Forever Storm - Band view!

Well its time to say the truth that am from Serbia guys and I like power metal (as most of you know power metal is my favorite) I found one day the so called band: Forever Storm! They are from Kragujevac. They made their first album in 2009 called ''Soul Revolution'', well The album has much power but as you can listen they mix thrash and heavy with power metal which gives good riffs, good sound and also gives you a good feeling. ''Gunslinger'' songs intro is one of the best intros I ever heard in metal history! It has an amazing bass and drumming at the start with great vocals. Also the songs ''Battle Cry'' and ''Soul Revolution'' have a great sound, but this power metal is not so high pitched singing as others, the vocalist Stefan Kovačeić has a smooth (and according to girls a really sexy) sound. They have another album called ''Tragedy'' what is much moshing as  ''Soul Revolution'' (by the way the albums cover was created by a comic book artist called: Bane Kerac). Of course they have ballads like every power metal band like ''Trace in Eternity'' and ''For you'' (bonus track in Soul Revolution). I didn't listen to the whole ''Tragedy'' album but the songs what I found are really great, I would say there are power metal beatdowns you would call me stupid, but its like that and it is really great, as when you are on a Blind Guardian concert, you cant mosh to some songs, but at Forever Storm you can, yea, and they were on stage with bands like Iron Maiden and Divlje Jagode.
The themes are about battle, freedom, love and some songs are strongly metaphoric.

Stefan Kovačević - vocals, guitar
Miloš Miletić - guitar
Vladimir Nestrorović - bass guitar
Vuk Stefanović - drums
Nikola Marić - keyboards

How was it created?
It was formed in 2006 by Miloš. Stefan and Vladimir. They started with a rhythm machine before they found a drummer but Vuk joined in 2007, they played on Exit festival and Gitarijada festival and their record label is: One Records. In 2010 their keyboards Nikola joined the band!

For more info about the band and tours:


Trinergic (previously Dystopia) are a melodic death metal band from Mumbai. The band changed its name when Rahul Nair(ex Grimmortal vocalist) joined the band to perform the vocal duties.The band also borders on some djent influences with its intricate time signatures, intense drumming and some textured solos added in between, complete with ear-splitting guttural vocals. Their new single "Rise of Xyrith" is a fine blend of all these and manages some killer breakdowns, starting with an odd time riff kicking in repeatedly after the verse and solo parts.

"Martyr" is another single involving good instrumentals and a very technical solo section.
Particularly noteworthy is the nicely timed drumming by Emmanuel Paul. This song is richer on its lyrics, more progressive and structured in approach and hints at the direction the band might take in future. Definitely a must listen at least once for all melodic/djent fans out there, these guys have done a good work with their debut effort.

 Rating: 3.5 - ‎Review by  Abhimanyu Watve - ‎Feb 26, 2014
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
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Diabolus Arcanium - Spellbound: Debut Full-Length Available From Haught Records, USA

Diabolus Arcanium, a black metal band from chennai have just released a debut full length on 23rd February. Spellbound served as their debut full-length and the band managed to release it digitally worldwide via USA based Haught Records. Even it can be purchased from Haught Records for digital download and the physical copies will be released very soon.

Spellbound tracklist reads as follows:
01. Inno Arcanium
02. Spiritual entropy
03. Frozen dreams
04. Spellbound
05. Ascension
06. Herald of darkness
07. Kingdom of sin
08. In death's embrace
09. Of fire and ashes
10. Herald of darkness

Grab it from Haught Records

Diabolus Arcanium on Facebook


1. Introduce yourself.
Vyas: We are ‘Diabolus Arcanium’ from Chennai and I am Vyas ‘HEX’ Manalan, the band’s Lead guitarist and Lead Vocalist.
Harsha: I am Harsha ‘AGIEL’ Vardhan, the band’s manager/promoter.

2. What does “Diabolus Arcanium” even mean?
 Vyas: “Diabolus” means ‘The Devil or Satan’ or whatever people want to refer him as and “Arcanium” means ‘A Mystic Sanctuary’. It’s a latin word which basically means “Satan’s Mystic Sanctuary”.

3. “Diabolus Arcanium” was formerly known as ‘Fortified Destruction’. How are things going in the band and when was the new line up formed?
Vyas: DA is not related to Fortified Destruction musically, the only relation is me, who formed both the bands.
FD played power metal and I was done with it. It wasn't who I am, I grew up listening more to ‘Black Metal’ and wanted to make Black Metal, so this struck me and I thought fuck Power Metal let me do what I want..
Diabolus Arcanium was formed on December 18th, 2013 with the last live band member crew, with the addition of Solas on bass as Kevin was not included.

4. FD had a really unstable lineup. Will the fans be able to see the difference in DA?
Harsha: FD and DA are very different musically. FD played Power Metal with Melodic Death Metal influence. Though we were one of the most popular bands during that time, we wanted to be unique rather. So we wanted to play Black Metal which is a very rare scene in India. By December 18th, 2013 we formed Diabolus Arcanium, with the new line up. We also started working on “Spellbound” our debut full length which is releasing worldwide digitally on 23rd February, 2014.

5. How did your fans receive your lyric video of the song “Of Fire and Ashes” from the album SpellBound?
Harsha: Of Fire and Ashes is one the most technical song from the album and the symphony is massive. We thought this song would be well accepted by the audiences as it sounds catchy too. We made the lyric video of it and it worked well with them.

6. “SpellBound” is the new upcoming full length album from you guys. How are you seeing ahead with the album?
Vyas: ‘Spellbound’ is our debut album, we came up with that in a quick succession. We needed to establish us well within this scene and globally. I am glad the album has come out well. People will like it and we hope to move on to the next level.

7. What are the Influences of your band?
Vyas: Our band is majorly influenced by Dimmu Borgir, Dark Funeral, Mayhem basically the early Norwegian Black Metal scene.

8. To many musicians out there, what message would you like to convey?
Vyas: Well for all the new musicians, what I would like to say is to work hard and stay committed. Focus more on originals rather than covers. Recognition will come automatically, if not sooner.

Interviewer: Shwetha Kamath

Aborted Reveals Details For Upcoming Album and tour dates with Kataklysm

Belgian death metal lunatics Aborted have just finished their eighth full-length, The Necrotic Manifesto, with producer Jacob Hansen. The band will manage to release the album on April 28th in Europe and on April 29th in North America
via Century Media Records.

The Necrotic Manifesto Tracklist reads as follows:
01.Six Feet Of Foreplay
02.The Extirpation Agenda
03.Necrotic Manifesto
04.An Enumeration Of Cadavers
05.Your Entitlement Means Nothing
06.The Davidian Deceit
07.Coffin Upon Coffin
08.Chronicles Of Detruncation
09.Sade & Libertine Lunacy
10.Die Verzweiflung
11.Excremental Veracity
12.Purity Of Perversion
13.Of Dead Skin & Decay

In support of The Necrotic
Manifesto, Aborted will tour North America together with Kataklysm in March/April 2014. See below for all upcoming tour dates.

