Diamonds Are Forever ! Band Review.

Diamonds Are Forever, great band name , isn't it? It was formed in Romania in a town called Cluj-Napoca. In 2011 they merged from two existing bands! In November they joined the Global Battle of the Bands Romania and they got to the finals. By December they released an EP which is really good and classy metalcore, titled ''Whom shall I fear''. Then then it came to an epic moment they released their first recorded music video called ''The eyes of blinded sorrow''. It was a great success, yea you cant believe it but a metalcore band got the second place with best release party on Metalhead.ro Awards!!! And, guess what! Also at the same ceremony the band won the first place for the Romanian Metal Newcomer 2011 award. They are great, really socializing with fans and their management etc. They played along with bands like the Veil of Maya which is a really good core band also called space metal and Suicide Silence. Cancer Bats, Superbutt, Subscribe, Give em Blood which are core bands, they played in Romania, Hungary, Ukraine and Moldova. They have tours now and had a great tour back then, the legacy is saved in a DVD entitled ''Bridges are Born'' what is a two DVD disc. One is a full live show and the other one is a documentary movie. In 2013 it was the first rock band documentary what hit the cinemas. Now this was their story, their legacy. What about the genre and discography and members? Lets get it on!.
"Momaentum" is the band's second EP, a five song disk and a bonus track. After releasing last year a DVD (Live concert and documentary movie), the band wanted to release also the songs as an audio disk. Further more, the release came with their first lyric video for the song "The Industry".
Well when I listened to their song then I taught: ''wow, hmmm I don't know'' and then as you listen more you start to get into the lyrics and you start to feel your rage rising against those who are jerks to you. It comes to slamming the bass and drums off, the lyrics the vocals extremely  powerful like Eluveitie and Lamb of God, they make beat downs like real hardcore bands, they make the drum sound like it would be from Symphony X or Dream Theater, really strong riffs, you can mosh on it, make a wall of death or just headbang till you break your neck! Their band members:

Andrei Aron - Guitar
Andrei Danci - Bass
Dorin Marcu - Drums
Istvan Pataki - Vocals
Horia Cioflica - Vocals
Mihai Vlad - Guitar

Their discography:
Whom Shall I Fear (EP 2011)
Face Me (Single 2012)
The Scar (Single 2012)
Bridges are Born (DVD 2012)
Momaentum (EP 2013)

For more updates and to keep in touch with the band, you can subscribe to their channels:

Escharified: Band Review.

Escharified is a Death Metal Band from Hyderabad that was formed in March 
2013 and their debut was at Disorganized 3, Bangalore.

Their love to Old School Death Metal made to form this band while 
Satyabrata (Vocals),  Karthik (Drums) and Vishnu (Guitars) were jamming 
together, soon they introduced Sandeep on Bass.
In a recent interaction with them they quoted "We want to portray some forgotten moments and important events of India's history which this generation tends to overlook. And politically we want to showcase the brutality inflicted upon the masses over the year. Not just in India but other parts of the world too." They were influenced by Swedish, Florida and Finnish Death Metal.
Their second gig at Septic Progression Tour 2 was an introduction to 
Hyderabad Metal Scene and all I can say was "Dude! when are they 
playing again!" Although it's just their second one, they showcased 
themselves as Professionals! And these guys need some boost, so people 
go and check them out!

Acts of Tragedy !!!! Band review.

Acts of Tragedy influenced by metalcore , progressive , groove metal and math core , are a band formed in 2005 under the name Slivers. The band itself found stability in 2013 and named themselves Acts of Tragedy. They are making now an EP with the participation of drummer Kevin Talley ( Dying Fetus, Mysery Index, Chimaira ) an excellent drummer. When you first hear them you think , hey what is this ? And then you think this is not bad and then this is really good , its because it is progressive with core , one time it comes to slamming drums and then the riffs with clear voice and then it goes to slam with the bass and the false chords come in (what you can understand clearly).

How much kind of musical genres and bands I listened this band reminds me on ETHS . The groovy thing would be from Lamb of God or Pantera. I cant say that its so much core as Trivium but it would be close to Parkway Drive. You cant get much from this bands information , it has been well I could say it was made this year because they are stable now. Reverbnation is boosting them , they don't have much publicity , but they need , so people go and check them. I highly recommend the song ''What Remains'' where they feat. Kevin Talley.

Their members:
Alessandro Castellano (Drums)
Andrea Orrú (Vocals)
Armin Tamzariam (Bass)
Paolo Mulas (Guitar)
Andrea Ciribelli (Guitar)
Discography is one EP and thats Cursed Words.
http://www.reverbnation.com/actsoftragedy - their page for now.


SOLAR DEITY : : Band Review

  Solar Deity is a Mumbai-based satanic black metal band that was formed in 2012, famous in the underground extreme metal scene for playing evil and devastating music.
  The band started releasing albums as a two-member studio project with Aditya Mehta on vocals/guitar/bass and Yash Pathak on drums, and soon introduced Animesh Asmo Das on bass and Akash Shah on lead guitar.. They are notorious for performing live rituals during their concerts.
  The band members listen to variety of music.. They are the fans of Slayer, Burzum, Deicide and Tiamat.. 
"All we care about is making great songs, and true music comes from within. Our music should always sound like the soundtrack to the end of this world " says Aditya.

  The band Solar Deity has released two albums — In The Name Of Satan and The Darkness Of Being — as well as the single Snowless.. Unlike other Indian metal bands, they have recorded and released the albums before doing live gigs....
  After years of playing brutal death metal in the band Exhumation, Yash and he, decided to make truly evil music that would have no boundaries.. Thus, Solar Deity was born!.. Their songs thrive on lyrical melody.

