Coshish is a Progressive Rock band from Mumbai, formed somewhere in 2007. The band believes that their music should have mass appeal and yet retain enough musical dexterity to appease technical musicians without compromising on simplicity.Their songs have a spiritual bent delivered beautifully through Hindi lyrics!

HUM HAI YAHIN (Official Music Video Produced By Nokia)

A collaboration between Nokia India, Universal Music India and Coshish, to create a music video that was completely shot on Nokia Lumia 1520

BHULA DO UNHEY (Official Music Video)
A continuation of the story from "Raastey" the first music video from "Firdous" Coshish's debut album, which also acts as a visual aid towards understanding the concept of the album.

-Mercy Thoras

Providence Released Their New Track 'Dante'

Providence, an old school groove metal band from Mumbai, have just released their new track 'Dante', with Vivek Bhatt of Asylum fame as their vocalist! He's a fucking beast out there! Reuben from Undying Inc did the artwork for Dante.

Go check it out on their Soundcloud -

Dark Helm Releases Their New Song 'Cairo', Settlement IX

Dark Helm from Pune have come up with an brutal new track 'Cairo, Settlement IX' from their upcoming album.

This has been their first release since their debut 'Persepolis'. The crushing riffs and vocals are catchy as fuck! And the new album is to be out soon! Watch out for it at 'Metalhead Spotted'

''When I started to write this song, my main goal was bitchin. Mission accomplished.'' - Clinton.

" The new album is gonna be sick. All you guys will be searching for your jaws and I don't mean the fish". - Neeraj.

"This song is about a close friend of mine who got discarded from his family, for being a Unicorn." -  Shubhrayu.

- Piyush Ojha

Interview with Swallow the Dog.

 Hailing from Maryland,US Swallow The Dog are the Heavy Metal band which was formed in Late 2010. We caught up with the band for a little chit chat

Metalhead Spotted: Could you introduce yourselves to our readers?
Steve: My name is Steve Winebrenner I am the Drummer of Swallow the Dog a Metal Band from Maryland.
Rob: I’m Rob.
Greg: Greg. Bass guitar, vocals and samples.
Rez: I am the Rez man, play lead guitar and Vocals. I joined with Swallow The Dog in 2012.
Shawn: I’m Shawn Gell, guitar player for Swallow The Dog.  I’m a Project Manager for a Heavy Civil Contractor Contractor.

Metalhead Spotted: What bands influenced you to start your own band? Or better set, what is the reason behind your band’s existence besides the fact that you make good music?

Steve: Can’t really say that a band influenced me to start playing music I just started playing music.  My first Rock C.D.’s though were KISS Alive III, W.A.S.P. – The Last Command and Slayer - Reigning Blood. That is I guess more or less is what started me into my metal music playing. My mother actually took the W.A.S.P.  CD from me when I was in the 2nd grade due to its content but I bought another one.
Rob: My main influences span multiple genres.  I’m really into Classic Rock, Death Metal, Stoner Doom Metal.  I listen to a lot of classical, bluegrass, and believe it or not 70’s Lite Rock as well.  As far as the band’s exsistence, they were already in exsistence when I joined but the band was very different.  I actually thought that it was going to go in a completely different direction than what we ended up.  I had known Greg and “Rez” from the Baltimore death metal scene in the late 90’s.  Those guys were in a death metal band (Decimation) that shared gigs with my band (Severed Head).  So when they were brought aboard to join, I knew at that point that we were going to be playing something close to that style.  We were are very different band though when I joined with Steve and Shawn.  So I guess in my eyes stylistic diversity would be the reason behind the band’s existence in its current state.
Greg: Sepultura. I’m a huge Max Cavalara fan! We are all die hard metalheads, the band is our outlet and our release.
Rez: Slayer, Iron Maiden, Testament. To write real good Heavy music and to get our name out there.
Shawn: When I was very young probably about 8-10 my uncle introduced me to Iron Maiden, 666 the Number of the Beast to be exact, and ever since then I wanted to be in a band.

Metalhead Spotted: How did you come up with the name Swallow the Dog?

Steve: Swallow the Dog is what the south had to do after they lost the civil war. They had to pledge their allegiance to the Federal Government and it was a hard pill to swallow so they refered to it as “Swallowing the Dog”. I’ve always liked history especially American, Especially the Civil War.
Greg: Shawn came up with that one. It’s an old Confederate term that loosely translates to “Forced Allegiance”.
Shawn: Our Drummer, Steve, watches a lot of History Channel.

