Best Releases of 2017

On this year a lots of excellent metal albums invaded our ears once again and it’s time to name the greatest achievements of 2017.indeed this year is remarkable for metal music albums because a plenty of excellent,engrossing,spectacular,rich albums released.I’ll say on this year especially black metal albums slays though this year is excellent too for death metal,thrash & other genre albums . Basically I’ve focused on critical acclaim,creative progression, originality, songwriting prowess, technical achievements and many more dynamics. so,it’s kinda hard to sort out. well,here is my top listed albums,Demo,Ep,Split of 2017 from a vast checked out list. Though it's lengthy I’m pretty damn sure u’ll enjoy it.cheers.

Top Listed Albums :

1 Acherontas - Amarta (Formulas Of Reptilian Unification Part II)
2 Acrimonious - Eleven Dragons
3 Ad Cinerem - Shadows Of Doubt
4 Akercocke - Renaissance in Extremis
5 Almyrkvi - Umbra
6 Altarage - Endinghent
7 Aosoth - V The Inside Scriptures
8 Au-Dessus - End of Chapter
9 Auðn - Farvegir Fyrndar
10 Azarath - In Extremis
11 Bell Witch - Mirror Reaper
12 Belphegor - Totenritual
13 Bestia Arcana - Holokauston
14 Blaze of Perdition - Conscious Darkness
15 Blut Aus Nord - Deus Salutis Meae
16 Burial Oath- Beyond the Vale of Shadowlands
17 Contaminated - Final Man
18 Decrepit Birth - Axis Mundi
19 Der Weg Einer Freiheit - finisterre
19 Desolate Shrine - Deliverance From The Godless Void
20 Dodecahedron - Kwintessens
21 Draugsól - Volaða Land
22 Dying Fetus -Wrong One to Fuck With
23 Dynfari - The Four Days Of The Mind
24 Emptiness - Not For Music
25 Eternal Valley - The Falling Light
26 Excommunion - Thronosis
27 Execration - Return to the Void
28 Funeralium - Of Throes And Blight
29 Goatwhore - Vengeful Ascension
30 Hallatar - No Stars Upon The Bridge
31 Hate - Tremendum
32 Heresiarch - Death Ordinance
33 Heretoir - The Circle
34 Immolation - Atonement
35 Impureza - La caída de Tonatiuh
36 Incantation - Profane Nexus
37 Inferno - Gnosis Kardias
38 Inverted Matter - Detach
39 Kadaverdisciplin - Death Supremacy
40 Kafirun - Eschaton
41 Kawir - Exilasmos
42 Kreator - Gods Of Violence
43 Lantern - II Morphosis
44 Maat - Monuments Will Enslave
45 Merrimack - Omegaphilia
46 Necroblood - Collapse Of The Human Race
47 Necrowretch - Satanic Slavery
48 Nephilim's Howl - Through the Marrow of Human Suffering
49 Nightbringer - Terra Damnata
50 Nokturnal Mortum - Істина
51 Ofermod - Sol Nox
52 Ophis - The Dismal Circle
53 Pallbearer - Heartless
54 Phrenelith - Desolate Endscape
55 Raventale - Planetarium
56 Rebirth Of Nefast - Tabernaculum
57 Rur - Rûr
58 Saqra's Cult - Forgotten Rites
59 Scale the Summit - IN a World of Fear
60 Sentient Divide - Sentient Divide
61 Septicflesh - Codex Omega
62 Shaarimoth - Temple of the Adversarial Fire
63 Shibalba - Psychostasis _Death Of Khat
64 Slow - V - Oceans
65 Solbrud - Vemod
66 Spectral Voice - Eroded Corridors Of Unbeing
67 Suffering Hour - In Passing Ascension
68 Suffocation - ...Of The Dark Light
69 Svart Crown - Abreaction
70 Svartsyn - In Death
71 Tchornobog - Tchornobog
72 The Chasm - A Conscious Creation from the Isolated Domain - Phase I
73 The Great Old Ones - EOD_ A Tale of Dark Legacy
74 The Ominous Circle - Appaling Ascension
75 Triumvir Foul - Spiritual Bloodshed
76 Ulsect - Ulsect
78 Undergang - Misantropologi
79 Vallenfyre - Fear Those Who Fear Him
80 Vampire - With Primeval Force
81 Vassafor - Malediction
82 Venenum - Trance of Death
83 Vesicant - Shadows of Cleansing Iron
84 White Ward - Futility Report
85 Whoredom Rife - Dommedagskvad
86 Wiegedood - De Doden Hebben Het Goed II
87 Wode - Servants of the Countercosmos
88 Wolves in the Throne Room - Thrice Woven
89 Wormwood - Ghostlands - Wounds From A Bleeding Earth
90 Ziggurat - Ritual Miasma

