Album Review :~ Inverted Matter - Detach

When it comes to death metal, I tend to lean towards the more traditional or old school approach. Too brutal or too technical and something gets lost. Crushing riffs, great solos, and evil as fuck growls, that’s what I love about death metal. There’s something to be said about a band’s aesthetic principles and how they tie into the music itself. Whether it be to capture the emotive principles or intellectual underpinnings of an album, a band’s imagery is undoubtedly an intrinsic component of how the music therein affects the listener. On occasion however, it can also signal a change in direction. A lot of modern death metal is shiny, flashy, and in addition, purely cutthroat.In the matter of metal music the underground is full of newcomers who bring enthusiasm and fresh ideas . In before death metal presented in various forms. Nowadays bands are experiment with their musical style continuously with candied old-school imitators. Death metal does not stagnate in a constant form. Some challengers exist, such as Inverted Matter, a brilliant addition to the death metal roster.
Italy based death metal band Inverted Matter bring their latest incantation entitled “Detach” in April,2017. This new album is consist with 9 tracks with 34:39 min running time. Basically Inverted Matter was formed in 2007 as Cyanide Christ. Later they have changed their name as Inverted in 2008. Again they have changed their name as "Inverted Matter" in 2016 and this bands founder member Andrea Tocchetto(Guitarist) and Gianluigi Giacon (Vocalist) changed their line up and include Michael Smith (Iniquitous, ex - Suffocation), Jason Nealy and LeoLang Wild. Now I am straight going to the point about this new album . 
This new albums whole composition,production is extremely filthy and relentlessly unforgiving .At first listen “Detach” floored me with their dreaded amalgamation which leads to a hammerin  Old School blunt force trauma with heavy riffs, hyped pedal thrusts.I was lookin for this type of harshest slabs of death metal.This whole album enthralled me with  their Unrelenting ,powerful,blasting ,overarching,chromatic, chaotic,rugged, critical acclaimed death metal sound  and dense  musical style and this new album rekindle my affection,obsession for death metal. This new studio effort reminds me early  era of Nile, Immolation, Hate Eternal,Morbid Angel. This bands each and every musician exudes tremendous effort in radiant way on this album with excellent diligence and nailed it. They have injected technical riffs works, dark and dirge vibes into aural bashing,furious,fast death metal with strangulated riffs work simultaneously that burns with oppressive fervor. I applaud this new addition and embrace them.
Their heavy,ultra-fast sounds and disparate styles all combined in one bold, enlightened display of unbound creativity. Despite the often fast ,furious,cacophonous, heavy and barbarous form of death metal assaults  laced with a lots of segments of mid-paced,fast tempo too where Inverted Matter combines intricate,tricky riffs work,vicious,dirge vibes with cavernous drum thrashes,aforementioned all  aspects  enriched this album that is very powerful,strong and excellent all at the same time along with a good  balance  of death metal music, melody and brutality with strangulated ,filthy,thick,groovy riffs work and those effective rasps simultaneously.
The beginning of the album is marked with an incredibly heavy piece that is 'The Mark'. The eerie, heavy intro rapidly turns into what Inverted Matter are about - we are introduced to onslaught of extremely aggressive musical delivery along with onslaught of savage guitar and a wall of spectacular drums with aggression,deliberate cadence. Pacey, but at the same time technical drumming of Michael Smith strikes immediately after the intro is gone creating controlled havoc that is a signature move from veteran death metallers. Definitely more than a promising commencement of the release.From this new album we get ultra-fast, oppressive death metal. This album is filled with a slew of twisted , traversed ,chugging, groovy,intricate, blitzkrieg,menacing ,complex riffs line ups with brutal and technical prowess . As well bass line up is shifting, chaotic,distorted,rumbled and punchy . Drumming,percussion line up is pummeling,dodgy,punishing,frantic,blast beating  and rabidly insane . 
There are a slew of individual breathtaking ,subtle nuance,cadence,morbidly delicious, ominous  riffs,solo and drumming  sections which sound briefly something exotic . In each track intricate,spectacular  riffs,bass lineups matched in fantastic way with brutal and technical orientation . This album indulge strong songwriting and brilliant musicianship . Every instrument is clearly differentiated and represented excellently in each and every single track .Tempo changes are excellent and complicated . Vocals deep rasps, gruff growls , vigorous, crucial, immense , aggressive voice intertwined in a good manner with their utterly savage,merciless,onslaught,violent, grandiose , vitriol ,uncanny deeply rooted old school death metal sound with a lots of dark,dirge  accompaniment and embedded perfectly . I really worship this band.
Their latest efforts each song have an energy ,fluency and dominating power. Stand out tracks are all of them. album artwork is mystique,atrocious,indelible. overall " Detach" whole album is undeniable,precise,Spectacular,engrossing ,significant, elegant.This album is epitome of death metal. Inverted Matter have the misfortune of inheriting a genre that peaked, attracted infiltrators and imitators. This pure unadulterated death metal album is one of the best release of this year so far.From now I’ll Keep my eyes and ears peeled for news from the Inverted Matter camp in the near future. It doesn't reinvent what Inverted Matter is but it's a damn great example of what they are and always have been - technical, eerie, brutal, evil and downright essential. Inverted Matter fans need this, and those who haven't heard them before will find as good a starting point. Inverted Matter provide another unblemished addition to this collection with this complete masterpiece, and thus can be accredited with the contribution to this intriguing and thriving, if not overlooked movement within extreme metal music.
My Rating – 4.9/5 , Review done by Souvik Basu . Published on 28.05.2017

