Kartikeya , The God Of WAR !

Honor Vishnu and all the gods in the Pantheon ! Kartikeya Death Metal band from Moscow . Well guys , we had folk and power metal suggestions , now we go a bit heavier with some other lyrical themes and Death Metal . Kartikeya is the god of war in the Hindu Pantheon .
Now we got its name and location , lets go on to the story , they were once Velial from 2004 - 2005 but they had not so great success as Kartikeya, now since 2005 they are Kartikeya and have 2 released ass-kicking albums . I listened to Mahayuga and the album is from 2010 .
My first impressions were a bit odd but I listened to 5 songs and I fell in love in that band . It is experimental , brutal riffs , blasts , clear and growling vocals . Some people call it Vedic or Hindu metal . It has Indian folk elements in it , with old classic Indian instruments and sometimes Violins . The lyrics are not long but not short and is always about Hindu gods and myths . For me the best song is Neverborn where he sings in clear voice and you can feel power in your veins . The greatest lyrics in the album was the Fields of Kurukshetra which was a battlefield in the Mahabharata . Label : Grailight Productions . 

Now the members , they had many past members however it would take a lifetime to line them up , however Andrew Ischenko , legendery drummer ( drummed in around 50 bands ) was with them from 2007 till 2010. Chela Harper entered the band this year .The current members are :
Roman ''Arsafes'' Iskorostenskiy ( Guitars , Vocals , Keyboards , Ethnic instruments , Wardrums , Drums )
Dimitry ''Drevo'' Sorokin ( Percussion )
Alexandr Miroshnichenko ( Drums )
Chela Harper ( Guitars , Back vocals )

Similar artists to this brutal mantra band are Rudra , Arkan and Shturm . Go meditate like a metalhead . Have a nice day and honor your gods , especially the gods of war . For more info about tours and the band:
http://kartikeya.bandcamp.com/  ... Namaste !


SKILTRON ! Carry your bagpipes into the battleground !

You never heard about this , but actually this is a new genre and its Scottish Folk Metal , how awesome is that ? Get your whiskey , get your skirt and blow your bagpipe . Well folks , this is a new band for you and I also suggest thrashers to check it because they sometimes use that element also . Lyrical themes are about battles mostly . However if you didn't hear them and if you are a Scott then I suggest you go and buy the album . You say now : '' Bagpipes sound awkward '' well dude , nope . Skiltron uses the bagpipes different as you saw in TV or on Scottish folk concerts and they also use flutes . The band is actually Argentine , and the name Skiltron   derives from a variation of the world schiltron , a formation used by the Scottish during the Wars of Independence , the band was established in 2004 . In 2006 the album : The Clans have United came out by Underground Symphony record label . The album is classic , very challenging to make a cover band . And then it came to '' Beheading the Liars '' in 2008  and in this year 2013 September 16th they released Into The Battleground ... I love it , I love them . One of the best folk metal bands which I ever heard . Also if you are a paganist , they make themes about that too . However my favorite album is from 2010 '' The Highland Way '' . They say Elvenking and Triddana is also similar to this band . 

2 members left the band so they are now a trio , members :
Matias Pena ( Drums )
Emilio Suoto  ( Guitars , Mandolin , Bouzouki )
Ignacio Lopez ( Bass )
However , live they have 2 more performers , since 2012 , they are only current live members .
Callum Kirk ( Bagpipes )
Tony Thurlow ( Vocals )
And Skiltrons fan base is more from Europe then actually from Argentina .
Hey guys , please share the experience , this is really a band what needs more publicity and needs more fans. And go to concerts ! For more information here   - Revölutíon

Rocky Ravić from band Mystery interviewed about the new album .

Recently we had a small chat with Rocky Ravic about his band Mystery and about their up and coming album.
what can we wait from Mystery now days ? Take a look at my Interview with Rocky .

Metalhead Spotted: Well hello Rocky , tell us how are the preparations for the new album ?
Rocky: Hey guys , we have taken all the experience from the first album and just finished recording our second album ! It sounds GREAT ! We are also in the middle of filming a full length  feature film , we are shooting music videos for each song from the 2nd album and linking them together into one crazy adventure. Except the new album to be out worldwide next year !