Metalhead Spotted: When was your first gig? Where was it? And how did each of you experience it?
Steve: It was at Fishhead Cantina and it was great. Lots of friends and family and future fans were there. Couldn’t imagine a better first gig.
Rob: I think our first gig was at the Fish Head Cantina in Arbutus, Maryland.  It was a multiple band show.  But we had a great turnout.  I’m not sure maybe it was about a year ago.  Maybe more.
Greg: FishHead Cantina in Baltimore. It reminded me how great our fans are, everybody came to support that night!
Rez: May 04, 2013 at Fishhead Cantina, went great. We packed the house, was a great first Swallow The Dog show.
Shawn: My first Gig was at a local firehall I was in a band called Infection, I played guitar along with my current drummer who actually sang. The interesting part about this is that Greg and Rez who play in the band now, also played that show in a band called Decimation. This was about 20 years ago.

Metalhead Spotted: You guys are soon to release your first self titled album, what is the concept of the lyrics?

Steve: The lyrics range from War to Drug Addiction, Drinking to Religion.
Greg: We try to use what we see in everyday life the good and the bad. From war and politics to drinking with your friends. We put a lot of thought into our lyrics. Not all blood and gore!
Rez: Some lyrics are War based, some have a story telling concept, and a Drinking song.

Shawn: For me all the Lyrics in the songs are in some way what at least one of us in the band has experienced in the last two years.

Metalhead Spotted: You have been a band for almost 4 years now, what was the weirdest thing you’ve experienced at a gig?

Steve: Rez Law. Our bad ass guitarist and one of our singers.
Rob: We played with this one band called Bag of Humans.  They are pretty badass, kinda like hardcore meets Miles Davis avant garde jazz.  They were in the middle of thier opening song and this guy in a hospital gown and a nylon over his head jumped on stage and grabbed a guitar and was jammin.  Didn’t realize that he was in the band at first and it totally surprised me.
Greg: I’ve seen Rez do some funny shit! We played a show in PA once and an unknown assailant filled half Rez’s beer with hot sauce! Stuff like that is what I remember.
Rez: Nothing too weird we played a show for the Pegans Biker Gang, some crazy shit went down that night.
Shawn: Well, technically the band has been around for about 4 years. The current line-up has only existed for about 2 years. It was originally our Drummer Steve, myself and a different bass player. Steve and I weren’t 100% happy with the outcome of the music, we wanted to go heavier. So I asked Greg Meleny from Decimation to do a guest spot on vocals for the song, 1000 Year Revenge I wrote, after that the rest is history. I think it would be a tie with two shows.. We once had a motorcycle tire burnout contest in the middle of our set at a biker show, and at another show we had a wing eating contest halfway through our set. Can you tell we like to play?

Metalhead Spotted: Are there any bands you’re into at the moment?

Steve: Sure. Nothing new really. I like Clutch and of course Slayer and Listen to a lot of Country actually.
Rob: I’m really into Amon Amarth, Electric Wizard, The Sword and Earthless right now.
Greg:  Whitechapel and The Faceless are SICK! I’ve been listening to old Obituary recently too, Cause of Death is fantastic!
Rez: Lamb of God and of course always Slayer - old School.
Shawn: I’m really digging Amon Marth, that band had some influence on 1000 Year Revenge when I wrote it 4 years ago. I’m also pretty big into Faceless, and Necrophagist. And I’m always into anything Iron Maiden.

Metalhead Spotted: Where do you see Swallow the Dog in a few years?

Steve: Everywhere, Hopefully everywhere. But I would be happy if we were still just playing together even locally. The guys are my brothers they are certainly my family and I love the music we make.
Rob: Still cranking out good music.
Greg: Hopefully still jamin’.
Rez:  Touring and playing in front of thousands of screaming fans. Signed by Relapse Records.
Shawn: I would like to see us getting signed to a label, and doing a European tour!

Metalhead Spotted: A message to your fans out there?
Steve: Thanks for all the support. We have the best fans and friends. There ain’t nothing like metalheads. We appreciate you guys, support local music and as always Stay Metal!

Rob: Thanks for tuning in!
Greg: Thanks to all our family and friends for the never ending support! Especially our Baltimore family who have been with us from day one!
Rez: To all of Swallow The Dog fans out there,  thanks to everyone that has been to all of our past shows and sticking with us, hope to see everyone out on tour soon.
Shawn: Thanks for all the support! Without you we are nothing! Check us out and give us a like on Facebook!