Top Listed EP,Split and Demo:


2 Aversio Humanitatis - Longing For The Untold

3 Arkhon Infaustus - Passing the Nekromanteion

4 Ars Magna Umbrae - Through Lunar Gateways

5 Cultum Interitum - Sorgspell

6 Clouds - Destin

7 Cult of fire - Untitled

8 Devouring Star - Antihedron

9 Extremity - Extremely Fucking Dead

10 Fides Inversa - Rite Of Inverse Incarnation

11 Forteresse - Récits Patriotiques

12 Greytomb - Monumental Microcosm

13 Midnight Odyssey - Silhouettes Of Stars

14 Onirik &Grimfaug - MMXIV-MMXVI

15 Oranssi Pazuzu - Farmakologinen

16 Schammasch - The Maldoror Chants - Hermaphrodite

17 Svartidaudi - Untitled

18 Thy Darkened Shade - SAATET - TA APEP

19 Väki - Kirous

20 Archgoat - Eternal Damnation of Christ

Published by Souvik Basu. Dated - 29/12/2017

Psycho Pass Crown Sign Management Deal With GlobMetal Promotions

Japanese Melodic Death Metal band Psycho Pass Crown has inked a worldwide management deal with GlobMetal Promotions. Last year the band released their debut EP "Revenge For The Revenge", that was recorded at "Penta Studio" and mix/mastered by Takamine Yuuki.

John Steel released new album

Bulgarian Heavy Metal band "John Steel" together with Doogie White (EX Rainbow) released their new album Everything or Nothing. The album was recorded/mixed by Konstantin Raidovski and mastered by Gospodin Gospodinov.

John Steel was formed in April 2007 at Plovdiv, Bulgaria by Ivan Stalev (gutar) and Jivodar Dimitrov (drums). In 2014 they released their debut album Freedom with the ex - Iron Maiden vocalist Blaze Bayley.

The Prophet released new video

Russian Melodic Death Metal band The Prophet released their new video “Blackword” from the upcoming album. The video was was filmed by ADV-UNION FILM and mixed/mastered by Infernal Records.

SPIRALLER released new single

The temptation of see the the end of the world and the humanity, are all part of the new single  «Синдром» from Saint Petersburg Industrial Metal band "SPIRALLER". The main hero of the song, fight with the darkness in the world and the lies people till each other, and in the end find his salvation in the loneliness. 

Цар Стангра signed with GlobMetal Promotions

Bulgarian Pagan/Folk Metal band Цар Стангра has inked a worldwide management deal with GlobMetal Promotions. The band released their debut full-length album "Небесният ковач" on May 2017. Album was recorded/mixed and mastered by Antoine Baril (Augury) at Hemisphere Studio.

Цар Стангра was formed in 2007 by Stanislav Stefanovski . It started as a solo project until 2014, when new members joined forces with a new vision: Making an original combination of black metal and Bulgarian folk music to spread Bulgarian culture through metal. In the year of 2015, the band released two demos. With the second demo, the band was featured as “Band of the week” in a couple of underground black metal forums and discussion groups.

