INTERVIEW:With Daniel Rego on his Last show with 'Demonic Resurrection'

Demonic Resurrection are a blackened death metal band from Mumbai, India. Since their inception in the year 2000, their current line-up consists of Sahil "The Demonstealer" Makhija on vocals and rhythm guitars, Daniel Rego on lead guitars, Ashwin Shriyan on bass, Virendra "Viru" Kaith on drums and Mephisto on keyboards. Since its formation, the band has released 3 studio albums and 1 EP. We caught up with their lead guitarist Daniel Rego who is recently reported to be quitting Demonic Resurrection. After 5 years and 2 albums Daniel bids farewell to Demonic Resurrection.

Metalhead Spotted: Greetings to you from Metalhead Spotted, How are you doing?
Daniel: I'm doing very well, thank you.

Metalhead Spotted: As you were the guitarist for one of the most popular band of India, how does it feel?
Daniel: I don't know about most popular band, but my five years in Demonic Resurrection were some of the most memorable times of my life. Playing to so many appreciative and passionate people across so many cities and four countries, and meeting people who today are some of my closest friends - everyone in and closely associated with Demonic Resurrection, and other musicians I've toured and worked with. I'm very proud of the music the band has created as a collective, and the things it has achieved.

Metalhead Spotted: Why did you take the decision to leave the band, when it is the leading band of India?
Daniel: As a musician, there came a point where I began to feel that my personal development was moving in a very different direction, one that was obviously incompatible with my role in Demonic Resurrection, or rather, my role in this kind of music in general. While I still listen to metal when I am in the mood for that aesthetic and presentation, my primary musical interests now lie outside that sphere, and I felt it was time for me to move on and dedicate myself towards other musical idioms that fascinate me.

Metalhead Spotted: What are your future plans? Will you continue your interest in music or something else?
Daniel: Music is the absolute centre of my life. There's nothing else I have any intention of doing very seriously. I will just focus creatively on other kinds of music now, get working on some projects that I've been putting off for a while, and continue my role in other musical involvements I'm part of. One of them is a progressive Sufi/fusion band called Indicus. An album's worth of material is already recorded, and music should be publicly released very soon. There is a website (www.indicustheband) and a Facebook Band page (www.facebook.com/IndicusTheBand), both of which will be updated as things progress.
Besides this, working as a freelance/session musician is still my main occupation, and that will continue as usual. I might get down to seriously getting together bits and pieces of written material for some self-released music, too. I also have a blues/rock band in the works, and that will definitely receive more time and energy now. I have a Facebook Musician page at www.facebook.com/danielkennethrego, where I'll post updates on all my musical involvements and related developments, so watch that space and stay in touch!

Metalhead Spotted: What are you feeling about your last gig with Demonic Resurrection?
Daniel: I'm actually very excited about it, excited to meet people for whom my place in Demonic Resurrection was something of importance. It'll also be my last gig as a member of a band I've spent five memorable years with, both on and off stage, and it'll definitely be something difficult to leave behind. But it's in the best interests of both parties, and both the band and I can only move forward from here, so it's a positive situation.

Metalhead Spotted: As one of the best guitarists of India, would you like to share three things with the young guitarists what you think is the secret of your success?
Daniel: Thank you for the kind words, although I'd lay no claim to any such title. There are far too many amazingly talented guitarists and musicians in general, in India.

There is some advice that I'd like to share with other young guitarists and musicians in general. Educate yourself musically, strive to understand your instrument and how music works, and learn to love other forms of this art. Learning music is the best thing you can do for yourself. Pay attention to basics, regardless of what style you play, because those basics are equally applicable to all of them. It may not be as obvious with some styles as with others, but eventually, you'll hit a ceiling unless you stop and really take the time to understand and learn your craft. Don't just learn how to play things, but pay equal attention to how and why they work and sound good. That's what will empower you to create and develop. Also pay attention to tone, sound and expression, not merely from the perspective of acquiring better equipment, but understanding how much of it is in your own technique, performance, knowledge and intent.

Metalhead Spotted: Are you truly satisfied with your musical career with Demonic Resurrection?
Daniel: Yes, I'm proud of everything the band has achieved so far, including the two albums I've been involved in creating – 2010's The Return To Darkness, and the upcoming one, which I think contains the best music the band has ever made. Give it a listen when it's finally out!

Metalhead Spotted: Thank you very much for giving your valuable time to Metalhead spotted. Do you want to add anything?
Daniel: Thank you for the interview, and look out for new music coming your way!

Catch Demonic Resurrection live at Blue FROG in Mumbai - The Final Stand - As Daniel Kenneth Rego curates his last show with Demonic Resurrection. He will pick out his favourite DR songs to play. 
Halahkuh and Orion will be their special guests for this show.

Interviewer : Rishi Raaj Sen
Edited by   :  Mercy Thoras

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