Interview by- Vivean Stoltz


GIG UPDATE: Entombed Metal Fest, Volume 5 (22-Mar-2013, Mumbai)

Mumbai’s ultimate metal concert, ENTOMBED METAL FEST is back with its 5th edition and as always, is inclined to set Mumbai on fire!Extreme Metal bands from across the country many of whom will be playing for the first time in the city ! The concert is set to take place on 22nd March, 2014 at Crazy Blue (Raghuleela Mall, Vashi) and promises to be atrocious!So do come and have a taste of brutality!

SHOCK THERAPY- Brutal/Slamming Death Metal from Hyderabad
Making their way to Mumbai for the second time will be Shock Therapy from Hyderabad.With various influences from genres like Brutal Death and Slam Groove the band tries to combine the elements required to give their own compositions an aura reflecting the lyrical themes based on the perverse nature of humanity! They enthralled everyone present at Meat Feast the last time and this time they promise much more!

Reptilian Death - Death Metal from Mumbai
Reptilian Death is one of Mumbai's oldest Death Metal outfit and have been in existence since 2001. RD will be making a comeback of sorts at EMF V and are all set to put on a mind shattering performance coupled with their mysterious stage act!The songs are a mix of death metal and grind core but contain the unusual element of humor which gives it a sort of spoof feel!

Escharified. - Death Metal from Hyderabad
Hyderabad based Death Metal outfit have been getting rave reviews for their live performances in their hometown and more recently at shows like Undergrind & Dis-Organized in Bangalore. The band is now all set to sodomize Mumbai with their live Warfare for the very first time.

GRiMMoRTaL - Deathcore from Mumbai
EMF 5 will mark Grimmortal's comeback to the live scene with their very new lineup! Get set to witness the band in a whole new avatar with a lot of surprises!

Wired Anxiety - Groove/Death from Mumbai
Wired Anxiety from Navi Mumbai will playing at EMF 5 after nearly 5 months since their last live show. Wired Anxiety believes in making original music explore various facets of life, spreading a message with a unique feel and ensuring complete annihilation at the same time.The last time they played was incidentally in Vashi itself and they literally destroyed everything that came up that day!

Primitiv - Stone Age Metal from Mumbai
Mumbai's newest Doom/Death Metal act will be playing their second show in their hometown at EMF 5. Get set to get a taste of "Stone Age Metal"

Elemental - Groove/Death Metal from Indore
Elemental from Indore have in the very recent past have been creating waves across the college competition scene across India and are all set to do the same at EMF 5!

WHERE – Crazy Blue, Raghuleela Mall, Vashi, Navi Mumbai (Opposite Vashi Railway Station)

WHEN – 22nd March, 2014

TIME – 4:30pm – 10:30pm

Early Bird – Rs 300 (Ticket booking form)
At the Gates – Rs 400 (Event Link)

 - Mercy Thoras

REVIEW: Church of Disgust - 'Unworldly Summoning'

CHURCH OF DISGUST is a new band from US and it doesn't come heavier than that. Here’s Death Metal coming from the bowels of the earth, reverberating through underground caves and bat-dwelling recesses, reeking of rot and evil. Think HELLHAMMER in the style of crushing early CYANIDE, mixed with the heaviness of GRAVE and early INCANTATION circa “Mortal Throne of Nazarene”. It’s stupendous.
There’s the trademark rocking grooves, but it’s so heavy, it’s like Kaijus moshing. There’s no frills here, just crushing Death Metal – the old school way but without any fancy lead-playing or sublime melodies, even though there are moments here there, but nothing quite enunciated and doesn’t need to be either. This is not that kind of Old School Death Metal. This is the ancient spirit regurgitated back to life in its vilest expression.
Unworldly Summoning” is the kind of album you play to scare the shit out of your friends – it’s the perfect introduction to Death Metal, without any pretension. This is real horror, channelled through the darkest of artworks reminiscent of “Altars of Madness” level of detailing, but expressed through a thousand kilowatts of power. CHURCH OF DISGUST is here to prevail- crush or be crushed.

Guest review for Metalhead Spotted by Kunal Choksi of Transcending Obscurity
Credits - Memento Mori 


Bangalore has long earned itself the title of  ‘Head-Bangalore’ , for all the right reasons, thanks to the contributions of bands like Millenium, Myndsnare, Thrienody , Kryptos to name a few. So much so, that it is now looked upon as the ‘Mecca of Indian metal’. Today i get the privilege of reviewing one such band named, ‘Theorized’ and their album ‘Psychosphere’.