Album Review : - Blaze of Perdition - Conscious Darkness

The obsession with anything outre is not exactly a novelty in the metal scene, but occasionally it will assume a much more complex and nuanced dimension owing to musicians who insist on addressing such topics with utmost maturity and profundity. Numerous bands have created albums based around their own ideas that take insight from creative writing, but few bands will dedicate the entire span of an album to relevant interpretation of the belief With the emergence and escalation of the novel and notorious tendency. Blaze of Perdition are, and have always been, a cut above the rest. Spawning from the depths of Occultism, Philosophy, Chaos, Knowledge the newest record from orthodox black metallers Blaze of Perdition - Conscious Darkness. Poland has become a hotbed for quality black metal artists. Blaze of Perdition is simply supreme masters of the Polish extreme metal and return with another new studio effort on this year. This one even heavier and more aggressive than the previous one.Blaze of Perdition this Polish group married the ritualistic fury of esoteric,occult black metal with a creeping dose of mystical,ominous,sinister madness. The atmosphere and tightly plotted albums were based on mystical, occult, incantation while still employing their own take on black metal.

On this year Lublin based Polish black metallers Blaze of Perdition Unveiled their fourth full length opus on this year entitled “Conscious Darkness” via Agonia records with 43:03    min running time along with hellish,skin-ripping artistry. This new album consist with 4 tracks . Blaze of Perdition was formed in 2004. Now I am straight going to the point about this new album .
When at first checked out their manifestation I was overwhelmed and track sounds so authentic,ferocious,mature from then I was clinched that I have to check this whole material for sure and this would be savage beast. Blaze of Perdition delivers distinctly experimental, atmospherically evil,vivid,horrifying form of black metal.This bands each and every musician did fantastic job on this album in radiant way and It’s really great when your high hopes are not misplaced. This whole album reflects the grand diversity of sound brought together on this album . It is really not easy to describe their musical style . A natural synthesis of dissonant sounds and disparate styles all combined in one bold, enlightened display of unbound creativity Despite the often crushing,fast ,furious,cacophonous black metal assaults with a lots of segments of slower tempo too where Blaze of Perdition combines a atmospheric, mysterious, introspective passages with cavernous drum thrashes, melodic guitars and those effective rasps.

well,their latest incantations opening track is “A Glimpse of God” . This track starts with slow build and eerie chanting vocal but quickly the song returns to the sonic assailment and the musical style transformed into a whirlwind of guitar noise laced with aggression,deliberate cadence and progression seasonings supporting the likewise duo vocals drown a bit in the almost unhuman-like drumming, although this evolves to a more dynamic sound on the rest of the album. The music combines malevolent atmospheres with occult stylings to create a masterpiece of supreme black metal art and truly manages to mix trauma with fear, anger, embodying the most grim atmospheres that we could ever experience. Their whole composition and musical style is impeccable also borrow great atmosphere with sour ,dissonant riffs work .This new albums whole compositions are extremely filthy and unsettling piece of sinister,grim euphoria and unearthly ambiance . “Conscious Darkness” commences chronologically invigorating and destructive. Their distinct entity infused me by a lot . Their musical style have a quite soft and smooth edge which adds to the more atmospheric,unique kind of black metal but at the same time the vocals and other parts of the riffing is straight forward brutal,ferocious simultaneously . Honestly, after a multiple listen this album just blew me away with their ethereal abyss,multi-dimensional,the multi-layered,ominous musical style . Each musicians have exudes tremendous,cohesive effort on this album with excellent diligence and nailed it .Blaze of Perdition really does the trick for the atmosphere is the overall murky,mysterious, Juxtapositions of darkness and light, misty sound that comes from the music. I highly cite and embrace this album .

