Interview with Deadbolt

Deadbolt is a Thrash/Death metal band from Kolkata, India. They formed in 2013 when two pissed off guys met in a bar and figured out their similar influences and decide to jam. Deadbolt's music is a pure synthesis of accelerated tempos and bitty aggression. Recently we caught up with the band for this little conversation.

Metalhead Spotted: Greetings from Metalhead Spotted! When did things started
out to be serious for forming Deadbolt?
Deadbolt: Hello, thank you for spotting us! Mid 2013, when Nilabja and Rakesh were pretty pissed off, wanted to make
music, and had nothing better to
do! Soumick and Bob joined in soon after, and there you have it!

Metalhead Spotted: What kind of bands moved you recently in all the metal genres?
Deadbolt: Slayer! And umm, Slayer, yeah Slayer, that’s about it!

Metalhead Spotted: We believe that Thrashfest will
be your first appearance outside Kolkata. Can you share some excitable things regarding Thrashfest?
Deadbolt: We are stoked to be sharing stage with bands such as Chaos, Threinody, and
Albatross! Also looking forward to the journey with brothers from Armament!
And yeah our drummer Bob won’t be able to make it for this
one, so we’re gonna have an old friend joining us on stage.

Metalhead Spotted: On Thrashfest you are about to share stage with some indomitable acts.
Can you tell us about some emotional obstructions before you.
Deadbolt: This is our first gig outside and we are moving into hostile territories. We have.absolutely no clue as to how the crowd will react to Deadbolt. But we do believe in one thing, there can’t be a single metalhead out there who ain't gonna bang his/her head to a few ‘Tallica covers!

Metalhead Spotted: Well how are the jam sessions going over for Thrashfest?
Deadbolt: Pretty smooth. Not so sure about the setlist yet though!

Metalhead Spotted: So are there any new compositions coming up for Thrashfest?

Deadbolt: Oh yes! The lyrics and riffs are ready; we just need to sit down with the drums!

Metalhead Spotted: From where you guys frequently capture inspirations for writings?
Deadbolt: Every morning when we wake up and see the amount of shit this world is in, it inspires us a lot! Then there is our government, and the media, and people too blind to see.

Metalhead Spotted: What do you guys normally listen to in your spare time?
Deadbolt: Outside old school heavy/thrash/death, some blues, some country, a lil’ bit of rap, lots of things!

Metalhead Spotted: Are you going to release new EP or full-length in 2014? Any confirmations for another concert?
Deadbolt: We would love to, so if any record label guys are reading this, give us a deal motherfucker! As of now, no gigs after Thrashfest!

Metalhead Spotted: We thank you for your time. Do you have any words for your fans?
Deadbolt: Go out there and beat up the nearest politician you find! And burn the local police station!

Thank you for having us!

Interviewer : Akshay Gaikwad
Edited by   :  Mercy Thoras

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