Aborted tour dates
Feb. 22 – BlastFest – Bergen
Mar. 27 – Empire – Springfield, VA
(United States)
Mar. 28 – Sounds Asylum –
Middletown, NY (United States)
Mar. 29 – The Underground Arts –
Philadelphia, PA (United States)
Mar. 30 – Montage Music Hall –
Rochester, NY (United States)
Mar. 31 – Bogie’s – Albany, NY
(United States)
Apr. 1 – Middle-East – Cambridge,
MA (United States)
Apr. 2 – Palace Theater – Stafford
Springs, CT (United States)
Apr. 3 – St. Vitus – Brooklyn, NY
(United States)
Apr. 4 – Club Soda – Montreal, QC
(Canada) *
Apr. 5 – El Mocambo – Toronto,
ON (Canada) *
Apr. 6 – The Foundry – Lakewood,
OH (United States) *
Apr. 7 – High Noon Saloon –
Madison, WI (United States) *
Apr. 8 – Zoo Cabaret – Winnipeg,
MB (Canada) *
Apr. 9 – The Exchange – Regina, SK
(Canada) *
Apr. 10 – Pawn Shop – Edmonton,
AB (Canada) *
Apr. 11 – Republik – Calgary, AB
(Canada) *
Apr. 12 – Columbo Lodge –
Kamloops, BC (Canada) *
Apr. 13 – Rickshaw Theatre –
Vancouver, BC (Canada) *
Apr. 14 – Studio Seven – Seattle,
WA (United States) *
Apr. 15 – Jub Jubs – Reno, NV
(United States) *
Apr. 16 – DNA Lounge – San
Francisco, CA (United States) *
Apr. 17 – Ramona Mainstage –
Ramona, CA (United States) *
Apr. 18 – Mirror Image – Anaheim,
CA (United States) *
Apr. 19 – Joe’s Grotto – Phoenix,
AZ (United States) *
Apr. 20 – Tricky Falls – El Paso, TX
(United States) *
Apr. 21 – Marquis Theatre –
Denver, CO (United States) *
Apr. 22 – Riot Room – Kansas City,
MO (United States) *
Apr. 23 – Reggie’s – Chicago, IL
(United States) *
Apr. 30 – Magasin 4 – Brussels
May 1 – Steinbruch Theater –
Darmstadt (Germany) *The
Necrotic Manifesto release show w/GORGUTS, MISERY INDEX
May 2 – Neurotic Deathfest –
Tilburg (The Netherlands)
July 18 – Boarstream Festival –
Mulfingen (Germany)
July 19 – Grindtastic Open Air –
Mittelsinn (Germany)
July 21 – Metal Days – Tolmin
Aug. 1 – Xtreme Fest – Albi (France)
Aug. 8 – Party San Open Air –
Schlotheim (Germany)
Aug. 10 – Bloodstock – Walton on
Trent (United Kingdom)
Aug. 14 – Summer Breeze –
Dinkelsbuhl (Germany)
Aug. 23 – Kaltenbach Festival –
Spital am Semmering (Austria)

REVIEW: TERRORWAY - 'Blackwaters'

Listening to certain kind of metal has exposed me to various kind of metal. In fact, originally there are more than 26 genres in metal,for example: New wave of American Metal which we call it as modern metal or maybe hardcore. For different people,its different genre all in tact.

Terrorway is one such band who claims to be "Modern aggressive". To be honest, I like them. Their riffs, drumming, bass and clear growl vocals has bounced to height of the unexpected. With their another launch called "blackwaters" signed to Bakerteam records, they have been usual from the unusual to their lyrics as well.
Its a long way for a small city of Italy "Cagliari" to come across with such major talent in the middle of nowhere. Terrorway,being a new band yet have launched two albums. This band has the potential to provide the best of "modern aggressive" to the global metal 2014. With their influence of Lamb Of God, Meshuggah and Pantera, they are trying their best to reach more in variation level rather than other bands. Being a 4 piece band, they are doing better than any other italian bands I came across with. Thriving in their tracks as "blackwaters & swamp",  Rest of their tracks are kind of monotonous.

The major drawback of their album is Every track sounds monotonous. Hearing monotonous is not my thing. You dont want to end up hearing a loop instead of keeping the track in loop. The other plus point is the vocalist Valentino "sidh" Casarotti' s exhale growls is amazing. One can hear the word clear through his growls. The bass lines of Giovanni Serra is prominently seen in the their epic track "Blackwaters". As well as the riffs created by Ivan Fois is splendid. The beats of the drums and the timing for every track pumped up by Cosma Secchi is perfectly on the spot. Studio version is tight but You can see the vocals are more dominating rather than the music itself and usually its other way around. Its a plus point that the vocalist has the energy level to put up a great show in live.

With their previous album, Absolute and the present launch Blackwaters,they are in for a win. With the genre itself one can expect them to be brutally facing you on floor to a moshpit and swinging you to the beats of smashing violence. Very tight band indeed. Techincal skills are meant to be praised. A whole new level of energy and metal can kick your butt to listen to them and headbang your heads off in wall of death.
So be prepared to plunge into the violent headbanging !!

 Rating: 3.7 - ‎Review by Shwetha Kamath - ‎Feb 22, 2014

NEWS: Autopsy To Release 'Tourniquets, Hacksaws And Graves' In April

California gore-metal morticians Autopsy are set to release another album this April.

Tourniquets, Hacksaws And
will serve as Autopsy‘s seventh studio opus and follows the footsteps of last year’s awesome The Headless Ritual.

“TOURNIQUETS TIGHTEN….HACKSAWS RIP…..GRAVES ARE FILLED…..THIS IS AUTOPSY, THIS IS DEATH METAL,” say the band themselves. “With the stench of The Headless Ritual still permeating the befouled air, Autopsy has once again come for your very metal soul with their newest blood soaked homage to all things dark, twisted and horrific….once again bone crushingly heavy nightmares await…. Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves will awaken the most depraved part of the coldest zombie’s stare…..blood will flow, brains will be destroyed, coffin lids will be opened….”

Check out the album artwork below and grab it from April 21 via Peaceville...

KIRK HAMMETT: We Have To Start Working On The New Album

Kirk Hammett spoke to Kerrang! magazine about the progress of the songwriting sessions for the long-awaited album, conditionally due in 2015.

"We cannot think of any other reasons to procrastinate; of any other things to put on the calendar to push back the start date for the new album writing sessions" he said. "We're kind of backed up into the corner now, so yes, we have to start working on the album. And I'm excited. James has, like, 800 riffs. I only have 400, but there's not going to be any shortage of ideas. It's going to be interesting to see how it turns out."

He continued: "If we can write and record an album within a year's time, from January 2014 to, say, January 2015, I'm fucking up for it, man. That's something we have not done in a long time, and that would be a bona fide challenge for us to see if we could make an album in 12 months. We did it with Lou Reed, but that doesn't really count, does it?

"We don't have any songs yet. We have little bits and pieces of music earmarked to become songs, and really, that's all I can say about it. We're pretty psyched about it. We're only procrastinating because we love being at home with our families, but we really do love writing songs together and making an album."