This album is filled with a slew of cadence, apocalyptic,pummeling, ominous,hellish, powerful riffs work . As well bass line up is whopping,intense,strong ,rumbling, slithering . Drumming,percussion line up is bleak, frantic,solid,clattering and powerful . The guitars are solely focused on creating a grandiose atmosphere, but predominantly rely on walls of sound and swerving rhythms.In each track morbidly delicious,macabre,soaring,dark eerie,ghastly riffs,bass lineups matched in well manner .This whole albums sound deliver a dissonant,grim feeling,sinister,melancholic,gruesome black metal with raw emotion and pure energy . “Conscious Darkness” endures beauty of black metal . This album indulge strong songwriting and brilliant musicianship . This album have a hypnotic effect on the listener . Vocals decently large voice that does well for Blaze of Perdition. Especially his menacing and hoarse voice are excellent . Vocals howling scream,immense,deep rasps ,serene chanting voice emerged on this album in a well manner adds a thick murky sound and intertwined perfectly with their utterly spellbinding,obtuse,bizarrely arrogant, mysterious,fully blistering black metal,distant musical style with a lots of melodic,atmospheric accompaniment and embedded perfectly . Their sound,musicianship is absolute prime, with every song unleashing a seething torrent of scalding dissonance and insidious melody, scorching distortion, and barbaric, blasphemous invective, all of which combine to produce an overarching atmosphere of creeping, crippling dread. Overall you will get sinister,gloomy,desolate,mysterious ambient from this whole album . This new opus is a layered and multifaceted slab of blackness, one that is rich in emotive material and affecting moments and emanates passion, suffocating darkness and death.I really worship this band.

Each song have an energy ,fluency and draw a savage landscape .Stand out tracks are all of them .Every song, every hellish, skin-stripping riff and vile vocal incantation, is delivered with the righteous fury and unwavering conviction of the true believer. I personally Cherish A Glimpse of God, Ashes Remain, Detachment Brings Serenity. Vision of the album cover is Pretty neat,solid,atrocious,grisly, macabre, gorgeously hideous. Overall “Conscious Darkness” whole album is Spectacular,engrossing ,significant and goes all the way through with a relentless rage from the beginning. Their music emanates passion, suffocating darkness and death. A band ahead of time, avant-garde for itself. “Conscious Darkness” is an immersive album, a very trippy fine art with a layered black metal that is wandering between harsh darkness to melancholic to a dense atmospheric fog. The sound has a depth to it, that with brief distortion. This album sounds so authentic and a truly remarkable sonic journey from beginning to end . Indeed this album is such an true gem of this year . The production is absolutely impeccable,capable of handling both the massive atmospheric and gargantuan heft.Outstanding another one release of this year so far .“Conscious Darkness” is shattering culmination in black metal evolution. The Polish bruisers still possess all the necessary skills and hard-won experience to put younger,newcomer challengers in their place.With "Conscious Darkness", Blaze of Perdition writes another chapter in their book of successive masterpieces. "Conscious Darkness" is the band’s most refined and comprehensive distillation of the blackened essence yet combining atmosphere, melody, harsh aggression and avant-garde sophistication of supreme blackened art. If you looking for something different, epic this album will take you on a sophisticated and weighty black metal journey into another universe where music has the power to transcend the spoken word.

My Rating - 4.9/5  Review done by - Souvik Basu. Published on 21/11/2017

Söthis released «Trails of Blood»

American Brutal Death Metal band Söthis released their debut EP «Trails of Blood». The EP was recorded and mixed  at "Impulse Recording" by Nick Kauffman.

Söthis was formed in 2015 at Oakland, California by Ivan Peric, Mitchell Tom, Paul Olsen and Joey Bartlett after meeting them at a local "Death to All" tribute tour. This days the band is working on their debut album that will be released next year.

OZZY OSBOURNE Says ZAKK WYLDE's Guitar Playing 'Is Unbelievably Good Now'

Ozzy Osbourne was interviewed on the September 6 edition of SEX PISTOLS guitarist Steve Jones's radio show, "Jonesy's Jukebox". You can now watch the chat below. A couple of excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).

On the end of BLACK SABBATH:

Ozzy: "[It's] done. Over. I've been solo thirty-five years. It wasn't like it was the breakup of the century. One thing I'm happy about is we're all friends at the end of the day. But I'm glad to be back on my own. I [only] have me to answer to now."

On the differences between playing with BLACK SABBATH and performing solo:

Ozzy: "I'm just Ozzy. I just do what I do. BLACK SABBATH is a completely different thing. On my own, I'm all over the place, but with SABBATH, I'm just a singer with a band called BLACK SABBATH. Now on my own, I can choose what I wanna do myself. It's just fun."