Metalhead Spotted: Will its genre still remain as the old Mystery or you guys try something new ?
Rocky: Of course ! We will stick to who we are , we are not a band to sell out .

Metalhead Spotted: Which bands influence this new album ?
Rocky: We are heavily inspired by bands like Kiss , Van Halen & AC/DC . Our mission is to keep Hard Rock and Heavy Metal alive !  We love bands like Iron Maiden , Alice Cooper , Skid Row , Poison , Motley Crue .... Put all these bands in a boiling pot , stir them around and you get MYSTERY . We are the babies of these bands .

Metalhead Spotted: For how much songs can we wait ?
Rocky: The new album will have 11 original tracks +2 covers and some very cool bonus tracks.

Metalhead Spotted: Do you think it will be a gig for a good tour ?
Rocky: Of course , we will be back on tour in 2014 ! USA , Japan , Europe and maybe some new places like South America better get ready to rock .

Metalhead Spotted: Do other people from other bands wait for your new album ? As I heard much other bands commented on your last album .
Rocky: Yes ! There are plenty of HUGE musicians eagerly waiting for the new album . People we have worked with like Stu Marshall ( Dungeon , Death Dealer ) Pontus ( The Poodles ) and other artists like Nasty Rabit , Dimmu Borgir .

Metalhead Spotted: Nice Rocky thanks for your patience.

Well that was it with the interview .. Hope you will like the new Mystery album . What do you think ? Will this Rockin band rise ?

- Revölutíon

ALPHA TIGER A rise of a new Power !

Yes , you may not know this band . BUT !!!  As to those who love power metal you would surely love this band it remembers to old school power metal . Just like old Hammerfall , Helloween or Blind Guardian they mastered the power metal , also they use speed metal elements , sounds perfectly . What I want ? Well I don't just love famous bands or overrated ones . Actually I want to highlight bands which Need to be famous.
  Well now you surely ask : '' Why the hell would I know some underrated band ?  '' The answer is that every band started like that . Seriously Bands need publicity and this world deserves more Metal and more Power . Alpha Tiger has similar lyrical themes to Helloween and Forever Storm . They were once Satin Black from 2007 - 2011 but they broke and they reunited in 2011 again . Only they changed the drummer: Axel Patzold was in Satin Black once, but from the band Painful Existence David Schleif hopped in and is now the drummer of Alpha Tiger . So , the members are :
  Dirk Frei ( Bass )
  David Schleif ( Drummer )
  Alexander Backasch ( Guitars )
  Peter Langforth ( Guitars )
  and Stephan '' Heiko '' Dietrich ( Vocals )                  
They had two albums : Man or Machine from 2011 which is really good old school like power metal , and I enjoyed it , and said : Hey , this is an ass-kicking band .

And the other one is from this year January 28th they released Beneath the Surface . Well the album has a good intro and very impressive power metal , can say also in some songs melodic power metal or speed metal . It made me an eargasm . Like really it was worth to listen to it . They made also a music videos, the most favorite is From Outer Space . So now have a chill and check this awesome band .

And go to a concert , about tours check their page : http://www.alphatiger.de/en/




Destructive Music takes the most evocative, emotional and poignant parts of select genres and puts them on display for you to enjoy. From Black Metal that can transport you to cold mountainsides or rich pine forests, to Death Metal that dwells in the darkness and takes you to the murky, depraved shadowy places in the world.

www.destructive-music.com / https://www.facebook.com/DestructiveMusic

Junk House Noisez


"Junk House Noisez" is a Romanian Underground music promotion crew that aims to give the ultimate free support to the most promising prospects of the underground!

Those who push the envelope, work hard and bring out fresh new tunes into their scene, are the ones who we’re looking for. Our goal is to become a record label and sign the bands/artist that match our expectations. But, until we reach that level, we’re not afraid to take all the hard steps by starting from scratch.