Breathelast & Cap De Craniu - Split It Out EP

Greetings brothers and sisters of the Metalhead Spotted community!

Today we’re gonna jump a bit back in time, more precisely on the 30th of December, 2013, when two of the most notorious groups from the Romanian underground scene – Post Hardcore/Metalcore icons, Breathelast and Grind Death Metal ass whoopers Cap De Craniu - joined forces to release a wonderful split EP, entitled "Split It Out". The EP consists of 8 songs and 2 other bonus tracks and was supported in December 2013 by the two bands in a memorable gig in a well-known venue from Bucharest, Romania – Fabrica Club. Breathelast and Cap De Craniu also released music videos for the songs included on Split It Out – 'Wolves" & the more recent "Sinking Ships" by Breathelast and ”The World between Dream and Reality and the Man without a Shadow” by Cap De Craniu, respectively.

Now, in a nutshell, I will spell a couple of thoughts about the bands, but I wouldn't too keep and bore you guys too much, so here it goes:
Breathelast are reckoned for the great dosage of delivery on stage, these guys feel their music by every lyric, chord, note or beat and they’re not shy to show it either. Mihai easily can be noted as an icon and example of a front man, especially for the upcoming younger musicians; besides his smooth-n-always-nice-to-everyone character, the intensity of his live display is overwhelming! This dude can make a crowd go nuts!

Cap De Craniu is the type of band that can own a show through their performances. Always harsh, precise and heavy, not a single doubt that CDC is one of the top dogs of the Romanian metal scene, these boys have what it takes to go beyond the country borders and impress every audience there is!
For those eager to listen to ”Split It Out”, just follow the link beneath. 

Don’t forget to check out the videos, here’s  ”Sinking Ships” by Breathelast and ”TWBDARATMWAS” by Cap De Craniu


Preternatural are Latvian metal band founded back in 1999, when two friends Serg and Volod, being obsessed with a long standing common dream of creating a band. The band have created the unique link between their influences of death metal power, black metal grimness and ambient music's keyboard atmosphere. The current
line-up features founders Serg (vocals, guitars) and Volod (guitars), Gin (drums), bassist Serhio and Martin on keyboard. Preternatural have released three demos, one EP and two full length albums, including Angeloid which released in physical form on 15th February, 2014. Short while ago we caught up with vocalist Serg for this little conversation regarding their inception, new opus Angeloid, music structure, future plans and many general things.

Metalhead Spotted: Greetings from Metalhead Spotted! how are you doing? Firstly congratulations on your new album. How did the writing and recording process go for this one?
Serg: Greetings guys! I'm doing well, thank you very much! So, yeah the album is finally released and we're so happy about that. We've been working on that like 5 years. From the beginning we had two tracks-"Cryophobia" and "Reptile Wings", they were included in our EP of 2010, then we started composing other songs and it's funny on how the structures and arrangements are being changed during the period form composing to mastering. I mean ok, you expect a song to sound like that and in the end it appeared a totally diffirent track. The recording process wasn't less interesting for us, cause it is the first record of ours that we've tracked, recorded, mixed, mastered, in other words produced by ourselves. We didn't have a proper budget for this one to book an expensive studio, so we had to act on our own this time and I honestly think we have succeded well. Those knowledge we have gain during our career and the rapid technology growth has helped us a lot.

Metalhead Spotted: How did you choose the name Angeloid for new opus?
Serg: I'm really into sci-fo documentals, movies and literature, so I kinda create stories for our songs. I've invented a theory that humanity isn't going anywhere further, cause we still got physical bodies, so we're basically stuck inside our own bodies without letting our souls to go on. And in order to switch ourselves to a diffirent level of existence - need a common death, an apocalypse, that would create such an ammount of energy, which transforms us into Angeloids - the new spiritual beings. I took the word - angel, the spiritual being and aded endind oid - human like. That's the story for a Hollywood blockbuster, ha-ha.

Metalhead Spotted: “Preternatural“ what does that mean? Are there any etimological origins of band name?
Serg: Preternatural it's a synonim to word Supernatural. The diffirence is that Preternatural is rather archaic word. Honestly, the story behind coming up with the band name is a little bit "preternatural". When we started the band with our guitarplayer in 1999 we decided to have very mystical lyrics, so we needed a proper name for the band and I remember myself suddenly opening my mother's English dictionary and then I just saw that word - Preternatural.

Metalhead Spotted: What are your genuine inspirations? What are some of the influences that are behind your wise and powerful scriptures?
Serg: Well, if you mean beyond metal music, then I guess it's silence. Silence makes my right semisphere creating music oh, and of course, computer games and pop music of the 90's.

Metalhead Spotted: Your music structure seems like typical swedish death metal. Plenty of Gothenburg riffing, rapid drumming, blazing solos, and the traditional harsh vocals, though how will you describe your sound to the readers?
Serg: Well, we use to have that kind of influnce in the past you've just mentioned, but as a description I would call it a mixture of death metal riffs, dark ambient music, electronic music with some black metal elements, kinda that.

Metalhead Spotted: How do you think of electronic work that is extremely well structured into your music?
Serg: Oh, actually it is.unseparated piece of us. It helps us to produce our own "unique" sound. I've always liked electronics and always wanted to put it in our music and I believe we've found that right balance we've been searching for years on "Angeloid".

Metalhead Spotted: Do you think that your sound has grown from your Lifetext EP all the way through to Angeloid?
Serg: Of course, exactly "Lifetext" was really influenced by Swedish scene of those times you've mentioned previously. "Angeloid" is something diffirent,something we're really proud of, something that we can freely call as "our music".

Metalhead Spotted: Of all songs you've recorded, which one is your favourite?
Serg: If we speak about just listening it's D.N.End from Angeloid, but for playing live it's Statical from our so-called debut album.

Metalhead Spotted: The band was formed in 1999, did it undergo any line up changes?
Serg: Yes it did, but only with two positions - bass player and keyboard player (dunno, why). We've had a lot of keyboard players in the past and a lot of bass players. For instance, our previous bass player left the band during the recording process of Angeloid, but we've managed to find the perfect replacement. so I believe the line-up that is now has never been so stable.

Metalhead Spotted: Is there anyone in Preternatural involved in any other projects?
Serg: Our guitar player Volod has a metalcore band which is called Trendkill Method. Our bass player Serhio has a progressive death metal project Biomorph. And, me personally I'm a vocalist in the band of Cradle of Filth's drummer - Martin Skaroupka. The band is called Inner Fear, I'm responsible for lyrics and vocal parts there. Our keyboard player Martin records his solo ambient music (by the way his playing really affected the style of Angeloid). Our drummmer Gin is the only fulltime Preternatural member.

Metalhead Spotted: Having been around for about 15 years now, how do you feel about latvian metal scene?
Serg: Sometimes it's rising up, sometimes it's falling apart. Unfortunately, fallings happen more often. The level of performance has been growing every year, but the level of making songs and composing isn't that great. So, we have cool musicians, playing not so good music and this tendency is growing. Not for every band and project, of course. But, I'd really want that our local music be a "jukebox" music, if you know what I mean.