Album Review :~ Shibalba - Pshychostasis - Death of Khat

The obsession with anything outre is not exactly a novelty in the metal scene, but occasionally it will assume a much more complex and nuanced dimension owing to musicians who insist on addressing such topics with utmost maturity and profundity. The geographical shift in the propagation of black metal has changed drastically over the past three decades. The French and Germans also steadily outputting hundreds out worthy purveyors. Greece is currently spewing forth the most interesting mix of blackened acts. Athens, Greece has become one of the veritable hotbeds in the metal world, producing countless acts within all of the sub genres, especially black metal. Greece itself is known for producing black metal acts with an aptitude for dark atmospheres and a mild pompous flair. In the triumph of the occult and ritual Black Metal of the past few years, some bands lacked the necessary credibility. Numerous bands have created albums based around their own ideas that take insight from creative writing, but few bands will dedicate the entire span of an album to relevant interpretation of the belief With the emergence and escalation of the novel and notorious tendency. Among all of them another Greek purveyors of Meditative dark/trance/ambient/shamanic secret society Shibalba's latest studio effort "Psychostasis-Death of Khat" inaugurate the transparent alignment beyond death and the transcendence of the higher self. Their new incantation released via Agonia records, consist with 10 tracks with 53:03 min running time along with Pure horror enthroned and their special brand of ritual dark ambient which is invocation of the highest order. The atmosphere and tightly plotted albums were based on mystical, occult, incantation while still employing their own take on black metal.
Shibalba formed in 2009 . Shibalba is the brainchild and project of Acherontas V.Priest (Acherontas), Aldra-Al-Melekh (Acherontas, Devathorn) and Karl NE/Nachzehrer. When at first checked out their manifestation I was astounded and track sounds so authentic,dark,ritualistic from then I was clinched  that I have to check this whole material for sure and this would be cut above the rest. Finally When I was spinning their latest ritual for the first time I was overwhelmed, invaded my ears with their ritualistic, esoteric, shamanic musical essence and this opus is perfect to guide our subconscious individual to dream in ecstatic and exultant. This is triumphant sophisticated,spine-chilling atmospheric and filled with occult, arcane magic. Their musical style is saturated with the mysticism of the East. It's rich, detailed, multidimensional and  multi-layered with chanting and broadly defined elements of traditional ritual and shamanic music. They are given full reign of the rite, as the congregation watches the magnificence unfold. The dark entity seems to be fully invoked. Apart from contemporary synths and guitar drones, the band makes use of bones and skulls as percussion instruments, Tibetan horns, Tibetan singing bowls, bone and horn trumpets, darbuka's (goblet drums) as well as ceremonial bells and gongs.This bands each and every musician did fantastic job on this album in radiant way and It’s really great when your high hopes are not misplaced. This whole album reflects the grand diversity of sound brought together on this album . It is really not easy to describe their musical style . A natural synthesis of dissonant sounds and disparate styles all combined in one bold, enlightened display of unbound creativity Despite the often immensly powerful and emotive album that takes us through five realms of smoke and shadow.The sounds are vast and all encompassing, just as the subject matter suggests. A dark presence overtakes this ceremony, sounding as if it is swooping in and out of the arches, diving down into the pews of an ancient ceremonial chamber. Shibalba craft dark esoteric soundscapes that range from haunting transcendant pieces to sub-orchestral occult rituals.
