THE STORMBRINGER has taken an intiative to revive Pune's live music scene. They have organized various Gigs in Pune including StormFest and Hindi-Fusion Revolution.The aim of the StormBringer is to increase the metal scene in Pune and also help upcoming bands by giving them a platform to perform.    

                                       STORMFEST 2 SPONSORED BY STORMBRINGER

On February 9th 2014, Pune's metal scene will be revived! Here's STORMFEST 2 to take that a notch up by sticking to the talent within the city limits yet keeping the same amount of brutal energy witnessed at the debut edition of this series.


NOISEWARE, a Metalcore band from Pune will be the headlining act for the evening.Combining intricacy, technicality and groove with a visual experience unlike ever seen before, Noiseware is the vanguard of a new,young and thriving Indian Metal Landscape, constantly seeking to push the boundaries of possibility.

DARK HELM is a Pune based progressive deathcore band.The sound of Dark Helm is the musicalisation of the journey of an ancient warrior through the sands of Persia and his quest to defend his throne,by bending time and cheating death.It is an infusion of Ethnic character with Modern Metal.They're THE band for hardcore metal heads and have amazing fan following in Pune.

CONSECRATION try to describe their music mostly as just metal but bring in some influences from jazz and blues into the melodies.One of Pune's unique acts that play a blend of modern metal styles with the sensibilities of progressive masterminds like DreamTheater.Crushing, yet soulful,they are sure to get your fists up high as you mosh and airguitar to their music!They have a huge surprise in store for their fans so besure not to miss this one!

ADMANTIUM aka 'AMTM' is a Metal-core/Post-Hardcore band from Pune, formed in September 2008. The name of the band is inspired by the cult video fame, Final Fantasy, and signifies the band's indestructible love for Metal.Their influences are Parkaway Drive, Devil wears Prada, Miss May I,Bring Me The Horizon, Rashamba, As I lay Dying, Asking Alexandria.They will return to the StormFest for the second time by popular demand!

BLEEDING EDGE is a 4 piece metal band from Pune, India. Also returning for the second time at the StormFest by popular demand from their 60k fans that attended the earlier,they have a new sound that even we are eager to hear.Their sound is basically an amalgamation of thrash and groove with influences from progressive rock and death metal.Overall Bleeding Edge is a smooth blend of fast yet groovy riffs, blazing solos, aggresive vocals and chest thumping drums and bass.

ANARCHY is a Thrash Metal Band from Pune. It has been playing since september 2013 and recently had their debut gig at December Demolition Wakad. These guys had a very impressive debut as per any standards, their set at Demolition had a mosh pit on all their songs and the band's facebook page had over 300 likes within 48hrs of going live. Their sound encompasses the harshness of Motorhead and speed of Megadeth!This is one band to watch out for once they get set in the scene!


- Preview by Mercy Thoras      

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