Metalhead Spotted: Finally what future holds for Preternatural? Are there any touring plans?
Serg: We'll be promoting our album by all ways and means and of course will be booking maximum live shows possible. Right now we've got some summer festivals bookes across the Baltic States and Ukraine, so will see what tomorrow knows.

Metalhead Spotted: It was a great pleasure talking to you Serg. Thanks for taking the time out, if you have something to say, do go ahead.
Serg: Thank you very much Akshay for this interview and your support, the pleasure is mine. See you on tour guys and check out our latest album "Angeloid". You may download it absolutely for free from our website http://www.preternatural.lv and if you have something to ask us don't hesistate and give us your thoughts via preternaturalband@gmail.com Cheers!

Preternatural on Facebook

Interviewer: Akshay Gaikwad
Edited by: Mercy Thoras


Devoid is a four-piece thrash/death metal band from Mumbai, formed in 2005. They won the 2006 regional finals of battle-of-the-bands competition Campus Rock Idols. They have been featured on compilations like We Are The Scene: Vol. 1 & 2, and All Indian Metal. They have played various domestic music festivals and are endorsed by ESP Guitars and Basses. They are now signed to Demonstealer Records and released their album A God's Lie in 2010. The band released their EP The Invasion in February 2013.

'HI viewers and listeners of metalhead spotted.this is Arun Iyer from Devoid'

Navneet: What was the turning point in DEVOID’s history? And are there any special memories you’d like to share with us?
Arun: So Devoid was formed in the year 2005.and the days and years were sketchy at this point because it had been a while since we formed. it was me initially and the band’s drummer Shubham.we lived in the same building and we used to jam and I was already part of another band called Blood Bath Regimentm with my brother and couple of friends and We were doing our scenes then and we had our common genre ,the music we’d like to play now and then and that is how we came to know that we were going to start a band and then we were looking out for guitarists, bass guitarists and lead guitarists because by then I had decided to play my own guitars for the band.we were looking out for even an vocalist at that point.slowly and steadily we found people,by then I had already picked up guitars and vocals that was the shorten of dark and We just went on with it.so that’s how I became a vocalist guitarist otherwise I was not meant to be a vocalist and guitarist but it started off like that and we went ahead with it and we also found keshav who lived in the same convening who came and we had a sound lots of it, we needed to make at that point And this guy could so,that was the audition for natives of hymn and at that point we became a band. So me,shubham and keshav and then we looked for bass guitarists high and low and we could’nt find anyone, and after a point we came across a guy from all over  fucking across seven seas this guy named Frank who played in from another band who at that point had not played in gigs called Atmosphear and he was the bass guitarist for that band and they had come here actually not to audition for bass guitarist but with the intention of meeting our drummer and they were looking for a drummer for their band and we ended up liking frank as a bass guitarist and he joined the band and we played.so the longest part of being devoid that was the lineup-keshav,frank,me and shubham and then we played on,we played at shows by then  we had already comeup with a couple of songs,we had made up a few songs,by the end of I think 4-5 years we’d finished writing for an album and that is when we thought this is actually happening and we need to record, and I mean that’s when the turning point happened,the realization that we were a band.it was the first album we recorded together.and later on there were lineup changes,that is when sanket came onboard as the lead guitarist and abhishek came up as the bass guitarist for the band and then we recorded half length  with that lineup for the band

 Navneet: Tell us about the concept behind your EP "The Invasion”?
Arun: It's not a headscratcher,it’s a straightforward concept.its about aliens invading the earth and final moments, before the final moments and why the destruction happened and then the post Apocalypse and the scenario.and that was the concept and that was a pretty hit.

Navneet: "God" that would be one thing common at both of your releases so far, “A God's Lie", "The Invasion", there seems to be a keen interest with gods for the band, any specific reason behind it?
Arun:I don’t know why I am stuck debating on the concept of god or the almighty,the intelligent creator.i like talking about that,it takes most of my viewing space.plus I have had personal experiences with which is people going wrong so couple of times I have had strong sentiments against it which is why I kinda think the theme is stuck with itself.i mean everyone is curious about god.

Navneet: Well Abnormal guitar work is one of Devoid’s trademarks. What are your initial influences as a guitarist?
Arun: (laughs)no we are not abnormal guitarists,u think  thrash metal how abnormal can it get? But we have influences ranging from 80’s thrash bands which could be And other obscure bands which could be sepultura, pantera and all those guys but Part of our music,and then it went into the 2000 era of metal which had like different pieces of every genre,mostly thrash metal and technical death metal and that’s where we stepped into decapitated and people who can play well and fuck and bring out some technicality or without losing the pouts of the song that would be our influences as far with guitarists.

Navneet:So What are your personal influences as a guitarist?
Arun: my personal influences as a guitarist would be pretty much the same as the guys I mentioned definitely the slayer guitarist,the metallica guitarist,the megadeth,the sepultura,the exodus,the cannibal corpse,the decapitated,psychotic That’s my personal space of influence

Navneet:So When it comes to making music, do you guys initially  work on the lyrics and then the music or music first and then the lyrics?
Arun: Music first then the lyrics falls in the place

Navneet: How was the WOA experience for the band?
Arun: Wacken experience was great!it was a rolling cop for the band.we played a show outside of india and this was the first of its kind and not only outside of india this was in the arkland of metal germany wacken.it was a loving crowd !it was a great experience altogether! words fail me to describe the wacken experience because you have to be there to experience it,!its not just to play there you have to be there to see a metal scene outside of our confinements , how it looks and feels like that experience itself is very hard to pin down in words but in short I was to break it down,a learning curve that we desperately needed,sort of perspective, a mindset change that we needed to work as a band.

Navneet: How did you maintain a persistent sound and outlook with the way of working as a mix of thrash and death metal musical styles?
Arun: I am very glad that you asked this question because according to you at this point it seems that we have maintained some resemblance of death thrash in two religious things,which is intresting thing to hear,usually I would personally think that people with the new release. But people need to know that as musicians now off things change,the essence is always there nothing goes off away there is nothing wrong in being exposed to something refreshingly new and that usually changes and it influences the new influence and that has changed the very core of our music, but in a good way as far as I understand,now aggression without a structure is nothing and a structure without aggression is nothing so we are still in a process of understanding how to strike that balance

Navneet: You guys had a great 2013, with the release of "The Invasion”, Best Drummer award at RSMA2013, Playing at Wacken Open Air. So what’s  in store for 2014?
Arun: I think 2013 itself was’nt  all that big,I would consider them as milestones in our band career,but I still think 2014 has a lot more to offer because we do have a lot more shows lined up,we have a better understanding of how the band system works, a better understanding of how we could push our music, with 2014 hanging in the balance and since gone through 2013 all I can say is 2014 does look a lot more better in prospective, we’re having our heads screwed in straight andwith understanding the whole dynamic system,2014 should be a good year.