Crashdiet , drink whiskey , be sleazed

We all heard of Hard Rock , Glam Metal , Heavy Metal , but hey what happens when these classics mix ? We get sleaze metal . The first band who comes into your mind after thinking on sleaze metal is Crashdiet !
It was formed in 2000 , influenced by Motley Crue , Skid Row , Guns N' Roses and Hanoi Rocks . The band was split up in 2002 and reformed by Dave Lepard . In 2005 they released the debut album Rest in Sleaze it was number 12 in the Swedish album charts and they played on the Download Festival . Then in January 20 , 2006 Dave Lepard committed suicide at the age of 25 because of depression . The band said they wont continue . Few months later they said that they will go on with the legacy because of Daves spirit. Then they got a new vocalist Olliver Twisted who is playing with band Reckless Love they made the album Unattractive Revolution. After it Olliver left in 2008 . The next singer was Simon Cruz and in 2010 they released Generation Wild which was a really great succes , for more info go and check them by yourself . In this year they opened 2013 with their new album Savage Playground which is really groovy and sleazed ( this video is from their new album ).


Canto III is the 3rd album of Funeral Doom Metal band Eye of Solitude, that will be released on November 25th (Europe) and December the 3rd (USA), thorough Kaotoxin Records. Based in London UK, the band was founded in 2011 by it’s vocalist Daniel Neagoe and since then they’ve released 2 albums and 2 EPs.
Now, writing this review is indeed very personal to me for two big reasons: first, these guys are some of the most awesome people I met my entire life, while Mr. Daniel is like family. Second, I wasn’t too much into doom metal few years ago but thanks to Eye of Solitude’s first album, “The Ghost” (released in 2012), my interest grew exponentially for the genre. With all that being said, one might doubt my level of honesty in regarding this review, but I’ll try and be as objective as possible.
Unlike the previous material, Canto III tends to have a different output – while not leaving aside the funeral doom elements, it also brings out a more theatrical feature to the songs, which are noted as “acts”. Differences can be also felt even on the side of production and mixing…if you liked the quality of the previous releases, then you’ll definitely want to fuck this motherfucker! It might be a six track album, but long enough to give you the chills and vibes.
Before taking each song apart, I gotta talk about the interludes, frequently placed in the middle of the songs. For me, they’re the backbone of the album and you’ll acknowledge that while reading further. Not every doom band use them in their music, so they are pretty rare thing if not unique in this case, considering the themes and aesthetics that characterize them.
Another great aspect – the up-and-down transitions – from slow, dark and at sometimes melodic parts, to a deep guttural voice accompanied by a raw and technical noise from the instrumentals, eventually switching to those interludes.

“Act I Between Two Worlds (Occularis Infernum)”
Canto III’s intro song, also the longest, is my favorite. It greets you with a funeral and gloomy atmosphere, that would perfectly fit the trailer or introduction of a dark drama movie; whereupon the funeral doom begins.
One more interesting thing about this song, the reason why I love it the most is because of it’s complexity – after an awesome interlude, this time, the song’s shape adopts a suicidal black metal aspect, similar to the great “Shining” (the one from Sweden). And that’s a compliment! Because “Shining” is my all time favorite black metal band.

“Act II Where The Descent Began”
I’d consider the best part of this song is the end of interlude and what comes after. The transition is made by an intense emotion of desperation expressed by the vocals, supported by a frantic sound from the keys and drums. So good job Mr. Pedro (keys) and Mr. Adriano (drums), you’ve nailed it!

“Act III He Who Willingly Suffers”
Just like Act I, Act III starts with a calm intro. In Act III the guitars are the most impressive, especially the solo. Both Mr. Indee and Mr. Mark get the applause after the Act III.

“Act IV The Pathway Had Been Lost”
Right off the bat, this song has the best interlude! Love that crying desperate voice!
The songs may have a common structure, but musically, thematically and technically speaking, they’re different; everyone of them excels through something. And that’s the most important reason why Canto III is a fascinating album, worth listening from the first to the last second.

“Act V I Sat In Silence” and “Act VI In The Desert Vast”
When reaching the final two songs, these things come to mind: obvious elements from “Awoken By Crows” (Eye of Solitude’s previous album) in Act V, and one more small burst of “Shining” influences in Act VI.

Like I mentioned the terms “dark drama movie” and “theatrical” earlier, I do think these are some of the main characteristics of Canto III – the art within art idea worked amazingly well with the interludes, it gave the album a story, something the listener can actually visualize not just listen and feel. And I always liked Mr. Daniel’s low gutturals and cleans, but the level of emotion in his vocals during the Act I, III and IV are soul crushing. This time, he outdone himself.
I honestly don’t consider Canto III just a new great release, Canto III is THE release that will definitely make Eye Of Solitude a bigger name in their scene, and no doubt, one of the best Funeral Doom Metal materials you’ll encounter this year.


Credits to:

Avenged Sevenfold

I had the pleasure to see Avenged Sevenfold at the Mandalay Events center in Las Vegas October 26, 2013. The headliners were Ghost B.C and Deftones. It was my first time seeing Avenged Sevenfold live, I have always wanted to see them but it is rare for them to do concerts since The Rev’s passing the band were on hiatus for along time until they released there hit song “Carry On” for the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 soundtrack. Avenged Sevenfold released Hail to The King August 23rd 2013 which was a huge hit, it was announced they will be the first Headliners for Download 2014.

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