Ruggedly handsome grunge rock from Soul Inclination

On this month Delhi based Indian Grunge/Alternative rockers Soul Inclination released their debut EP. They are Determined to bring back the long lost era of the late 80's/early 90's Grunge/Alt Rock.Let’s introduce with the band at first. Soul Inclination was initially founded by Puneet Vohra (ex-Hundred Octane) & ex band member Aditya Verma, who after moving on from his last band, sought out music that he has always been true to. A super group of sorts, with members honed with a little over a decade of experience in the independent music industry, presently comprises of Shashank Bhatnagar on Vocals/Rhythm guitars (Undying Inc/Hyperion/Broadway Brawler), Nishant Hagjer on Drums/Vocals (Undying Inc/Rectified Spirit/Underside/Nishant Hagjer), Ashish Sharma on Bass (Frequency/Tin Bizkit).
    This is my first review about some Grunge/Alternative rock band’s release. So It’s kinda challenging for me. But believe me after listening their whole EP I’m totally infused by them and their debut EP rekindle my love for late 80’s/early 90’s grunge band like Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains etc. They sound so mature so it is hard to believe that it is their debut EP and they prove that they can sustain their excellence. well,Let’s straight dive into their EP. This new studio effort consist with total 4 tracks.
      From start to end the band's classic heavy , slow burn riffs and vocal harmonies ever present here. Their latest EP smoothly transitions you from dot A to B without any glaring mishaps or unnecessary interruptions. While other artists have incorporated other said musical genres, Soul Inclination have stuck to the beautifully apocalyptic, ruggedly bad-ass sound of grunge. The EP touches on a lot of subject matter, serious topics and other sincere, passionate lyrical themes. However, don't assume this album is entirely groggy and depressing, because it most certainly isn't plenty of themes here are actually quite optimistic and incredibly reflective. This record used standard instruments (guitars, bass, vocals) and turned them into something unique, distinctive, and incredibly profound. The music here is perfect grunge with a nice metal kick.
   Soul Inclination effortlessly showcases grunge at its most primitive, and manages to sculpt itself into something catastrophically beautiful and unique. However, sometimes, I could honestly describe this album as full-fledged alternative metal. Despite the EP's rather intimidating outfit, the music here is beautiful to say the least. Every track is eventful in musicality, precisely detailed, and wonderfully composed. The EP's unpredictability gives it a tasteful gist; this isn't a straightforward rock record, as many songs here include many complexly arranged guitar,acoustic solos, intense apexes, and a lot of musical legroom. Whatever they end up proceeding with, they have managed to surprise the listener with a new trait or guitar lick.
A good example of genre splicing would have to be intro track "Who’s your God?", a heavy metal infused tune with a blurry atmosphere and grunge.On this track vox sometimes reminds me about  Phil Anselmo to be honest.Together Soul Inclination  manage to blend grunge with the likes of heavy metal and turn it into a unique hybridization of its own kind. This whole EP’s all tracks are briliant, and easily deserve high recolonization as well. Among all of the track the band takes a turn down a more melancholic path on the acoustic-led “Running Today” . “Return To Self” is my personal favorite track. This tracks riffs work is amazing. The album's strongest moments sit at the endpoints. The band chose their singles well with “Born of a Sun” track. This is an outstanding track consist with eerie instrumental work. Overall the whole EP is filled with dazzling solos, brilliant melodic acoustic work, and remarkable vox. Soul Inclination includes provocative guitar, acoustic solo. it's basically bad-ass sounding and will more than likely drive you to say "Fuck yeah!!!" again and again
The album's emotional centerpiece, in my opinion " Born of a Sun ". This track is downright beautiful, bar none. Branching off with fluttery guitars and a soft rhythm section, the instrumental song eventually ignites eerie instrumental work,melancholic acoustic solo.Coupled with obvious pain and sorrow, it's pretty obvious that Shashank Bhatnagar put his heart and soul into this track.
The members' technical abilities are great, too; each member contributes almost equally to the power of the experience musically, and they react to any quick changes in the songs very efficiently and effectively. Of course, the highest praise still has to go out to Shashank Bhatnagar and guitarist Puneet Vohra for creating such a foreboding and deep atmosphere on the album. Most of the time, both of them go hand in hand with each other, tossing parts of the songs to each other and also harmonizing extremely well with each others' vocals.
    There's not much more to say. The album is perfect, one of ultimate musical statements of modern music. Aside from those highlights, much of the whole EP stays in its lane, without tempting too many tempo or mood changes. Each song has highlights of its own, but I feel the band has gotten a little too comfortable with its formula here. The better moments certainly carry the EP enough to make it a good one. But I would hope Soul Inclination will allow their own wings to spread with more excellent studio effort in each next record.If you haven't listened to it yet, make it your next purchase; it should be number one on the "to buy" list.

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Written by - Souvik Basu
Edited by- Navneet Sandhu

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