Navneet: What are your favorite Thrash Metal Albums of all times?
Arun: Three names that come straight upto my mind i.e Metallica-master of puppets, is definitely the best album of all times,then there is raining blood by slayer,I am sorry I am stating the obvious,but these albums took thrash metal scene to whole new level.also I would like to add up rust in peace by megadeth.

Navneet: Well Thrashfest is just around the corner. The line-up is insane and it surely has a lot to offer to Thrash Metal Doters. What do you guys expect from Thrashfest this time
Arun:  We don’t expect big squad from any of the gigs.we expect only the people come.the rest of the expectation wise,the audience needs to expect,we need to deliver so as far we are concerned we expect that they come and stay for the entire show and the rest of the expectations needs to be fulfilled from our side as a band.

Navneet: so anything you would like to say to the attendees of Thrashfest?
Arun:: The attendees of thrashfest I am extremely glad that you guys have made the choice of coming,I personally think that thrash metal is pretty much the backbone of the metal because that’s where it became what it is right now and these guys are fun loving,drinking,assholes,who love to beat the shit out of and have a good time.so i'm thankful that these guys have made the choice for coming  down to thane.

Navneet: Thanks for the Interview
Arun: Thank You Navneet

Edited by: Mercy Thoras

NEWS: Mayhem To Release New Album This Year

The Norwegian black metal legends Mayhem have returned. black metal’s most notorious band and the true originals of Norwegian desecration will release an as-yet-untitled new album, and follow up to 2007's Ordo Ad Chao, later this year.

In anticipation of the new album, Mayhem is streaming a new track, titled Psywar. And the following press release was also issued about the band:

"2014 sees Mayhem welcome the 30th anniversary of the single most notorious and important band in the history of black metal. With the band's four revolutionary full-lengths, a legacy of boundless extremity, and an ethic rooted firmly in the principle of no compromise, Mayhem are the archetype that three generations of black metal bands follow as law. As they enter their 30th year, Mayhem reign as kings of the underground; ensuring that their shadow will be cast not just over the first 30 years of an entire genre to date, but for the next 30 years to come as well. Mayhem is the Alpha and the Omega of black metal.

"With an active new lineup at helm, Mayhem's new full length showcases a band who follow their.own path in extreme music, one that is equally violent and turbulent.

"Mayhem will also release 'Psywar' as a limited edition, stand-alone 7" EP. The 'Psywar' 7" is backed 'From Beyond Event Horizon,' an unreleased track taken from the band's 2012 Budapest sessions, and will come in different editions featuring art from Zbigniew Bielak and Costin Chioreanu. 'Psywar' will be pressed across several different colored vinyl editions and is available for pre-order."

Interview with Withem

Withem, a band hailing from Norway are trying their top to be most beautiful progressive band ever to be established in the global metal scene.
Will they? Well, this answer is upto you!
Never the less, here is something interesting about them. They have awesome vocalist who can pull out clean vocals ! They have crazy guitarists who can give the riffs like a river gushing to join the sea. Then they have a freaky drummer who can pump up the beats to the level of progressive to the unexpected. What more do you need from a band!
Since all the notions given above, I tried to see what they are! They are brilliant and terrific that they exceeded the level of unexpected. So anxious that I got an oppurtunity to interview their vocalist
 "OLE A.W"
And this is how it went !

1.So tell me.. Withem being a progressive band hailing from norway, how is norway receiving you guys?  
The feedback has been overwhelming so far.  We've been doing a loads of promotion during the recording of our debut album, “The point of view”, and we've managed to get a group of followers, that has been very important and supportive for us during the whole recording process. The time after the release, have been awesome. 
The biggest metal magazine in Norway, “Scream magazine” gave us 6/6 on their review. This means of course a lot to us, since this is our most important market. 
As a conclusion, we have a interesting thing going on.

2. Influences of the band?
As a Norwegian prog metal act, it’s natural for us to get influenced by bands such as “Pagan’s mind” and “Circus maximus” . After all we are five individuals, who have their own bunch of influences. Just to mention a couple of artist that have been important to me: Nils K. Rue (Pagan’s Mind), Jorn Lande (Masterplan, Ark, Jorn), Pavarotti and Jan Werner Danielsen.  

3.Concept behind artwork and lyrics?
The artwork reflects our lyrics in a perfect way actually. The song “Phrenesis”, is probably the song that shows out most on the album cover and the artwork. “Phrenesis” is a short word for anger, jealousy and madness. Possible those three words that can describe human failure the most. The dude in the centre of the cover artwork, is our main character, he basically, sort of live through the entire album, having different roles that shows us different issues through a human life and perspective.

4.Did you support any bands lately, how was the experience?
We recently came back from a mini-tour together with Circus Maximus in Sweden. Two sold out venues, one in  the capitol of Sweden, Stockholm, and one in a smaller town called Alingsas. Everything about the whole trip was awesome. From the long bus trip- to the actual shows. We gained more fans and friend, and we got great feedback after both venues. 
We have also been supporting  Pagan’s Mind before the album release. Great feedback there as well. 

5. Heard that you auditioned for Kamelot! How did it go?
I received a email from Kamelot’s manager, he asked If I was interested in a audition round for the new vocal spot in the band. They were almost at the end of the selection process, but wanted me to try aswell after hearing a demo with Withem on Youtube. It was a breathtaking moment, when I opened this email, since Kamelot have meant a lot to me as one of the greatest metal bands. I started out whit a demo recording of the songs “Ghost opera” and “Abandoned”, and it worked quiet well. They listened to my versions, and asked to do a few more. I actually did a writing session on some new material, and recorded them as well. After some months whit singing, recording and emailing with them, they ended up hiring the amazing singer Tommy Karevik of Seventh wonder. He ended up doing the vocals on “Silverthorn”, and he did a amazing job, so loads of congrats and my best wishes to Tommy and Kamelot. 

6. Whats the future you looking forward to?
This year will be a totally new experience for us. We've done this minitour with Circus Maximus and we also did “Progpower metalfestival Oslo”.  We are also working on some touring this year but for now, we are really looking forward to “Progpower Atlanta, USA” in September. It will naturally be a real “biggie” for us. 

7.Message to convey to fans out there!!!
We are looking forward to meet all the beautiful people out there, all our fans, supporters, followers and friends to share our music with(em) hehe. 

To all of you out there
Take care and stay safe.

All the best;
OLE A. W (Withem)

Interviewer: Shwetha Kamath


We are proud to announce Gran
signed a deal with This Is Core Music! The debut album
Aventador was released in January 2014 and is also available in all digital stores and printed in 200 vinyls. Gran Rivera come from Milan and Como, inspired by Nirvana, 90s and 2000s grunge and punk-rock bands, and they shared the stage with Baustelle, The Fire and Shandon. In 2012, following a change of name and.kind of music, the guys were closed for a couple of years in their rehersal room. From these long sessions, during a night was born Aventador. A rough album, but at the same time a punk-rock hymn.