well,their latest incantations opening track is “Psychostasis-Death of Khat” . This track starts with ecstatic, haunting, atmospheric sound along with serene chanting. Grim chants are recited as an unknown incantation.Distant sounds are heard that sound like the universe itself is shrieking at the realization of it's own existence. Their is an atmosphere of seriousness, Grim and intense. It seems to reverberate off the walls of this place of worship. This new albums whole compositions are unsettling piece of sinister,grim euphoria and unearthly ambiance . Their distinct entity infused me by a lot . Honestly, after a multiple listen this album just blew me away with their ethereal abyss,multi-dimensional,the multi-layered,ominous musical style . Each musicians have exudes tremendous,cohesive effort on this album with excellent diligence and nailed it .Shibalba really does the trick for the atmosphere is the overall esoteric,mysterious, Juxtapositions of darkness and light, misty sound that comes from the music. I highly cite and embrace this album .
This whole albums sound deliver a grim feeling, Spine-chilling, sinister,gruesome ritualistic black metal with raw emotion and pure energy . Deep synth strings coil underneath like twin serpents as various atmospherics build and burst in a flood of esoteric energy.This album indulge strong theme and brilliant musicianship . This album have a hypnotic effect on the listener . Vocals raspy whispers and chants that does well for Shibalba. The vocals are obscured and wondrous. The abyss howls and moans as the whispers persist. Their sound,musicianship is absolute prime, with every song unleashing a seething torrent of insidious melody, magic of alchemy, cryptic matters and arcane secrets. Overall you will get sinister,gloomy,desolate,mysterious, occult, ritualistic ambient from this whole album .I really worship this band.
Each song have an energy ,fluency. Stand out tracks are all of them .Every song is delivered with the righteous, boldly fascinating magic, occult, spiritual forces and unwavering conviction of the true believer. Vision of the album cover is Pretty neat,solid,atrocious,grisly. Overall “Psychostasis-Death of Khat” whole album is Spectacular,engrossing ,significant and goes all the way through with a relentless rage from the beginning. The sound has a depth to it and  brings on the next step in the rites. This album sounds so authentic and a truly remarkable sonic journey from beginning to end . Shibalba have obviously taken every precaution in piecing together this ritual. Ancient Deities awaken and begin to wander in the form of dripping tones and subterranean winds. Indeed this album is such an true gem of this year . The production is absolutely impeccable,capable of handling both the massive atmospheric and gargantuan heft.Outstanding another one release of this year so far . “Psychostasis-Death of Khat” is shattering culmination in black metal evolution. The Greek bruisers still possess all the necessary skills and hard-won experience to put younger,newcomer challengers in their place.With "Psychostasis-Death of Khat", Shibalba writes another chapter in their book of successive masterpieces.
If you looking for something different, Shibalba take you beyond the mirror and into pure nihilistic negative space. Listen this epic album in a dark monastery under full moon with incense stick and candles it will take you on a sophisticated, ritualistic, ambient black metal journey into another universe where music has the power to transcend the spoken word.

My Rating – 4.9/5   Review done by - Souvik Basu. Published on 21.05.2017

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