On playing with guitarist Zakk Wylde again:

Ozzy: "We've just done a few gigs. We're doing one every month. But his playing is unbelievably good now. I hadn't played with him in a band situation for quite a while now, but I'm on stage with him and my jaw drops. He's so fast now!"

An Interview with Se Ho Know of Monster league

Hello Sung-a Cho, welcome to MetalheadSpotted Magazine 
Hello. My name is Cho Sung-a. Nice to meet you. 

Tell us more about the band’s history and how you met with other guys? 
Monster league has founded at 2012. Vocalist: Cho Sung A and Drummer: Seho have been played for heavy metal bands-Madam Miryo, Silent eye since 2001. We have met Guitarist: Kim tae in and Park Chan gyu introduced by a friends. Finally, One of power bassist : Oh Ui Hwan who was friend of Kim tae in joined our band. We released single albums - The Dark Hero(2013), Tower of Babel(2013) and EP album - I saw the Devil(2016) 

What bands influence the most on the band style? 
We are heavily influenced by Judas Preast. Besides, a lot of powerful heavy metal bands - Metallica, Helloween, Children of Bodom, Iron maiden ETC - are affected to us. I think those are pervaded our music.

In 2016 you released your debut EP “I saw the Devil”. Tell us about the writing process  
When we make a song, one of our member gives us unfinished. Then, others flesh out the line of there part. All of our songs are made by these method. The albums are recorded in Tomato studio at Seoul, Korea. Mixing and Mastering are performed same place. It is need to tell the story of our music. We hate some evil things. Brutal crime -like a murder, rape- make us angry. We can not punish the criminals by hands. But we can play the music to express our crazy angry. So when we write songs, heinous crimes are used by motivation. 

How the EP has been welcomed in the world? 
After the release GlobMetal Promotions(GMP) contacted by chance at our SNS. They told us that GMP want to promote Monster League because of our music and possibility. At that time, we strongly want to show new album to many people. We thought that GMP will be a good partner for promotion. So, The GMP and Monster League contract immediately and Our music spread all over the world. 

So this is the reason why you choose to work with PR-companys
As I said, GlobMetal is a global promotion company for Rock/Metal musician. They have various program to promote their bands. I think they are working hard for bands. That is the reason why we choose them for promotion company. 

Good luck! Thanks for the interview! Any last words for our readers? 
I really want to play our music in front of you. Good luck, God bless you, Thank you.

An Interview With Ferdrian Smith of Third Reich

Good mourning guys. Lets start with something simple - what do you have for breakfest?
I take eggs with ham for breakfast, or sometimes a cup of tea with biscuits , depending on the mood.

Tell us about the band and how it was formed
The band was formed in a city called Leon, in Mexico. Influenced mainly by Old School Thrash Metal Bands. I was already in a band before forming Third Reich but I didn't share the same interests with them, they didn't take it professional so I decided to make a band with a better defined sound and after several months ,I, along with Dave the drummer, consolidated a first line up.

 As the new album, “Degeneration” was released 4 months ago. How can you describe the album and what does make it different from all the others you've made before
I think, what makes Third Reich different is the sound, Keeping this Old School scent that make  people go crazy. I consider this very first album a very nice piece, rough and loud, we put what we love in this album and that is Thrash Metal.

Your album was released on "Kunak Records" and promoted by "GlobMetal Promotions". What can you tell our readers about thouse guys, and why you choose to work with them
Yes, we had recorded a live session video at Kunak Records and we loved the quality they work there with, so we decided to record our first album there. They're very professional and helped us get our sound, the Third Reich sound.
They guys from GlobMetal Promotions have been doing an outstanding work on promoting this album on every Metal site and radios. Very professional and visionary guys that support metal bands. We decided to work with them too to promote this project , to get to more people and it has worked!

What about the people who download your albums on the Internet? Do you think is it good or bad?
Well, that's a hard one, we are aware that downloading the songs through YouTube for example, is not the best way but we cannot help it , we love that people get to know us , listen to us and like our material.

