Apply To Become A Metalhead Spotted Contributor:

We are always looking for new people to work with!
Are you a writer, photographer, videographer or just have an idea?
Email us at info@metalheadspotted.com and let us know!

We’re additionally probing for live reviewers and photographers. If you cerebrate you have what it takes to indite an engaging, fascinating and regaling show review, get in touch. Time is of the essence in a live review situation. So you require to be expeditious, reliable and responsible.

To become a component of the team, send us a sample of your indictment skills and we’ll get back to you if we believe you will fit right in.If you live in a non English verbalizing country, you require to be able to submit the review in a good standard of English.

Photographers must own a pro kit, and submit 10 recent shots in a zip file.

Please note: Afore applying, bear in mind that contributor and photographer roles are unpaid, but you do receive free ingression to gigs, published articles on a diligent website, and a pat on the back for availing your favourite artists get visually perceived and aurally perceived.

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