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Diamonds Are Forever is metalcore band from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. In the late of 2011 they merged from two already existing bands and started sharing their songs. By December 2011 they released their first EP - 4 song material entitled "Whom shall I fear" and also a first music video for the song “The eyes of blinded sorrow”.

Starting 2012, a new single was recorded along with a music video for it, called “Face Me” which was heavily promoted in their native country. Gaining more notoriety, they started a daring project, and the band records a live DVD that is to become the first Romanian entirely DIY DVD. “Bridges Are Born DVD” is a dual disk product: one disk contains a full live concert and the second disk contains a documentary movie on the bands short history and born process. Along with the release of the DVD, a new single and music video for “The Scar”. This is the first preview of the second EP called “Momaentum” (2013) followed by the lyric video for the song “The Industry”. In the late of 2013, their second EP, “Momaentum” was released.

They had the chance to tour in Romania and nearby countries: Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova. To name a few of the bands they shared stage with: Suicide Silence, Veil of Maya, Betraying the Martyrs, Cancer Bats, Super Butt, Give Em’ Blood, Subscribe, and many more, gaining a lot of positive feedback.

    In 2013 they became the first Romanian band to reach the cinemas with their documentary movie from “Bridges Are Born” DVD. We caught up with the bands for a little chit chat about their music, recent album, future plans and many general things.

Metalhead Spotted: Hello Diamonds Are Forever, here is Metalhead Spotted for an interview, for first how are you ?
DAF: Hello to you and all the Metalhead Spotted followers. We are good, we just released a new EP called "Momaentum" and returned from a first part of touring promoting it. We had a couple of shows with Betraying the Martyrs here in Romania and a few shows on our own, so we are happy to see it out and receive a lot of good feedback on it.

Metalhead Spotted: Ok , which bands did influence your new EP and from where is the inspiration ? DAF: "Momaentum" is our second EP. Long story short, we were born from merging two bands that missed a few members and the first EP are songs from one of them, now this one has its roots in the other band. Sure, songs got a little different from where they were, but that was the starting point. Inspiration? There are lots of bands and styles that inspired us on this tracks. There are brutal parts, brake-downs, which you hear in other bands that are similar in style, but also punk related riffs and a lot of melodic parts. There is a mixture of styles, but we sing what we like and feel. I don’t know, but to put a label on whom exactly inspired us would be difficult and wrong. We all listen to lots of music, different music. In my opinion is a mixture from August Burns Red, Parkway Drive, Story of the Year, maybe a bit of A Day To Remember, and lots of other "spices".

Metalhead Spotted:Did you guys earned from it? Do you have sold-out shows?
DAF: The EP just got out, it’s available in major e-stores like ITunes, Amazon, Deezer, Spotify, etc. Frankly we don’t have the official sales number since it’s delayed. The thing is that the most important thing we have right now is the feedback from our fans. We are thrilled that they enjoy the songs and the whole product. We didn’t start to distribute the physical CD but to those who come to our concerts, but the digipack and graphics are amassing. The graphics were made by our good friend Gabor Fetyko who is a graphic designer at Resize Media (www.resize-media.com) . You can check them out and see what they do for other bands not only us.
Sold-out shows?! This depends on lots of things. In places where we’ve been before the audience number is constantly growing. Sure, there are concerts that are not that great, but we play the same. It doesn’t matter how many attend to our shows. It matters that those that come and see us get what they expect, and that is our music.

Metalhead Spotted: From where did the idea for the song "The Industry" come from?
DAF: "The Industry" has a metaphorical sense. We don’t refer to an exact field of interest, but rather everything that surrounds us. We are bombed with information on all media channels, we are bombed with lots of things in the world from a physical point to a mental point. We tend to forget lots of things and „embark“ on what „the industry“ tells us. It’s not a anti something song, but a reminder focus on the real things that happen, not the "drugs" that we are fed up with. That is what the song is about, the struggle of the individual to take back control on his life and diminish the "power" of the industry over him.

Metalhead Spotted: OK, now to past , from where did you guys get your name ?
DAF:  Diamonds Are Forever means something different for each and everybody if you get the idea behind it. I’ll try to keep it short, but if you think of "Diamonds" as something precious, we all have our diamonds, whether they are people in our lives, memories, things. Each and everybody has his diamonds and for them, they are forever. We all have ours. We often get comments that mention Bring Me The Horizon’s song "Diamonds Aren’t Forever", but it’s funny. We love BMTH, but it doesn’t has to do a thing with them.

Metalhead Spotted:  Did you guys find your record label and publicity fast or did you need much time?
DAF: We are an independent band. We are not signed and "Momaentum" was self-released. Once, we played a show with the guys from Veil of Maya and I talked to their drummer Sam, and he said to me, back then, something that made me think. He said something like this: To get a record label to put your CD out there it's pretty easy, but to sign to a label that will help you on your path, that’s a bit more difficult to find. I agree with him. If someone doesn’t believe in our music the way we do, how am I going to trust him with my future? The thing is like this. We don’t expect things to just happen. There are a lot of things to get done, but until we find those special people to help us, we will do it our way. It’s not easy; nothing beautiful gets done easily.

Metalhead Spotted: How do you specify your genre? And do you try to make something new?
DAF: It’s difficult to even think of trying to get something new out there. I think it’s a chance in a million. Most of things in rock and metal music has been done. Now the genres are merging, influencing each other and thus becoming new. I’m not saying it can’t or won’t be done, but it is difficult. We are not chasing the dream of finding the "Holy Grail", but we try to do the music that resonates with all of us six. We are the first critics and we decide whether we like something or not. What would it be if you would play or write music that you don’t feel it just because it’s cool? I can’t think of an answer for this.
We play metal. Most of the style is towards metal-core, but there are lots of parts influences in our music and style. There are punk parts, hardcore, death-core, I don’t even know them all. We are not restricted to only a genre. As I mentioned before, we play what we feel, until it feels good.

Metalhead Spotted:When will your next EP come out?
DAF: There won’t be one coming out. Nowadays we have two EP’s out and a DVD (live concert and documentary movie). It’s time to have a full length. We are already writing it and it from the looks of it it will be different than everything we have done before. Frankly, the full length will be the first album written from scratch as Diamonds Are Forever. We do hope to have it next year, but there is a long road ahead. Now we focus on promoting "Momaentum". New merch it’s on its way, a new web page and store, so this is our main focus write now: to play as much as we can. The future? I don’t know what it will bring. You all just have to stay close and see as it happens. You can tap any time on our official page, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter...we are there. So see you all soon.

Their current lineup-

Andrei Aron - Guitar
Andrei Danci - Bass
Dorin Marcu - Drums
Istvan Pataki - Vocals
Horia Cioflica - Vocals
Mihai Vlad - Guitar

For more updates and to keep in touch with the band, you can subscribe to their channels:


Interviewer : Bakai Norbet

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