EP Review :~ Impenetrable Darkness - Cosmic Termination

Irrespective of the endless regurgitation of nonsense that constitutes the majority of these opinions, it must be acknowledged that few bands have been capable of generating such intense anticipation of their album solely on the release of a demo and a few tracks, Yet that is exactly what Impenetrable Darkness did. Metal’s pantheon is inexplicably vast. The entities that reside in the depths of the abyss outstrip the heavenly host in variety, if not in devotees. It's always reassuring to find something that is blatant in your face about being black metal. We’ve all got our different reactions to the classification black metal. Numerous bands have created albums based around their own ideas that take insight from creative writing, but few bands will dedicate the entire span of an release to relevant interpretation of the belief With the emergence and escalation of the novel and notorious tendency. While some excellent ,unique band attempting to sell their flavor of the month band to potential listeners, there are some that simply exist outside of pre-existing molds and take a few years to realize their full potential and thusly grasp the imaginations of many who are fortunate enough to witness their evolve talent. Shadowy, Anti-Religious Hellenic black metal Stalwarts Impenetrable Darkness latest offering is cut above the rest. Spawning from the depths of Occultism, Chaos, Darkness, Blackness, Magic, Anti-religion, Negation is the newest record from orthodox black metal Impenetrable Darkness - Cosmic Termination. Impenetrable Darkness is a remarkably quintessential black metal bands of all time. Impenetrable Darkness this Hellenic group married the ritualistic fury of esoteric,occult black metal with a creeping dose of mystical,ominous,sinister madness. The atmosphere and tightly plotted EP's were based on mystical, occult, Anti-Religious, Darkness while still employing their own take on black metal.

While many of thee black metal bands have fallen into commercial decadence or abandoned black metal altogether over the past few years, Hellenic black metallers Impenetrable Darkness unveiled their latest EP entitled “Cosmic Termination” on 1st May, 2020 with 12:10 min running time along with hellish,skin-ripping artistry. Greek ritualistic black metallers Impenetrable Darkness have smuggled into their recipe for success is actually a rather difficult task and manage to sound wholly original without resorting to mere divergence or wacky experimentation. This new EP consists of 2 tracks. Impenetrable Darkness was formed in 2011. They have developed into an independent mystical, occult, Anti-Religious and grand entity with their debut grimoire Loyalty in Blackness(2014). Impenetrable Darkness is dedicated to keeping the spirit of the black arts alive in their true form and unveiling them through uncompromising music. Raising the darkness since their inception in 2012. Now I am straight going to the point about this new EP.

When you sit down and listen to this newest record, though, this reveals itself to be a worthy description, as across their discography black metal has been the most noticeable element. From their manifestation I was clinched  that I have to check this whole for sure material and this would be savage beast. Impenetrable Darkness delivers atmospherically evil,vivid,horrifying form of black metal. They Playing the type of scathing, otherworldly black metal. This bands each and every musician did fantastic job on this EP in radiant way and It’s really great when your high hopes are not misplaced. Impenetrable Darkness manage to strike the right balance between raw, atavistic aggression and a more sophisticated, occult approach. Spitting in the face of everything the blind, deaf and dumb masses consider sacred is Impenetrable Darkness with their vicious, mystical gleam release is the exact sort of thing that made us all fall in love with black metal, such a grandiose piece of authentic black metal as well remind us black metal transcendent and beautiful, but also that black metal is a war. Their hate-filled scowls, corpse-painted visages to the Satanic mysticism that inspired their musical style. This whole EP reflects the grand diversity of sound brought together on this opus . It is really not easy to describe their musical style. Impenetrable Darkness create a constantly shape shifting maelstrom of crushing chaos and disorder. Atonal sounds and disparate styles all combined in one bold, enlightened display of unbound creativity Despite the often crushing,fast ,furious,cacophonous black metal assaults with a lots of segments of slower tempo too where Impenetrable Darkness combines a melodic, mysterious, introspective passages with cavernous drum thrashes, whirlwind guitars and those effective rasps.

well,their latest incantations opening track "Ageless Death" starts with slow build and eerie vibe followed by an onslaught of tremulous, massive,fast paced black metal. The layered tapestry of slightly trebly and heavily laden with reverb, duo-tonal whirlwind of guitar noise laced with aggression,deliberate cadence and progression seasonings supporting the likewise crooning, almost moaning deeply in the throat, high-pitched , vocals drown a bit in the almost unhuman-like furiously fast though muffled drumming with ripping and snorting bass, although this evolves to a more dynamic sound on the rest of the EP. The EP has a solid underground sound that does the material justice, allowing it to glow with a cold, infernal light, the music dips deep into the realm of the occult and otherworldly, fashioning hymns to blackened evil that firmly make their mark on the listener also unsettle and disturb with their dark ambiance and morbid atmospheres. The band is equally adept at blasting with hateful speed, slowing down to a doom-infected crawl that’s relentlessly aggressive. All instruments are dynamic, clearly discerned, yet none stand out amidst the cacophony and indeed they have far surpassed it. 