What your fans should expect from the band in 2018?
We have lots of plans and projects for the next year, we are already working on our second production which is coming rougher and louder! You're really going to love this new sound we are working on.

Thanks for the interview! Any last words you wanna pass to your fans and our readers?
Thank you very much for getting in contact with us! We do appreciate the time you put for these questions
We also appreciate the fans out there who have been supporting us, we truly thank them all, let's keep supporting this new metal scene!

DAVE GROHL Feels Like An 'Alien' In TRUMP's America

Dave Grohl has opened up about how the current political climate has influenced his lyrics on FOO FIGHTERS' new album, "Concrete And Gold".

Speaking to U.K.'s Kerrang! magazine, the former NIRVANA drummer said that he is deeply concerned about the future of his country now that Donald Trump is president, particularly as it relates to the dismantling of environmental protections, hostility to women's rights and a lack of an effective and sound international diplomacy.

"I look at all of the different periods of time where I've written lyrics, and they all have their own references and different phases," Grohl said. "This one came out pretty clear: I'm a father now, I have to consider a lot more than I used to, and I think I've realized we're not all as free as we were before.

"In every way. I mean, as the political arena started heating up in America before the elections, it became clear that there was so much more threatening all of our lives than I'd considered before."

Grohl continued: "I'm looking at a candidate that has blatant disregard for the future environmentally, when it comes to women's rights, diplomatically… I have three daughters that are going to survive me for decades — how are they going to get on unless there's some positive and progressive change?"

FOO FIGHTERS' ninth album, "Concrete And Gold", will be released September 15 worldwide on Roswell/RCA.

An Interview With Ben Sollberger of Age Of Disclosure

Good mourning , welcome to MetalheadSpotted Magazine. Lets start with something simple - what do you have for breakfest? :)

Hi there! Normally, I just drink some coffee and have a yogurt or two for breakfast.

Tell us about the band and how it was formed

First I want to mention that Age of Disclosure is not a band, but a project. The beginning of it dates back to spring 2015, when I had the idea to professionally record some of the many songs I'd written in the past ten years. Bass player Adriano Troiano (Distant Past, ex-Emerald) soon joined the project and with his big expertise helped me to plan the recordings. We were then happy to win different gifted vocalists for the project, namely Orlando Skrylls (Skrylls, ex-Draven), Jvo Julmy (Distant Past, Lucid Dreaming, ex-Emerald), Roman Burri (No Reward, ex-Scream your Name), and Syn Schütz (The Hunt, ex-Draven). Last but surely not least, Buddah Craven (Underskin, ex-Acidcell) gave his okay to play the drums on To the Universe.

As the new album, “To the Universe” was released 3 months ago. How can you describe the album and what does make it different from all the others you've made before

As I have mentioned before, Age of Disclosure is a project and not a band – I have made albums with different bands before, but this is my first project effort. I would describe the album as a richly varied collection of songs – not only due to the four different vocalists that can be heard on it: No matter if you look for „good old“-heavy metal songs, tracks with a thrash or a hard rock vibe, a power ballad, or even an instrumental, you’ll find it on To the Universe. In this sense, our debut reflects the diverse musical influences of myself and the other musicians, ranging from bands such as Iron Maiden, Queensrÿche, Metallica, Savatage, Megadeth, Iced Earth, Killswitch Engage, Fates Warning, Alice in Chains, to Kiss or the Scorpions.

Your album was released on "Kunz Soundcorp" and promoted by "GlobMetal Promotions". What can you tell our readers about thouse guys, and why you choose to work with them 

Tek Kunz is the owner of "Kunz Soundcorp" and he is a good friend of mine. We played in different bands together. When I planned the release of To the Universe I asked him if I could publish the album under his label because he is a very reliable guy and he also helped me to choose the songs we recorded for the album. He luckily likes the album very much.  A few weeks after To the Universe was released, I got a message from "GlobMetal Promotions" – they offered me to help me promote the album. Since we have no gigs with Age of Disclosure (which I think is very important if you want your music to be spread) I thought it was a good idea to let "GlobMetal Promotions" help me doing that. Kostya from "GlobMetal Promotions" is a very kind and also reliable guy, so I really enjoy working with him! 

