Indian metal veterans Demonic Resurrection have just been announced as the most recent addition to the line-up at Sonisphere Festival UK along with CentimentThe StrutsScholars and Boy Jumps Ship.

Demonic Resurrection will be playing on the 4th of July on the Satellite stage. The band was scheduled to play at Sonisphere in 2011 but were unable to make the trip after being denied UK visas by the British High Commission.

Commented frontman Demonstealer "It’s very hard to express in words how overjoyed we are to be playing at Sonisphere. After our visas being rejected in 2011 we were unable to play the festival and we were gutted so it’s almost like everything coming full circle. This couldn’t have come at a better time for us, our new album ‘The Demon King’ releases on 13th July and we’re stoked to debut material from it at the festival. The line-up for Sonisphere this year is outstanding and it’s definitely a honour to watch Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer, Dream Theatre and Anthrax and the countless other bands. This is going to be legend – wait for it- dary.”

Official Announcement by Sonisphere: here
'The Demon King' releases on 14th July via Candlelight Records (Worldwide) and via Universal Music in India. 


Breathelast are a Post Hardcore/Metalcore quintet from Romania, formed by experienced musicians with various musical backgrounds. Known for their delivery and energetic performances on stage, the band quickly expanded their notoriety nationwide since their inception back in 2010.

Greetings guys, it’s great to have you here on MS! I know you’ve had some line-up changes in the last few months, so please take the time to introduce yourselves.

Mihai - My name is Mihai, I’m the main vocalist and a founding member of Breathelast.
Herman - Hi there! Herman's the name, drummin's the game.
Ionut - Aaaaa. Ionut, guitar.
Vali - Vali, guitar and backing vocals.
Adi - My name is Adi and I play the very sexy bass guitar.

Let’s talk a bit about your early days. How did it all start?

Mihai - I was involved for a long time with indie, alternative, nu metal bands. I decided that I wanted something more of a story telling and less repetitive composition and I was lucky enough to find some cool people.
Herman - Can't say much 'bout the early days...been playing with this crazy bunch for a year and a bit and I gotta tell you it's been quite a ride.
Ionut - I was friends with Mihai. When he started this project, I was off from any other band I played with so I decided to give it a go.
Vali - We all wanted bad to play a certain kind of music and luckily for us we found each other and found a way to make it work and the rest is history. We got together, found a rehearsal space, wrote a couple of songs and when we were good and (almost) ready, we played our first gig.
Adi - For me it all started in December 2013, the band’s Bass player had some problems and I knew Herman from a previous project of mine, Deathdrive, and so I decided to join the merry group Breathelast.

Which bands would you note as your primary influences?

Mihai - Metallica, Papa Roach, Breaking Benjamin, Parkway Drive, Cancer Bats, ETID, Karnivool etc.
Herman - In Flames, DevilDriver, Amon Amarth, As I Lay Dying.
Ionut - Nirvana. That’s the trick!
Vali - In Flames, System of a Down and later on Parkway Drive, Defeater, While she Sleeps and so on.
Adi - No bands in particular, just love the bass and the groove.

Your self-titled debut EP has received positive feedback from the public upon it’s release. What can you tell us about the writing process and ideas/themes behind the record?

Mihai - It was like a playground at first, because we we’re trying ANYTHING on for size, but that wasn’t the best option in the end, as we filtered our tendencies and managed to create our own style, at least locally, to say so. Lyrics and composition was a team effort and I am always very glad to be able to say that.
Ionut - That was the exhaust of one year rehearsing and trying to find each other, it is our purest musical form as this band, only beginning to evolve.
Vali - All of us had different kinds of ideas whether they were guitar riffs or lyrics and by combining them we had our first songs which put together turned into our first EP.

Last year, you’ve unleashed your second material, the Split It Out” EP with Cap De Craniu, which is a pretty rare thing to see two Romanian underground groups releasing a record together. How was it like to work with CDC?

