Dave Mustaine Thinks You Don't Like Super Collider Because You Only Listened To It Once!

In a new interview with Full Metal Jackie, Mustaine embellished that Megadeth's music is too convoluted for people to get in one listen, and once you hear Super Collider multiple times, you'll enjoy it:

Well, I think that with Megadeth's music, you've gotta remember the music industry right now has a lot of new writers that are in there and they don't know the history of the band. So they listen to Megadeth and they think it's, like, "These guys are older and I listened to the record and I don't get it.

[A] Megadeth [album] is not a record you can listen to and get everything in one listen. There's a,lot of moving parts. The lyrics are pretty provocative and pretty thought out; you can't just read through the lyrics and understand all the double entendres and all the hidden meanings. I consider myself, being a New York Times best-selling author, to have a pretty good grasp of The King's English, and I try and use that.

I mean, I think, over my whole career, with almost 200 songs, I've said "baby" in three songs maybe. And I don't think there's very many records out you can get through without hearing one song that doesn't have it. So I think that looking back at everything that we've done, it's all a cumulative effort with Super Collider, but that was also a turning point for us going back to a major label. And the love that we feel for Universal and their staff, everybody with our agency and all the people involved with us right now, we figured we're just gonna go back to what we do best and not try and write songs for radio. Because it's like trying to have a baby: it either happens, or it doesn't. It's fun to try, but a lot of people fail when they do that. And for us when we try to make songs, a lot of times they're good, but "Symphony Of Destruction" came out of nowhere, and so did "Peace Sells". And those are the songs that everyone says, "Well, write another 'Peace Sells'," or "Write another 'Symphony'."' You can't just write that stuff [whenever you want]; it's inside of you and it has to come out when it's ready.

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