What about the people who download your albums on the Internet? Do you think is it good or bad?

I have a full-time job as a teacher and music is my big hobby, so luckily I don’t have to rely on making money with my music. So I don’t care if people download my music for free. But there are many bands out there who try to live out of their music, and I think that people should actually buy their music.

What your fans should expect from the band in 2018?

With the help of my friend Adriano Troiano, I am currently working on songs for the next album. We have planned to see at the end of this year what we have in the bag and then choose the songs we will be recording in 2018. I would say to the second album will be finished around spring 2019.

Thanks for the interview! Any last words you wanna pass to your fans and our readers?

Yes – we all know that the music market is oversaturated with lots and lots of good music, so I really want to thank all the people who check out Age of Disclosures music! If you like traditional heavy metal (but with a modern sounding / intense production), I think that is not the worst idea ;-).

Album Review :~ Slow - V - Oceans

I enjoy prototypical brooding doom band. When some one tells you about atmospheric funeral doom metal at first a delineation will click automatically in your imaginary such as excruciatingly slowly,pulchritudinous heavy, eschew crushing, bleakest, most hauntingly beautiful, graceful, downtuned, slow motion soundscapes of drifting, floating, dreamlike music, moving in gentle transitions to vaguely shifting perspectives of mood. Feel yourself decay, gaze helplessly, thoughtlessly as the preternaturally odious head over the horizon, blotting out the last scarlet gasps of a moribund sunset, looming over the eerily tranquil and temperate ocean like an antediluvian menhir - massive, silent, mysterious and unspeakable journey, alone in a darkened room, lighting a few candles, unsealed some good wine and settling in for an uninterrupted hour of beauteous funeral doom sound driven by feelings and thus creates immense power and resonate overpowering as it is a purely exquisite voyage of yielding passion. That's probably just me and my definition of depression. While some excellent ,unique band attempting to sell their flavor of the month band to potential listeners, there are some that simply exist outside of pre-existing molds. Some challengers exist, such as Slow, a phenomenal addition to the Funeral doom metal roster. It's difficult to imagine, but "V - Oceans" surpassed than their previous work and moved Slow to the whole new level with their something absolutely new and unimaginably great music level. The geographical shift in the propagation of funeral doom metal has changed drastically over the past three decades. Slow unveiled their fifth full length album entitled “V - Oceans” in the middle of previous month with 55:13 min running time along with morose, forlorn but heavy as fuck doom with more sadness and pathos than you can stand and you will definitely feel oppressed. Mixing funeral doom metal with atmospheric,gloomy vibe was their forte. New album is filled with more unearthly, astounding,critical acclaimed,heavy, claustrophobic misery ,enigmatic melodies.This new album is consist with 5 tracks. Basically Slow was formed in 2007. For those not familiar with this musical entity, Slow is the brainchild and solo project of funeral doom master Deha from Clouds, Imber Luminis, Maladie, Merda Mundi etc. Easily Slow became one of my favorite atmospheric funeral doom metal band with their mystique and epic musical style . now I’m straight diving to the point about this new album .

This new studio efforts whole compositions showcased such power and emotion conveyed throughout the duration. This album embrace of the most beautiful of deaths. Monstrous lead voice rumbles deep in passing observations and recollections of forgotten memories, accompanied by a choir of ghostly angels soothing the sorrow of fading light that signals the end of experience in a world incapable of sustaining its illusionary promise of an ideal state of beauty and truth and a painful realization from which this music sleepily drifts away. This is truly a beautiful, wondrous piece of music , very organic and is constantly in motion along with your feelings, emotion. When I was spinning their latest studio effort for the first time I was overwhelmed, invaded my ears and this album sounds so authentic,mature and truly epic. This is triumphant sophisticated,spine-chilling atmospheric funeral doom metal. Deha himself banishes all our doubts regarding the genre describing the music of "V - Oceans" and putting particular emphasis on the first word and rekindle my endless love  for atmospheric funeral doom metal. I cherish his unsurpassed quality,ability and skill along with tremendous effort portrayed in this album in radiant way with excellent diligence and nailed it. After a multiple listen their debut studio effort  infused me with  their unabating, powerful, overarching, chromatic, multi-layered ,ultra-dense,monolithic, heart wrenching, sorrowful funeral doom metal just  blew me away . Their musical style have a hypnotic effect and especially more atmospheric kind of funeral doom metal but at the same time the soundscape bring on sensations of crushing depression and evoke feelings of desperation making for a very dynamic performance.