Mihai - Well, CDC is a highly respected and acclaimed band around here so my first thought was, WHOA! We managed to organize things quite alright, unfortunately we all have jobs and we need to grow money from trees in order to put out a material, even if it is on line and available only for download / pay what you want. But the idea of the SPLIT in itself is an accomplishment for both bands.
Herman - CDC is fuckin` awesome! We're all friends and they are all nice dudes and fun to hang out with. I'm a sound engineer (had to say that - inside joke) and I've worked with them, I'd say a lot. They're pros and extremely talented musicians!
Ionut - Because the whole effort was DIY, we brought our very best to the table, I am sure we could’ve done more for this release but unfortunately this is the way we manage to do things at the end of the day, after work and family.
Vali - The ideas we had were supposed to go on a 4 track material called THE FLOOD, but the SPLIT with CDC seemed like a much more powerful and sustained project! And it was!

However, the split EP is still available only digitally. And the two bands never went on a national tour in order to support it. Would it be possible to see at least one of those things, or both, happen in the near future?

Mihai - Touring is difficult here in Romania, nobody wants to support the bands, everybody wants to fill their pockets, the bands have to pay for mostly everything themselves, so we are very careful about performing a tour that would lack the proper promotion and support from venues and organizers. We’re still waiting for a good plan, gimmick or better times.
Herman - Yes, I think we're twerking on that. But I'm not the mastermind.
Ionut - Touring in Romania is Science Fiction! We’re trying to equip accordingly.
Vali - There were some plans at first but for now the bands have different schedules. Maybe some time in the future we’ll get together and pick up where we left off.
Adi - If this happens in the future, I really hope it is worth the time and the friction, because this is not an open minded country when it comes to loud music and energy pumped riffs.

In January you’ve made a short trip to Bulgaria for a gig and some live studio sessions at the Amps on Air headquarters. How was your music received across borders and how did the Amps on Air experience prove to be?

Mihai - Our first ever Live Session with two new songs in the brand new formula, plus a gig with friends from Sofia and Ruse, I think it went perfect!
Herman - The whole experience was refreshing, like a cool breath of air. The show was great, and we made a lot of new friends. As for the Amps on Air, the crew was more excited than we were...so I'd say they enjoyed our music.
Ionut - Totally refreshing experience, bands need to GET OUT MORE, we plan on doing session recordings in the future, travel to more live recording studios and do more live songs like that.
Vali - I’d like to start by saying that it wasn’t our first ever trip to Bulgaria, so there were a couple of people who were familiar with us. The people in the audience seemed pretty into what we had to offer and moshed to both the new and older songs. The AoA experience turned out great because the people we worked with were both professional and excellent. So, in other words, we can’t wait to go back to Bulgaria.
Adi - My first ever experience with the band, outside the rehearsal room! It felt awesome!

Returning to the local scene, Breathelast is one of the most respected bands in the Romanian underground and it’s quite obvious that you have a pretty numerous fanbase. Beyond making good music, what does it take for a band to earn the public’s gratitude and loyalty in such short period of existence? Please don’t be all too humble!

Mihai - Being constant in promoting your values, your music, your colleagues music and your thoughts, as long as you’re honest and relate to music and your own activity. Otherwise, we will all become bloggers, AGAIN. I don’t know how loyal and numerous is our audience, but we are doing this firstly for us, and then for the people that will or would find something that they can grasp in our music.
Herman - I think you have to make a strong bond with the public. Even if your music is a killer bomb, you gotta have that connection with them. We're all in this, we're all metalheads!
Ionut - Paradox: take yourself seriously for the world to see that you mean business but DON’T take yourself too seriously, because the world isn’t equipped for that sort of engagement (locally).
Vali - The way I see it there’s a few basic things that bands need to do besides putting out good music and those things are staying grounded in reality and humble and being appreciative and thankful to and of the people who take the time to give it a listen, to come see them at a show or buy their t-shirts, CDs or share and support their work.
Adi - Good sex! No really, REALLY GOOD SEX.

There is a fair amount of teenagers who want to perform, or already play, in a band and look up to acts such as Breathelast. What advice would you give to the new blood?

