A matter of faith”, the new album of italian post-prog metallers Hybrid Circle is finally available in physical version (and obviously in free download on the official website) Order your copy at this address: CLICK . The band announce the release of “The impossible”, the first lyric video taken from the new album and available by the end of September.

CAP DE CRANIU "Homeopathic Treatment for Social Disease" DRUM + GUITAR PLAYTHROUGH

  • From left to right - Razvan (drums), Averac (vocals), Calin (guitar), Paul (bass), Andrei (guitar) and Mihai (vocals).

Nearly a month ago, Romanian Death Grind icons Cap De Craniu have released another playthrough for the song "Homeopathic Treatment for Social Disease". This time it's drum mode, interpreted by the sextet's co-founder, Razvan Raduta. Speaking about playthroughs and co-founding members, Calin Raduta demonstrated the precise guitar jam for the song, earlier this year.

Before checking out the videos, know there are a couple of really cool attributes that give this band the edge: founding brothers Razvan and Calin are quite multi talented s.o.b.'s who have shown, over the years, a tremendous will to evolve in everything they like doing. Great examples of humble, talented, hard working people. Besides CDC and lots of former music projects, these dudes play in another iconic group that is (and probably will forever be) a Hardcore/Rap Metal father figure for the local scene, H8, while Calin also orchestrates a studio project called Hang Him.

Beyond the music hemisphere, Calin has been "inking" skins for over a decade, currently in the highest ranks at Dark Side Ink Division, he's also a drawer and graphic designer (link to his work here!), whereas Razvan is manipulating technology in the fields of video production (through his own oldboystudio) as well as music engineering.

So basically, if you're into extreme underground music, you can tell Cap De Craniu is a band that perfectly identifies itself with what DIY really is - the creation, mixing, production, video and designing features of their music is in their hands, minds and hearts.

First off, the main topic - drums

...and guitars (obviously!!!!)

For those of you who like what they've watched, listened and read about Cap De Craniu and are eager to find out more...I've taken care of that too! "Homeopathic Treatment for Social Disease" is the 2nd track of their latest material, released in late December 2013 through Metalfan Romania, the "Split it Out" split EP with another precious crew from the Romanian underground, previously interviewed here at Metalhead Spotted - Breathelast. Highly recommended for the Post Hardcore/Metalcore enthusiasts.

'Till next time, hailz! \m/
K.J.K. McShane


Hailing from Mumbai Thrash Metallers Sceptre, have gone public with their search for a new vocalist after parting ways with Samron Jude. The Band is well known for it’s originals such as
Nuclear”, “Charred” and “Wrath of God” made a roaring comeback earlier this year with the
release of their second studio album “Age of Calamity”. The band recently began a hunt for a
new frontman 

The band is on the lookout for people who have a penchant for Thrash Metal and embody the
presence and confidence of an ideal Metal frontman.
Drummer Aniket says “We've been
Thrashing for a long time, and this time we’ve raised the stakes. We want the new frontman to have that ‘wow’ factor that you'd expect from a band like Sceptre!”, vocalists are encouraged to
apply from all parts of India as long as they're available to audition and jam with the band.

So far, Sceptre has received applications for auditions from people in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi
and even from far away places such as Lucknow and Kolkata. Having auditioned over 30
musicians already, the hunt for a new Sceptre frontman still powers on.
Bass guitarist Janus Sayal states “We're looking for someone who can come in with that raw
80’s Thrash energy, the grit, the power, the presence, it needs to be a total package, we’re not
about to settle for anything less!”
The band performed "Age of Calamity" from their album "Age of Calamity" at Thrashfest in Mumbai

The band’s primary musical influences lie in the era of Classic Thrash, where bands such as
Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Vader come to mind. There are no gender, age or location bars
for the aspiring vocalists, but with the band making a switch back to Traditional Thrash vocals, it
is required that the candidates come prepared.
To reach out to the band for an audition, please drop an email to sceptrezone@gmail.com or
contact band manager Dushyant (+918905177387) or Aniket (+919820711617) for further
Those interested in trying out can find all the relevant details over at the bands Facebook page: Sceptre India


Pro-shot footage of Indian metal veterans Demonic Resurrection's performance at Wacken Open Air is available on the band's youtube channel. The band performed at the 25th Anniversary edition of the festival on the WET Stage on Saturday 2nd of August. The footage includes two new tracks 'The Demon King' and 'Trail Of Devastation' from their recently released 4th album The Demon King.

The band also recently performed at Sonisphere Festival as well as touring across the UK on their own headline shows as well as supporting Onslaught.

Demonic Resurrection shall also be performing at The Music Fest on 16th August in Chennai, India and The Entombed Metal Festival in Pune, India on 30th August. 


Defyd, a four piece Alternative/Progressive/Doom metal band from Bangalore released it's first self-titled EP, since their inception in early 2009. The band consists of Suhas Nair on vocals/guitars, Adhir Punja on drums/vocals, Jeeva on guitars and Meeth Medappa on bass.

The self titled EP starts with Abandoned, a track with decent riffs and heavy bass lines. The vocalist shows-off his range in the opening track and doesn't fail to impress. Though the only letdown is that the guitars over-shadow the drums throughout the song. End This Illusion is the longest one on the EP clocking at 11:46 mins. This track has its sound leaning to the band's metal influences. Very low levels of bass and the predictable solos, more or less similar to Master Of Puppets are a bit of disappointment.
The tempo shifts and overall arrangement are worth appreciating. After a point the track does seem a bit over-extended.
The third one on the EP is Faithless, is the heaviest one. Average riffs, good vocal patterns and a nifty solo lift the mood after the last one. The last track titled Through The Veil makes a nice impact on the listener, with simplistic guitars being a plus point. Throughout the EP, the band's plethora of knowledge and a lawful feat to construct easy-listening music is visible.
Production for the release is superb except a few bits here and there.

  Rating: 3.2 - ‎Vocals
 Rating: 2.5 - Guitars/Bass
 Rating: 2.5 - Lyrics
 Rating: 3.5 - Production

 Rating: 3.0 - Overall

‎Review by Kaushik Joshi - ‎Jul 8, 2014

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