Interview :~ Belle Morte about music and future plans

Hello Belle and welcome to Metalhead Spotted Magazine. Let's start with something simple - what did you have for breakfast? 
Hi there! I had an omelette and double coffee to wake up - downside of getting up early.

Can you tell us more about Belle Morte project and how it was formed?
Creating music has always been a part of my life, but it’s 2015 when Belle Morte project formally began. We started collaboration with Sergey Butovsky, Ivory band frontman: he did all the arrangement and sound producing for Belle Morte songs so far. We created several tracks first, mostly to check if the songs I had back then were worth listening and if anything good could come of it. Obviously that turned out well 🙂

The idea behind Belle Morte was always about playing on contrasts - in music, lyrics, visual imaginary, everything. It’s about seeing its own beauty in disturbing things, ugly things, and, vice versa, seeing the bad side in nice things which might not be that obvious at the first sight.

What gives you inspiration to write the music?
Inspiration comes from everywhere – sometimes I can feel fascinated by a single word as it gives an impulse. Overall, I don’t write songs when I’m feeling happy. Composing for me is a relief and the only helper when I feel sad and depressed. Luckily (or not) it happens a lot.

In 2018 you released the band debut EP “Game on” and 2 singles after that, it looks like you are working on the new music 24/7
I’d love to say we are, but as we all have full-time jobs, that would be an exaggeration. Still we spend a lot of time working at the studio and thinking through all the details: we have ton of raw material and even more ideas waiting for their turn.

How can you describe your music and it's style?
It has always been “music first” for us, meaning doesn’t really matter how it will be classified and what style it will be in, as long as the song itself is something people love listening to. I hate giving labels and arguing what band is “true” enough: it either produces something worthy or not.
As we still need to mark ourselves somehow, I would say we are closer to symphonic metal with some gothic elements as well. But again.. who knows where our imagination will get us in the end of the day 🙂

Beside the studio work do you have any plans in the near future to have a full lineup and start a big tour over the world?
It depends on what to consider “near” 🙂 Our goal #1 is recording the full-length album. As for the tour, that would be a nice thing to do after we have the album done, which realistically might happen in a year or so.

I know you must be tired of questions like this, but can you describe us Belarusian metal scene
It’s rather small and everyone knows each other. We have lots of talented bands here, sadly, many of them are not so well-known outside the community.

In our magazine we usually ask musicians about their opinion if their president will like their music if he will hear it, and you will not be an exception so - what do you think Alexander Lukashenko will like the band music if he will hear it? 
Ha-ha, nice one 🙂
Hope he does, moreover, plays along on the accordion, giving our music some folk vibes.

Thank you for your time and interview. Any last words to our readers? 
Thank you so much for having us! We appreciate the fans who has been extremely supportive all this time - stay tuned as we are one step close to releasing the third single from our upcoming album and it would be something fresh and solid!

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