“There’s always a winning end as long as there’s patience, passion and perseverance. It’s been done before!” Kevin Junk Kidd




SidhCoreSIDHCORE is the music agency which aims to support with targeted strategies signed and unsigned bands trying to find solutions to overcome the difficulties that the music business presents. We also offers essential services, leaving the bands the only pleasure to perform. Our strenght is a passion for music that for years has pushed us to become better professionals and we want to put our team’s knowledge, experience and professionalism at your disposal to make a difference together


Formed in 2004, old school death metallers, “Warmaster”, claimed a strong position in the Dutch extreme metal scene after just one demo. Their first release, “First War”, gave them the opportunity to tour outside the country, receiving positive response through their force and delivery on stage. Just like their name indicates, as well as their material and lyrical content, war is the main subject for these guys, also, the name of the 2nd album, “The End of Humanity”, speaks for itself.

“Massive Kill Capacity” is the intro song, it perfectly expresses the image of a war zone – soldiers reporting in, while in the background, a part of the graveyard symphony (if I’m not mistaking) is present. And so the ruckus begins with the 2nd track, “Nuclear Warfare”, a very rough and powerful sound from the guitars, the riffs are outrageously sharp and heavy while the vocals beautifully stick to the old school death metal roots.
The great thing about this album is that it gets more and more aggressive ‘n’ savage from one song to another; if you already liked the first two, trust me, you won’t get bored or be disappointed when you check out “Deadly Artillery” and “Death Factory”. I’m sure this release will propel “Warmaster” to a new level in the death metal scene. Metaphorically speaking, this band has that kind of raw sound and strength in their music that fights it’s way to your eardrums and kicks the shit out ‘em.
Gonna jump the list a little bit and talk about my favorite song from the album. Believe it or not, it was pretty hard to pick but I’ll say “Barbarians” – it begins with some cool bass lines and then “the anthem of going apeshit” begins! Once again, the name speaks for itself, the song is very savage, primitive and brutal!
One and only ONE thing comes to mind every time I listen to this track and that’s WALL OF FUCKING DEATH!
No wonder they received so much positive feedback after their tours and gigs. And you bet your ass that was ancient history, when “The End of Humanity” will come out and be supported onstage, it’s definitely gonna be war!
The one thing I’m pissed about is that I suck at Dutch! And that’s because “Medestrijders Voor Volk En Vaderland” (the 10th track) brings out another savage display and it would be cool for me to know the lyrics, but in this case, headbanging will just be enough. Last but damn right not least, “Destroyer of Worlds”, I consider to be their most technical track. Mr. van der Ree destroys with that double pedal, while the guitars and vocals remain outstanding.
Well I’m out of superlatives at this moment, but on the other hand, this album doesn’t need spicy words, it needs listeners. And I’d  recommend this release to all old school death metal fans. I personally would love to destroy myself in a pit at a Warmaster gig! Hailz [9]

Credits to:
  • Destructive Music - http://destructive-music.com/ ; https://www.facebook.com/DestructiveMusic

  • Warmaster - https://www.facebook.com/warmasterofficial

Textures Back To India || Will Play In Pune And Kolkata This time.

TEXTURES is going back to headline in India again! On October 19th en December 14th the Dutch metalband will headline the Bacardi NH7 Weekender Festivals in Pune and Calcutta.

TEXTURES is going back to headline in India again! On October 19th en December 14th the Dutch metalband will headline the Bacardi NH7 Weekender Festivals in Pune and Calcutta.
In 2009 and 2010 the modern metallers headlined in Bangalore and Delhi. Thousands of newborn Indian metalfans attended the shows and TEXTURES became one of the icons of the metalleague coming over to this beautiful country. Both times the band had coverstories in several big magazines as Rolling Stone Magazine and Rock Street Journal. To give credits to all the thousands of Indian fans the band brings along a special guest for the Pune show on October 19th.

TEXTURES is at the end of the album-cycle of their fourth album DUALISM. Right after these Indian shows TEXTURES will start finishing their new album, to be expected in 2014. The album will again be released by major metallabel Nuclear Blast.