NEWS: Guitarist Wes Hauch Left THE FACELESS, To Join GLASS CASKET

The Faceless announced that guitarist Wes Hauch has left the band. In a press release, the band said:

“The Faceless have officially parted ways with Wes. Things were moving in different directions and it seems that this is best for everyone. We wish him the best of luck and we know he’s going to continue to do great things in music. Please keep supporting Wes in everything he does. We definitely will“.

“We are also currently working on new music with bassist Evan Brewer, who is remaining a full-time member of the band, to clear up any confusion. The cover album has also been put on the back-burner in place of new original material. We are very excited with how things are coming together and will keep you all updated as things progress.”

NEWS: Lacuna Coil Lose Two Members

Lacuna Coil revealed that guitarist Cristiano “Pizza” Migliore and drummer Cristiano ‘CriZ’ Mozzati have retired from the band.

Metal Hamner grabbed singer Cristina Scabbia for an exclusive insight into what the hell is going on.

“Well it’s something we announced yesterday but knew for a few weeks and honestly I feel good, because we couldn’t have a better – I don’t even wasn’t to use the word ‘split’, that sounds like, ‘Oh we had a big fight and we don’t want to see each other anymore’. It was something that was coming from the heart, very sincere, they just decided they wanted to change their lives. It’s not like they didn’t like the band anymore, but this lifestyle is not easy. You’re on tour all the time, you don’t have any private life anymore, being on tour is really surreal because time moves in a different way, so I think it’s absolutely normal that after so many years together some of us want to carry on doing what we do because we still enjoy it and some of us would want to move on, keeping the great memories we have together. I mean they’re not planning to join other bands. It’s.not going to be a huge difference because we will have the same songwriter and we are determined to go on. So I’m sad that they’re leaving, but we will continue seeing each other outside the band. They are happy, we are happy, everyone is happy.

“We are going to do the [US] tour,” she continues. “I’m telling you because we are going to give the statement tomorrow but I guess the interview will come out later – the drums will be played by Ryan Folden who played with us for the last year while Christ[iano Mozzati] was at home growing up his kid. And for guitar we are going on with Marco only and then we will decide. I posted the news yesterday and I got 25 private messages in half an hour from people that wanted to do auditions. But we’re not doing any auditions. It’s too early to think about replacements and we don’t even know if we want that. We might work with session.musicians for a while, because even if we are serene and happy, it’s hard for us because we lost two brothers, so we don’t want anyone to come into the family just like that. It would be wise I think just to go on with us four and then move on with friends like Ryan, who is a great drummer and very easy to get to with. And that’s an important factor because if you’re going to share a tourbus with people, you have to be able to get on with them!”


The deepest black, the new
videoclip of metalcore act Remains In A View will be available in March in worldwide premiere on Beheading The Traitor!

The videoclip was directed and
shooted by Daniele Campea (already at work with various films, short films and on videoclips for bands like No More Fear) and
screeplayed by Antonio Secondo

We think that “The deepest black” is the most suitable song.to represent “Elegies”. In addition of being one of the most varied song of the disc, the lyrics well suited to be transposed on film. When the human mind isn't nourished, ignorance will prevail, obscuring it, creating illusions and false myths – The sun of culture is the only mean to free our selves from the coils of this deepest black. In this sense the Plato's myth of the cave, which we reinterpreted in the video, it's been an excellent source of inspiration.

NEWS: Cannibal Corpse To Start Recording New Album

Death metal icons Cannibal
are looking to get started on a new album this weekend, according to a report from Blabbermouth:

The gang will enter Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida with Mark Lewis (The Black Dahlia Murder, DevilDriver, Deicide) on production duties. The follow-up to 2012′s Torture is expected to land this summer via Metal Blade. Expect blood-drenched, pummelling heavy metal madness.

GIG REVIEW: Thrashfest - first and only one of its kind

Thrash metal is perhaps one of the most important sub genres of metal. It is one of those things which define metal in its entirety and spirit. Thrashfest was one such attempt by Mr. Kunal Choksi  to showcase the best thrash bands of India. 9th Feb 2014 left a mark on the Indian Metal History as a day to be remembered. The line up, so diverse did complete justice to the idea of Thrashfest. The organizers were confident enough to turn the dance floor of Hotel United 21, Thane into a Pit.

The gig started at around 4pm behind the schedule by an hour, and by then the venue was almost full. SystemHouse 33 were the opening band for the day.  They started off with a blast the band played groovy thrash with a hint of djent. The crowd was in awe of their drummer, Amogh Sharma who banged the kit like there is no tomorrow. The vocalist, Samron Jude, for sure knew how to build up the crowd and start the day. The band's tremendous energy to be an opening band and were a good kickstart to the event.

Next up was Deadbolt from Kolkata. Their sound was reminiscent of bands like SodomDestruction and such early black/thrash bands from Europe. Although their guitar patches sounded fuzzy and incoherent at times. They started off with a common cover of seek and destroy by Metallica and the vocalist Nilabja indulged the crowd and roared the chorus of this Metallica classic. Thrashfest without a Metallica cover would be like a song without bass. The highlight of their set was their cover of Slayer’s black magic. The band has great potential and can manage a powerful performance if they deal with their sound issues properly.

Third band to take the stage was Armament again from kolkata. They brought the crowd into the pit from the word go. Armament’s set witnessed the first real mosh of the day. The band showed influences from bands like Sepulture, Sodom, Venom and many more german teutonic thrash bands. Their set was largely appreciated by the Mumbai audience who moshed wholeheartedly. Their cover of Sodom’s Procession to Golgatha/Christ passion made the crowd go mad and they sang the chorus with full power. All in all it was a delight to witness  such immensely talented band who keep the flag of thrash flying high.

Next up on stage was Sceptre from Mumbai. One of the oldest bands from the city, they did justice to all the hype created for their performance. Sceptre’s set started off with a mindblasting song Age of Calamity which prompted the crowd to start the biggest moshpit of the day and one of the most brutal wall of death Mumbai has ever witnessed. This band will definitely be blamed for breaking people’s neck. The guitar tone reminded of Dimebag Darrell. At the end of the set the crowd broke into roaring chants of the band’s name.  This was defiantely one of the favourite bands of the night.

Next up was Halahkuh from Pune. This band has been creating waves ever since they formed. Their set started professionally with a band intro and graduated to full power blown speedy melodic thrash. Their sound is basically a mixture of thrash with a hint of melodic death. The guitarist was impressive with his sweeps and melodic solos. The band played a long set which included covers of Kreators civilization collapsed and Sepeltura’s refuse resist, with a bit of sound issues. The band impressed  by switching the sound into a soft jazzy solo which was in contrast with their fierce and powerful sound. 

Hailing from the unholy city of Bangalore Threinody was one band everyone was looking forward to the most. Formed in 1996 this band, known for their hard hitting riffs , screaming vocals, reminds of the golden era of 80”s thrash which these guys still carry on with Utmost power and dedication. Starting off with In Extremis. Threinody hit the unassuming Mumbai crowd like a hail of bullets. This was just the start. What followed was complete mayhem as Threinody belted out neck breaking thrash which was reminiscent of thrash power houses like Exodus, Testament and Kreator. They played covers on demand namely ; Phobia by Kreator and Whiplash by Metallica, much to the crowd’s amazement.