Ever wondered what it would be like to be strapped up to a hospital bed, with your limbs cut off, and your mind frantically trying to regain it’s composure?? Welcome to the first track ‘Bound’. A fitting intro to your own demise. The next one ‘Unbound’ hits you right in the face like a club. It’s fast and grooves like a bastard! The last bit of this song  is so creepy, it might leave you scratching the wall with your nails. ‘Symbiote’, ‘ Genetic Variants’ and ‘Riptide’ only up the ante just when you start feeling you might have snapped something in your neck, as a result of the vigorous head-banging. There’s some commendable  song-writing and musicianship on display in these three songs. By now, you get a fair amount of clarity on the sheer skill and musical prowess Theorized hold. True to it’s image, the title track ‘Psychosphere’ doesn't disappoint. You simple surrender to the non-stop assault of riffs that hit you like shrapnel, only to eventually find yourself in a dead calm that has enveloped itself upon you without your knowledge. You only snap out of it during ‘Venomous Tormentia’ which sadly though is the weakest  link in the whole album, but somehow manages to make a lasting impact. Theorized are pretty cognizant of their strengths, but that doesn't stop them from taking an altogether different approach in their songs, as is aptly demonstrated in ‘Engines of Creation 1’ and ‘Engines of Creation 2’. Two songs which are awash with semi-techno samples and hypnotic voice-overs. The band ends the album with a 4:13 minute tornado of epic melodies entitled  ‘Psychoacoustic’, which has the trademark Morbid Angel  melancholia to it.

 As it stands, ‘Psychosphere’ is a robust consolidation of solos/riffs and most importantly, ballsy thrash which is hard to find in bands nowadays, that will leave your speakers  a quivering wreck by the time it reaches it’s epic conclusion. Metal like this is almost impossible to dislike!

Guest review for Metalhead Spotted by Aniket Waghmode of Sceptre


Hailing From North East UK Decrepit Monolith are the Black Metal Band formed in 2012. With influences from Gorgoroth, Marduk, Behemoth, early Dimmu and Cradle the band recorded their first studio album on September 2013, with a host of new tracks that show the progression of the band. Recently we caught up with the guitarist and the founder of the band Baal band for this little conversation

Metalhead Spotted: Would you please introduce yourself and your band members to our readers?
Baal: I am Baal – Guitarist with Decrepit Monolith a black metal band from the North of England. As well as myself the band is made up of: 
Drekovac – Guitar and Vocals
Erebus – Bass
Thave - Drums

Metalhead Spotted: The band started in 2012, what was the reason for starting Decrepit Monolith  and what are the origins of the name?
Baal: The bands was started after some time away from live music by myself, sometimes you need to stop and step back in order to regroup  and gather your thoughts. Decrepit Monolith is the result of that contemplation and to provide an outlet for our art. The band name is a symbolic representation of the crumbling mess that is organised religion, the sheer monolithic size and scope of religions such as the catholic church whose core values are eroding away and their very existence is being called into question.

Metalhead Spotted: In March 2013 you preformed with Blitzkrieg, how was the experience?
Baal: The Blitzkrieg show was actually our debut performance, we were approached by the band to open for them which for us was a huge honor. Despite the difference in musical styles it was a great show and we were well received by the fans, although I don’t think they were quite prepared for what they witnessed.

Metalhead Spotted: What inspired your corpsepaint and custom leather body armor?
Baal: The corpsepaint and body Armour are part of the live experience, it has always been our core belief that as well as the music the visual show should be just as intense.  We invest a lot of time and effort in our set and are constantly adding to the visual side, as well as the large crucifixes, chains and backdrops we are adding a new custom light rig and a few more items that we are keeping under wraps for now.

Metalhead Spotted:The 20th March Godless Sanctum will be released. What is the concept of the lyrics? Who handled the majority of writing?
Baal:The music is collectively written by the band as a whole. The lyrical content differs song to song with anti-religious undertones throughout. There are some exceptions to this in songs such as 120 Days which was inspired by the works of the Marquis de Sade which we released not long ago as a taster track, that is free to download too.

Metalhead Spotted: Decrepit Monolith will be touring Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Czech Republic and Romania, what can fans expect?
Baal: A bigger show in every  way, but if you want to find out you will have to come along and witness it for yourself, we can’t give too much away at this point but it will be insane.

Metalhead Spotted: Is there any members active in other projects at the moment?
Baal: Decrepit Monolith is a full time project and we put all our time into it. There would be no issues with anyone being involved in anything else but we all understand the our primary focus is Decrepit Monolith. 