Source: Textures Band


Although highly unfriendly to the lazy typing of English reviewers, Mörkö’s ‘Itsenänimeävä’ is also challenging in exactly the way you want it to be. From start to finish, this is an uncompromising, unsettling album that really forces the listener to reconceptualise what “black metal” means to them.

Right from the start, you know this won’t be your usual trip down the alleys of so-called primitive metal. ‘Ruumis Loi Itsensä Omaksi Kuvakseen’ kicks things off with a spoken-word passage, with a slight natural growl to the vocals, before a sliding bassline and gritty, bitter guitars swirl into the picture like corrupt winds. The music here is deeply hypnotic and repetitive yet fearfully intense, like a nightmare you can’t awaken from. Mörkö are hugely adept at layering their music. The visceral booming tom patterns and sinister speech serve as the front vanguard of the low end, with sinuous, minimal basslines providing a shadow lurking behind them. Without having any idea what the vocals are on about, I can still gauge the tone amid feedback and clattering riffs as completely and utterly morbid. Something in the very essence of intonation, unfettered by the words’ meaning, just oozes bleakness. It’s all rather avant-garde, but not in the “pretentious wanker” sense. Instead of annoyance, you feel your ears and brain being pushed and pulled and reconfigured in an attempt to really get what is going on here, and whether anyone can ever be entirely successful is up for debate, as the tempos and soundscapes morph and deliquesce in bizarre, otherworldly ways both brutal and languidly morbid. The frenetic squalls of feedback and scrabbling guitars is perhaps a little more de rigeur in the genre, and it fades out and back into ‘Alhainen Liejukoira’, which initially does sound like a rather avant-garde yet recognisably black metal with its speed-picked, atonal riffs and rapid, tinny percussion. Then, the vocals start. Choral vocals. Disharmonious, discordant, yet singular in their intent. Beautifully, cruelly devised and delivered with some utter bestial monstrosity that comes from somewhere even deeper than the very marrow of the bone and the redness of blood. My boyfriend told me a story about his first experience of early Darkthrone, and how he felt genuinely pitched out of the realms of his experience of what music is, and what “fucked up” sounds like. Yes. This is it.

Surging into malevolent, slowly fluctuating basslines and waltzing drums from this muted cacophony from the monastery of the ulterior into minimalistic low-end fear and back again, this track plays out like the most fearful bad dream you have ever experienced. Moments of strummed, soft, almost jazz-like guitar tones dominate the latter passages, with the chilling shadow of the speed-picked opening riff playing through like the shadow of Black Shuck at winter crossroads.

Once again, this tone segues into the almost fourteen-minute ‘Kosmoksen Huhmareessa’, as it opens with an elegant, analogue-glacial waltz from the otherworld into a section similar to the opening track. Rolling toms and a guttural tremolo guitar accompany the spoken-word invocations of dread that the vocal conjure from somewhere beyond the human vocal chords. This climactic chaos mounts and mounts, until the moment it simply ceases to be. From this cathartic moment, the listener is immersed into the mesmeric, dreamlike midsection-finale. One single riff, barely a riff at all. The forlorn ghost of a much greater, much fiercer force. Frost-cold teeth and barbed wire in materials beyond the ken of our senses encircle this riff, as it builds and dips in intensity, with subtle modulations of distortion and layering. It does drag on for a while (my sole gripe concerning this record), but if you were to listen to this at night alone, it could cause hallucinations and extrasensory voyages in and as of itself. Then the finale ‘Nesteen Luo’ brings us back to the visceral. Mirroring ‘Alhainen Liejukoira’ in its choral vocals, ‘Nesteen Luo’ however includes a much more melodic feel, with its twanging, mutant bass bringing a certain groove to the track that almost defies comprehension, but is undeniably there. Then, out of nowhere comes a juddering leap into what could almost be a heavy metal breakdown via the route of avant-garde black metal, with discords and ever-so-slightly off-kilter rhythms delivered in a slamming, confrontational manner. In some ways, this is the most “accessible” track on the album, despite both the hellish choral vocals and the spoken-word horrors. And yet even here, the album is challenging your own expectations. Shifting from the recognisable to the utterly unknown to the contextually-familiar without a second’s faltering, this track keeps up the high standards set by this album and brings them to a slow, evil-sounding conclusion that leaves you utterly shellshocked.