Next up was mumbai’s horror metal band: Albatross. With very less time for them to play Albatross hit stage late at night. With Nishit’s impressive solos and Bipro’s high pitched vocals the band gave a boost to the tired audience. They blew everyone with their cover of tornado of souls by Megadeth. Nishit hedge was the best guitarist of the night. And atlast, this band commanded respect from Mumbai metalhead with their cover of Holy diver by Dio.

Chaos was the next band who lightened up the evening. With such a long fest the crowd was a bit tired till the end. Still people were waiting to se this band going live first time in Mumbai. They played an impressive setlist consisting of all original songs of their album which all of the people present for the gig received on the entry. Chaos gave Mumbai metalheads something to be remembered for a long time.

Last band to go on stage was Mumbai’s thrash giants- Devoid. They played a very interesting set consisting of a cover of Exodus, also playing their new ep titled The Invasion and The Brahma Weapon of their same haf liner'  and ending it with Pandemonium is Now. After this gig Arun has changed the Mumbai gig roars from 'BC MC' to 'moushi ki gand and azoba cha bhosda' .

The scene is blessed to have organizers like Mr. Kunal Choksi due to whose efforts Mumbai will never see shortage of gigs. As always Mr Choksi won't stop surprising us every time he organizes some flawless events like BMK, Thrashfest etc. Also other names need a special mention for their tireless dedication in making the gig a successful brutal animal it turned out to be: Narayanan, Roydon, Gurdip, Dushyant, Kunal Gonsalves, Paresh, Kalidas Shenoy and the guy behind the sound console doing the amazing job as always; Pritesh Prabhune. You guys know who you are! all hail metal and hail you guys for keeping the thrash flames alive and kicking! \m/

‎Review by Kishan Mulani 
Edited by Aashay Paponi
Picture Credits : Sumedh Gupte and Saby Nayak


Eschatos are Latvian black metal outfit formed in 2012. The band is avowed for Playing a distinct form of modern black metal with a strong vein of prog running in their veins. The current line up features of vocalist Kristiāna Kārklina, drummer Edvards Percevs and guitarists Jānis Bušs & Edgars Gultnieks . Short while ago we caught up with Jānis & Edgars for this little conversation regarding their inception, debute album, future plans and many general things.

Metalhead Spotted: Greetings from Metalhead Spotted! How have you been doing? Could you please introduce the band to our readers?
Eschatos: Greetings, dear readers! Eschatos is a musical formation from Latvia. Basically, we are a black metal band, but that’s not all there is. We are not limiting ourselves to one or few genres. We let all the streams of inspiration flow through us and take shape in a musical form.

Metalhead Spotted: What are the origins of your band name? What does it mean?
Jãnis: The word itself originates from Ancient Greek meaning ‘the last’ or ‘final’, referring to time. Like the end of all life and a new beginning, supreme and essential point of.being.

Metalhead Spotted: What are the genuine influences of Eschatos? Do you guys have
inspirations from any band or artists?
Jānis: I don’t think that I can
name specific bands, because my range of influences is pretty wide. I really enjoy Swedish and French black metal underground, but I don’t limit myself to that. I listen to lots of electronic, classical,
experimental and avantgarde progressive, metal and even indie music to name a few genres. So, I guess, that all goes in our music.
Edgars: We all listen to many different genres of music we come across. I’d say that any person who is involved in making music and wants to be at least decent at it should be open minded to all the music there is in the world.

Metalhead Spotted: In January 2013 you successfully released a full length studio album, Hierophanies. Could you tell us about the song-writing process of Hierophanies.
J: We had the base for the album ready when we were a trio from our previous band — Ocularis Infernum. It consisted of my songwriting, Kristiāna’s chants and Edvards rythmic ideas. Most of the riffs were written in a half meditative state and have little to do with
traditional songwriting, as one might expect it to be. When Edgars joined us, he coated the songs in a new sound with his arrangements. We also had the privilege to work with my dear friend —talented pianist Jānis Kaņeps for the title track. Now the creative process has changed a bit, because Edgars is a major asset to our cause and we work on songs hand in hand. So, I guess, we will see a different side of Eschatos in the future.
E: Recording Hierophanies was the best time we have had as a band. Some of the writing and arranging was done directly on the spot while recording. It was very creative period with a lot of spontaneous ideas disagreements and compromises, and in general we are satisfied with the outcome. Even though now we would do some things differently.

Metalhead Spotted: Are you satisfied with the response that Hierophanies has got over the year?
J: I think that we did pretty well. There were a lot of good words and reviews coming from all over the world and they still continue to come. It was a pretty big exposure for a band from our geographic location. There’s this informational gap between us and the rest of the metal world, so most bands from the Baltics are on their own.
E: Most of the feedback it got was positive and even complimentary, although I would prefer receiving more critical opinions, so that I could actually learn something new by facing some flaws or mistakes.

Metalhead Spotted: Did the whole band contribute towards music for Hierophanies?
J: Yes, everything was done in cooperation between us all. That’s the way we do all things, not only the songwriting. It’s the way we function best, I guess. Sometimes it’s harder, but the results are more gratifying in the end.
E: Oh yeah, sometimes we even quarrel over the ways how things should be done. Well, we haven’t fought yet, but let’s hope it will never happen.

Metalhead Spotted: Eschatos was formed in 2012, did the band had to deal with any line-up changes?
J: Not really and I hope that we won’t have to deal with that any time soon. Our live line-up tends to change from time to time, though. In this relatively short period of time, as a live band, we had to replace Edgars once and we had 3 different bass players, although Tomass is pretty much a full member now.
E: Playing with different musicians is always a useful experience. It is some kind of non-verbal communication.

Metalhead Spotted: How do you feel about the black metal scene today?
J: I guess that it may seem as oversaturated, as it can also seem fresh and reigning once more. Black metal became notorious for its utter extremism and the breaking of any borders. The thing with this genre is that you can’t fake it. There is no formula for ) making it. Either you’re in it or
not. Ones, that try to make this kind of music artificially — fail.
E: As long as it keeps changing within itself and pushing the boundaries without losing its core, it lives. Nobody can tell what exactly this core is, but still we know this black metal feeling, don’t we? Some truly magnificent records were made this year, that contained some of this black metal feeling mixed with other kinds of feelings from other musical fields, like, for example new albums by Deafheaven and Altar of Plagues.

Metalhead Spotted: What are your future plans for 2014? Do you have any plans regarding
releasing new album?
J: We are working on a split album with our Lithuanian friends — Inquisitor. It should be out in the first half of 2014. The first big step have also been taken towards our next full album.
E: The split album is on its way to coming out this spring. Our part will be stylistically similar to what can be heard on “Hierophanies”, but our next album might be something different. Can’t tell yet in what way.