Mihai - Realize who you are, level your decisions and demands to the point where music matters and not your personal desires and pride. And also, remember to give thanks and applaud where these actions are due, because how can someone see you for what you are, if you only hide behind your own fucking self. This should be a SCENE. Not a chair, staring at a wall, waiting for the promised land.
Herman - Practice, drink beer, socialize...and practice!
Ionut - We need new blood, otherwise it is not a healthy music scene. We play music in a scene that is ruled by names that provided musical comfort a LONG time ago, other bands barely get the chance to prove themselves. We NEED new blood. But this new blood better be serious ‘bout music.
Vali - We wouldn’t go as far as saying that young musicians look or should look up to us but whether they do it or not they should know that music requires a lot of their time, and real passion, a lot of soul, sincerity, and dedication. And last but not least they must have fun with it!
Adi - Study and get your head out of your ass, if you have any, head or ass.

Thanks for your time guys, wish you the best of luck on your journey! Any insights about what we could expect from the band this year - maybe another music video, a tour or a first full length?

Mihai - New videos will be made available from the SPLIT, “The Flood” and “Buried”. Also, we have a song in Romanian, which is a surprise for us too, because we weren’t sure how this will be perceived, but in the end we measured and came out VERY satisfied with the new sound and feeling of it all. A lot more surprises and a first ever full length is in the plans for next year. Thank you so much for this opportunity, keep your bands close and your enemies CLOSER!
Herman - Maybe a video...and a tour for sure! Plus some really crazy shit!
Ionut - Thank you so much for this, we have a lot to show for this year and the following.
Vali - We’ve got a couple of videos in the making, two fresh new songs we’ve just recorded a couple of days ago, and a few other in the making so stay tuned and come see us live because you just might hear a new tune when least expected.
Adi - We’ll try to have fun, make some good music and change the way people think about the local scene. And have GOOD SEX.

For those of you who wanna check out the band and their music, it's all available down below. Hailz! 

Interviewer - Kevin "Junk" Kidd


Versus Music Agency, together with Wraith Agency and Fire Was Born, are really proud to present the first edition of Dissonance Festival, which will take place on June 22nd at Milan's venue Live Forum. The festival's first headliner is Skyharbor (India – Basick Records). Often defined as "India's brightest hope", this band fronted by TesseracT's former vocalist Daniel Tompkins, claimed it's role as one of the most interesting band of the modern progressive metal/djent scene. Second headliner revealed is Napoleon (UK – Destroy Everything) bringing their experimental take on melodic metalcore. The local guests of the event will surely keep the level high: Damned Spring Fragrantia (Basick Records) have been Italy's biggest mathcore/djent export for over one year now, Lies Of Nazca (Rogue Records America) have recently confirmed for Uk Tech-Fest, while Forgotten Tears and Despite Exile are among the most respected acts in our country. Two more local acts have been revealed now as well, ready to warm up the night: Burn After Me and Got No Ego.

Skyharbor (IND)
Napoleon (UK)
Damned Spring Fragrantia
Lies Of  Nazca
Despite Exile
Forgotten Tears
Burn After Me
Got No Ego

But Dissonance Festival does not stop there, another one coming is The Road To Dissonance tour! A short run of warm up shows across the country leading to the main event of June 22nd. The first two shows will take place in Vicenza and Milan with a very special guest: Switzerland's Promethee, one of the most interesting bands emerging from Europe's modern progressive metalcore scenario, presenting their latest ep "Dark Souls". The third show will take place in Modena and will be headlined by Cecz's finest Modern Day Babylon, whose instrumental djent riffs and memorable atmospheres have already taken Europe by sotrm with the success of their latest album "Travelers". Each one of these shows will have a very special guest as support:

June 1st - Vicenza - CSO Bocciodromo
PROMETHEE (SWI) + Lies of Nazca + Despite Exile

June 2nd - Milano - Ligera
PROMETHEE (SWI) + Human Improvement Process + Thy Solace + Fall in Discordia + Ceiling Of Anvers + Murder Void

June 6th - Modena - La Tenda - FREE ENTRY!
MODERN DAY BABYLON (CZ) + Damned Spring Fragrantia + Elegance Decay

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