This whole album reflects the grand diversity of this album.  A natural synthesis of mournful sounds and disparate styles all combined in one bold, enlightened display of unbound creativity. Easily this whole album hooked me up with it’s vocals filthy, crushing voice and their doom laden, deep,unrelenting, melancholic, sorrowful, distant musical style with marvelous, exquisite piano works and builds layers of melancholy through high reverb along with slow tempo. Their musical style avoid themselves falling into the usual funeral boredom. "V - Oceans" fueled by an immediately convincing, weeping riff and an equally gripping bass line also it flows effortlessly and though the music is pretty dirgey. They manage to shift tempos just at the right moments to keep things rolling along like a grim parade. The kind of music that swells the heart even as it rips with a sorrow and loneliness and music is so emotional you can almost see the individual notes break down and cry. I highly appreciate and embrace this album.

This album is filled with a slew of delicate, whopping, intense, slow but powerful , heavy riffs work .In each track breathtaking, rumbling, filthy, soaring riffs,bass lineups matched in well manner with mournful sounds are rightly used as an additional uncanny harmonic layer laced with dazzling, epic, exquisite piano laden melodies. The album carries with it an aura that is austere, melancholic, bereft of sunlight but one that above all excels at comprehensively nailing the listener into place and fixing his mind on the subject matter. A grand manifestation of melancholy. This album indulge strong songwriting and brilliant musicianship. Vocals howling scream, hoarse , inhuman , deep rasps , deep lung-burning roars, immense,large voice emerged on this album in a well manner and intertwined perfectly with their utterly  spellbinding, obtuse, melodic, doomy, fully blistering, grandiose, sorrowful, distant musical style in a well manner with a lots of atmospheric accompaniment, piano leads  and  embedded perfectly. Overall you will get  sinister, gloomy,desolate,mysterious ambient from this whole album. Some excellent, emotional stuff right here.

Each song have an energy ,fluency and magical quality. Stand out tracks are all of them . I personally cherish Aurore, Tenebres, Deluge, Neant, Mort tracks. Whoa!! did I mention all 5 tracks ?? Yes I'm pretty damn sure about it and all of them are splendid. Album artwork is precise, indelible . The production gives the music a powerful clarity, the atmosphere,drum propulsion and vibrant bass performance producing a non-stop surge of adrenaline. This new album displays their virtuosic performance and versatility with tremendous ability, skill and this one really makes sense and carries real emotions. Deha was always a great riff writer but these are some of his best yet. Always melancholy and somber, they flit between beautiful and crushing and maintain that delicate equipoise across the album’s length. Overall "V - Oceans" is equally wrist slitting with some truly unhappy lead riffs that smother whatever hope you may have squirreled away deep in the crevices of your dark heart. This album is is Spectacular,engrossing ,significant,rich and another terrific atmospheric piece that oozes despair, sadness and solitariness. The production is absolutely impeccable,capable of handling both the massive atmospheric and gargantuan heft. Slow manages to catch that grim atmosphere of Katharsis and the likes of that. After all, every event in our life that has to do with death has a profound effect on us, making us analyze and philosophize about our existence we are, unmistakably, both frightful of and intrigued by it. "V - Oceans" sets your mind alight, rather than your senses. This album sounds so authentic  and a truly remarkable sonic journey from beginning to end . Indeed this album is such an true gem. This is highly recommend to add it in your collection. If you are looking for  something different, epic this pure unadulterated black metal album is perfect. It makes me dream bigger, think harder, envision broader. 

My Rating – 5/5 Review done by – Souvik Basu . Published on 13.08.2017

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