Metalhead Spotted: Is there any one in Eschatos active with other projects?
J: Edvards is playing in technical/progressive death metal band Opifex and our bass player Tomass is playing in crust/dbeat black metal band
Wagars, and grind/death metal band Anal Punishment.E: I would like to highlight Wagars among them. Their sound is something like Baltic melancholy mixed with raw hc energy, and this mix is goddamn powerful. Definitely worth checking out. And Opifex is a kickass live band. No wonder they made to Wacken Metal Battle international finals two years ago.
Metalhead Spotted: As a Latvian Black Metal unit, how do you feel about Latvian as well
European metal scene?
J: It’s hard to say something about European scene in general, because I don’t think we have experienced it from the inside. Latvian scene is small and mostly based on death metal. Thrash,metal is also highly valued over here. The “true metal“ scene
seems somewhat fractured, but we have a really good and dedicated post metal scene with bands like Tesa, Soundarcade and
Solaris in the front.
E: Unfortunately, we can hardly speak of something like actual metal scene here in Latvia. There is,something going on, there are regular concerts, new bands appearing and old ones disappearing, but no real inner movement can be observed.

Metalhead Spotted: Thanks for taking the time out. Any last shout out to your fans and readers?
J: Well, everything we really want to say to the world, we say in our music. We will certainly let you know when we have something new.

Interviewer: Akshay Gaikwad
Edited by: Mercy Thoras

Decapitated Set to Record New Album

Polish technical death metal band Decapitated will soon enter the studio to record their next album named, TBA.
Decapitated have posted the below photo on their Instagram account , along with the caption “New album coming soon. Rehearsal before studio”

The band will manage to complete and release this album in 2014 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Polish City Names Traffic Circle After the Late Jeff Hanneman

A traffic circle in Jaworzno, Poland, has been renamed after Jeff Hanneman, the co-founding Slayer guitarist who died May 2, 2013, at age 49.

A message on the sign at the traffic circle reads:
“Jeff Hanneman’s Circle Pit — unforgettable Slayer guitarist.

During the XXII Final of The Great Orchestra Of Christmas charity, the president of Jaworzno.put up for auction the traffic circle in the city centre, which was later auctioned by Art-Com Ltd. The company could give the name to.the traffic circle and became its ‘symbolic’ owner for the period of one year. The money gathered during the XXII Final of The Great Orchestra Of Christmas charity.was allocated for the purchase of specialized equipment for children’s emergency medicine and deserving health care of seniors.”

BEHEMOTH's Nergal: "The Majority Of Death Metal Bands From The USA Are So Generic And Boring "

Ghost Cult magazine recently conducted an interview with guitarist/vocalist Nergal of Polish extreme metallers BEHEMOTH. In which he says that a lot of United States-based death metal groups are boring--

The majority of Death Metal bands from the U.S.A are so generic, they all sound perfect. It is fast and technical but there is no substance. Bands forget about emotion when they strive for perfection. You should be driven by your intuition and not just be concerned with shredding on your guitar. Perfection is boring and uninspiring.

Interview with Threinody

Old school Thrash Metal legends Threinody formed in 1996, in the South Indian city of Bangalore. Threinody are an accomplished live band, renowned for their intense concert performances and captivating music. Threinody set out to create hard-hitting metal inspired by classic metal of 70’s and thrash metal of 80’s. The current line-up consist of guitarist Premik Jolly, vocalist and bassist Siddharth Naidu, and drummer Shreyas Kamath. Recently our team member Prithiv Chandar caught up with vocalist/bassist Siddharth Naidu for this little conversation regarding bands inception, upcoming album, future plans and many general things.

Prithiv: Hello Siddharth, how are you doing? Hope everything is fine with you, and how did you guys get an idea about forming a band during 90's? Were Indians.aware of Metal music those days?
Siddharth: Hi Prithiv, I’m doing fine, thanks! We formed Threinody in 1996. We were all aged 17-20, angry young men, and we identified with the aggression of thrash metal. There were metal bands in Bangalore before us…
Millennium, Crimson Storm, Vulcan Haze were the ones playing thrash metal. The fan following was smaller in those days, but pretty intense.

Prithiv: 'Threinody' what does that mean? How did you come up with such a name?
Siddharth: We named the band “Threnody”, but a few years later, when internet became more widespread, we realized that there 2-3 other bands called Threnody, so we altered the spelling slightly, and made it “Threinody” to avoid issues that might crop up. Threnody means a song of mourning or lamentation, and is derived from Greek. It’s a song that is heard when the bodies of soldiers are brought back from the battlefield. We came across the word in a dictionary, if I remember right.

Prithiv: Your music sounds exactly like bay area thrash, what were your influences when you formed the band? Did you guys have any personal hero?
Siddharth: I disagree with.you on that. Maybe you've heard certain songs of ours that remind you a bit of the Bay Area thrash sound. We are inspired by Bay Area, German and even Brazilian thrash like older Sepultura. We are also into bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Motorhead and Iron Maiden. When we formed the band, we were heavily into Metallica, Slayer, Kreator, Sodom, Sepultura, and even some.old school death metal. Each guy in the band has his own favourites, we don’t really hero-worship anyone.

Prithiv: This generation is way too young crowd for you guys, and how are their responses in general? And what's the response from them when you guys play?
Siddharth: There’s nothing like too young or too old, age is just a number. Most of the guys who dig Threinody would be in their late 20’s or early 30’s. We see a lot of young ones at our gigs too. We get messages from 15-16 year olds asking abou merchandise.

Prithiv: Metal has always been controversial, through decades and it has always been
mistaken in one way or the.other. So, do you have anything to tell this world about it?
Siddharth: Not really. I’m not here to defend metal or tell you how great it is. To each their own. But if someone tries their anti-metal bullshit on me, I’ll have none of that.

Prithiv: For the first time in India, Thrashfest is gonna be hosted, what's your views about it?
Siddharth: Thrashfest is a step in the right direction. I always felt thrash does not get due credit. It is a vibrant, lively form of metal that reminds you that you are alive, and actually has quite a bit of positive energy. It is one genre which in my opinion can be enjoyed by almost all metalheads, as it has elements of other metal genres. Personally, I feel "at home" when I listen to thrash. Fist bumps and chest thumps to the crew at Transcending Obscurity for finally organizing a thrash metal fest. It's going to be crazy, like some of the odes to thrash metal that you hear. Great to be sharing stage with Sceptre after so many years.Finally getting to see Devoid, liked their album "A God's Lie" a lot. Going to be fun cracking inane jokes with Riju and the Albatross guys. The Kolkata thrash brigade is going to rip it up for sure. Those Kolkata bands remind me of the late 90's metal movement in B'lore...pure energy and aggression. And of course, our brothers from down south, Chaos! It's going to be a fun, memorable show, and if you love your metal thrashy, then you better be there!

Prithiv: It was a great pleasure talking to you Siddharth. Thanks a lot for spending a little of your valuable time. We MS team wish you all the best in your future endeavors of the band and your personal life. Thanks! Cheers and keep thrashing!

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