I won’t lie. ‘Itsensänimeävä’ is difficult. Very difficult. You won’t be playing it to family and friends, or to serenade lovers, or to feel good about things. But you will play it. And you will listen. Again and again and again. And each time, you’ll find new shades and dimensions in it. Shades and dimensions that really make you reconsider what music means, and what human creativity is capable of.

[9] by Katie Haley-Halinski

Credits to:

  • Destructive Music - http://destructive-music.com/ ; https://www.facebook.com/DestructiveMusic

Mörkö - http://morkomusic.bandcamp.com/

The latest on Dave Lombardo

Ex drummer for Slayer Dave Lombardo is currently working on some new tunes with his band PHILM, they are from Los Angeles, CA.  Back in February it was announced Dave was not going to partake in Slayers Australian tour, soon after Paul Bostaph replaced him. He came back strong as ever, Dave’s band PHILM is on tour.

August 4 Brussels, Belgium. Lokerse Festival
August 5 Hamburg, Germany
August 6 Berlin, Germany
August 8 Prague, Czech Republic. Brutal Assault Festival
August 10 Gavie, Sweden. Getaway Festival  


Just as the official announcement came through earlier this week, many metalheads, nationwide, are already talking about it, and proudly salute the effort of the two heavyweights of the Romanian underground music scene – Cap De Craniu & Breathelast, both hailing from the capital city of Bucharest, will soon release a split album entitled “Split it out” via Metalfan Records Division, this fall.

I honestly cannot think of many bands that won so much respect and appreciation in such short period of existence. Formed in 2010, Post Hardcore act Breathelast never seem to fail to put up an awesome show everytime they perform and also, never seem to fail in showing the reason why so many respect them offstage – these guys are true supporters of the scene, passionate and determined with their music.
Formed in 2007, with an EP (“First EP for a Surgery” – 2007), a full length (“I’ll Kill If I Live” – 2012) and numerous sensational live displays under their belt, probably the top dogs of the Romanian deathcore scene so far – Cap De Craniu don’t show any signs that they might go astray from a growing path.
It should be known that although CDC faced tough times back in ’11, when 3 members quit the band, the two brothers remaining, Calin (guitars) andRazvan (drums) put together a new line-up, adding Paul Nicolae as bassist and two vocalists - Vicentiu Busuioc and Mihai Ionescu, perfectly filling the void left by Dragos Drunea.
So now that you know where these boys come from, you definitely know what to expect from them!
via Junk House Noisez

Megadeth Announces Super Collider U.S. Tour with Fear Factory & Nonpoint

Following the success of Gigantour 2013 and sold-out shows with IRON MAIDEN and BLACK SABBATH, MEGADETH has confirmed the "Super Collider" tour. The cross-country trek kicks off in St. Paul, Minnesota on November 23 and makes stops in Detroit, Boston and Charlotte, along with other markets. Support on the tour will come from FEAR FACTORY and NONPOINT.
MEGADETH has partnered with On The List Presents to offer a variety of VIP packages, including meet-and-greets and exclusive MEGADETH guitar packages. More information is available at Megadeth.com.

The dates are as follows:

11/23 St. Paul, MN / Myth Live
11/24 Madison, WI / Orpheum Theatre
11/26 Grand Rapids, MI / Orbit Room
11/27 Detroit, MI / The Fillmore
11/29 Montclair, NJ / The Wellmont Theatre
11/30 Bethlehem, PA / Sands Bethlehem Event Center
12/01 Boston, MA / House of Blues Boston
12/03 Huntington, NY / The Paramount
12/04 Silver Spring, MD / The Fillmore Silver Spring
12/05 Charlotte, NC / The Fillmore Charlotte
12/07 N. Myrtle Beach, SC / House of Blues Myrtle Beach
12/08 Saint Petersburg, FL / Jannus Live
12/09 Lake Buena Vista, FL / House of Blues Orlando
12/12 Houston, TX / Bayou Music Center
12/14 Socorro, TX / Socorro Entertainment C

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