This new releases whole compositions are extremely filthy and unsettling piece of sinister,grim euphoria and unearthly ambiance . “Cosmic Termination”  commences chronologically invigorating and destructive. Their distinct entity infused me by a lot . They produce malevolent, evil black metal with some old-school death metal and doom elements and embraces the blackened aesthetic and frozen Satanic evil of the style with more misanthropic qualities. Honestly, after a multiple listen this EP just blew me away with their ethereal abyss,multi-dimensional,the multi-layered,ominous musical style . Cosmic Termination perversely brims with an illuminating light, devouring the cosmic light of life and scurrying through the sort of black metal whose radiance is so obsidian as to consume energy as austerely as it expends it. Each musicians have exudes tremendous,cohesive effort on this EP with excellent diligence and nailed it . In this moment which is eternal yet transitory, a new and pure energy grows within the womb of chaos, and which ignites the source of a new aeon, a flame needless of air to exist. Impenetrable Darkness really does the trick for murky,mysterious, Juxtapositions of darkness and light, misty sound that comes from the music. A new true god that breeds its new self, purified and sanctified in chaos without an end nor a beginning. I highly cite and embrace this release . in their new EP they have portrayed their influences probably more blatantly and unashamedly than ever before.

This is filled with a slew of cadence, apocalyptic,pummeling, ominous,hellish, powerful riffs work . As well bass line up is whopping,intense,strong ,rumbling, slithering . Drumming,percussion line up is bleak, frantic,solid,clattering and powerful . The guitars are solely focused on creating a grandiose atmosphere, but predominantly rely on walls of sound and swerving rhythms.In each track morbidly delicious,macabre,soaring,dark eerie,ghastly riffs,bass lineups matched in well manner .This whole EP's sound deliver a horrific,grim feeling,sinister,melodic,gruesome black metal with raw emotion and pure energy . “Cosmic Termination” endures beauty of black metal . This EP indulge strong songwriting and brilliant musicianship . This EP have a hypnotic effect on the listener . Vocals decently large voice that does well for Impenetrable Darkness. Especially his menacing and hoarse voice are excellent . Vocals howling scream,immense,deep rasps voice emerged on this EP in a well manner adds a thick murky sound and intertwined perfectly with their utterly spellbinding,obtuse,bizarrely arrogant, mysterious,fully blistering black metal,distant musical style with a lots of melodic,atmospheric accompaniment and embedded perfectly . Their sound,musicianship is absolute prime, with every song unleashing a seething torrent of scalding music and insidious melody, scorching distortion, and barbaric, blasphemous invective, all of which combine to produce an overarching atmosphere of creeping, crippling dread. Overall you will get sinister,gloomy,desolate,mysterious ambient from this whole EP. These guys flow onward and upwards in their endeavours, a solid effort brimming with darkness and the black arts.Their new material is an exercise in total filth, delivered with unnerving levels of aggression, dark, dirty and proudly invidious eruption of unholy noise.

Each song have an energy ,fluency and draw a savage landscape .Stand out tracks are all of them .Every song, every hellish, skin-stripping riff and vile vocal incantation, is delivered with the righteous fury and unwavering conviction of the true believer. Vision of the EP cover is nefarious, macabre,atrocious,grisly, gorgeously hideous. Overall “Cosmic Termination” whole EP is Spectacular,engrossing ,significant and goes all the way through with a relentless rage from the beginning. Impenetrable Darkness is surely the apotheosis of everything. The sound has a depth to it, that with brief distortion. "Cosmic Termination" is a elite black metal sophistication in their music without sacrificing the feral, ugly core of the style. This EP sounds so authentic and a truly remarkable sonic journey from beginning to end . "Cosmic Termination" is a deep and winding journey throughout the mysterious and stifling occult. The production is absolutely impeccable,capable of handling gargantuan heft.Outstanding another one release of this year so far .“Cosmic Termination” is shattering culmination in black metal evolution. Impenetrable Darkness can effectively capture a pristine essence of bloodthirsty transcendent abandon, disenchanted delirium, or perhaps even a very inhuman strain of mystical experience. The Hellenic bruisers still possess all the necessary skills and hard-won experience to put younger,newcomer challengers in their place With " Cosmic Termination", Impenetrable Darkness writes another chapter in their book of successive masterpieces. This is astral projection through a viscous dense black cosmic ocean.  Impenetrable Darkness fuel their creations with loathing and abhorrence, seemingly guided by visions of fire and plague, and of the ascendancy of evil and the triumph of sin. This is black metal at its bleakest, most oppressive and most "occult" in terms of being evocative of the forbidden, hidden and unspeakable. Ways to see the world in a frightening and exhilarating new light.

My Rating – 4.9/5   Review done by - Souvik Basu. Published on 05/025/2020

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