last Of UsThe Sonic seriesMortal KombatThe Sims Fallout 3, and more.

 Here is The list of tracks in the order they are played:
0:07 Pong
0:17 Gunfight
0:21 Space Invaders
0:30 Pac-man
0:37 Frogger
0:46 Dig Dug
1:01 Phozon
1:10 Tetris
1:34 Super Mario Bros
2:01 Legend of Zelda
2:32 Punch-Out!!
2:55 Super Mario Bros. 2 – Character Select
3:11 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
3:36 Super Mario World – Athletic Theme
4:04 Sonic – Scrap Brain Zone
4:20 Street Fighter II – Vega’s Theme
4:45 Mortal Kombat
5:17 Star Fox
5:52 Donkey Kong Country – Gang-Plank Galleon
6:04 Donkey Kong Country 2 – Snakey Chantey
6:24 Pokémon – Gym
6:48 Goldeneye
7:26 Ocarina of Time – Intro
8:08 Medal of Honor
8:39 The Sims
9:10 Animal Crossing
9:42 Battlefield 1942
10:14 Wind Waker
10:39 World of Warcraft – Song of Elune
11:05 Civilization IV – Baba Yetu
11:41 Twilight Princess – Hyrule Field
12:29 Super Mario Galaxy – Gusty Garden Galaxy
12:54 Fallout 3
13:23 Braid – Downstream
13:43 Mass Effect 2 – Suicide Mission
14:11 Skyrim – Sons of Skyrim
14:41 Super Hexagon – Focus
15:00 Last of Us
15:21 Dark Souls II – Longing

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