Metalhead Spotted: Some of your influences include Marduk, Dark Funeral, Behemoth, Watain & Dimmu Borgir. Were there any bands that influenced you as well, or still inspire you in your music?
Baal: Between us we have a vast array of influences on personal levels that play into the band as a whole, we all listen to different styles and genres of music covering everything from death and black metal  to classical music and everything in between.

Metalhead Spotted:Are there any bands you newly discovered that you still listen to?
Baal: Blodsgard are a band that i recently discovered and their debut album Monument is incredible, they have a fantastic sound and style of song writing.

Metalhead Spotted:What is the inspiration behind the album artwork and stage props?
Baal: As I mentioned earlier the visual side of Decrepit Monolith is as important as the music and the stage props hep us deliver that experience, the props for our shows are also related to the music content such as the chains adorning the crosses showing the heavy burden and the ties that religion has over the blind masses.
The artwork for the upcoming EP also follows in that same vein and the images are themed around on the song ‘Angel in White’ which we are also shooting a video for. 
The model in the images Katie Metcalfe providing the perfect fit and feel for the EP.

Metalhead Spotted:Thank you for your time with this interview. A message to your fans?
Baal: Thank you, the support over the last 18 months has been fantastic and we hope to see you all again on the road this year.

Links are: Website || Facebook || SoundCloud || Contact

Interviewer: - Vivean Stoltz


If you ask me what’s the main difference between the genuine old school Death Metal bands from the 90's and the newer ones, I’ll say that nowadays bands are more to-the-point and don’t waste time, so they think, on winding song structures. The importance of build-ups isn't there, everything they want is that hook or that stomping part or that breakdown. It works only partly, partly because provided it’s done well, the music is more intense and relentless, otherwise it just fails to reach a crescendo and the music remains like a plateau.
Decomposed from Sweden plays in the traditional style of Death Metal, Swedish of course, and obviously there are influences from Carnage, Nihilist, Grave and Unleashed but it’s delivered with renewed force, like I've mentioned. In this band’s case, it works because the essence isn't diluted, the pace is faster, the tempos are thrilling, the madness is there – that’s something that wasn't always the case with the old bands. The melodies or hooks take a back seat but in its place are faster, more aggressive parts, making sure the momentum isn't lost. This is different from the modern-sounding Swedish Death Metal bands where they try and make it sound different by adding different elements, somewhat a contemporary, polished version, a contrived effort, but ‘Devouring’ is not that. It reeks of authenticity even though the band is recent, the scope is there, the vision is ambitious, recreating the old magic but cutting out the chanting bullshit.
The artwork is breathtaking, the atmosphere the music exudes is special as well, in fact I prefer these to the so-called “dark” and contrived efforts by newer bands playing old school music these days. It’s to-the-point, riffing has substance and depth as well, and goes straight for the jugular. If you’re looking for some modern (sic) old school Death Metal, look no further than Decomposed.

Guest review for Metalhead Spotted by Kunal Choksi of Transcending Obscurity
Credits - Memento Mori 


Threinody has been around since over a decade, it’s one of India’s premier Thrash Metal bands and to celebrate the band’s comeback of sorts, it has decided to release a single titled Surrender to the Blade. Normally I don't do reviews of singles unless it’s special but Threinody is a special band, its music is what should set standards for bands over here instead of looking for mindless breakdowns throughout. Coming to the point, it’s one hell of a song. It’s got old school written all over it and I couldn't be happier. It’s most reminiscent of early Overkill material crossed with some Teutonic Thrash Metal a la Kreator and a bit of Destruction. One song is not enough to pigeonhole a band’s influences because clearly the band has the chops to do more, a full length is in the works and I can't sleep until it’s out. Summing things up, this is a song about a demented surgeon of sorts and the band has even released a special T-shirt to commemorate the same. It’s bound to stick in our heads with an irresistible fervor that it possesses, not to mention the vicious and ultra-sticky hook. The vocals are not over-the-top and serve the purpose reasonably well, although the genre has progressed to bear witness to a more violent expression. The soloing is beautiful and I wish the band indulges in more of that, eschewing the Groove/Metalcore influences that most bands have resorted to, including Sceptre. The production is clear and crisp but if I could criticize, it’s only that it sounds slightly passive when what’s the need of the hour is something more vitriolic. That’s all then, ultimately there’s just a song to whet your appetite for some good-intentioned old school Thrash Metal, proving that live as well as on record, the band has the balls and knack to dish out some highly potent music.

Guest review for Metalhead Spotted by Kunal Choksi of Transcending Obscurity 

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