Söthis released «Trails of Blood»

American Brutal Death Metal band Söthis released their debut EP «Trails of Blood». The EP was recorded and mixed  at "Impulse Recording" by Nick Kauffman.

Söthis was formed in 2015 at Oakland, California by Ivan Peric, Mitchell Tom, Paul Olsen and Joey Bartlett after meeting them at a local "Death to All" tribute tour. This days the band is working on their debut album that will be released next year.

OZZY OSBOURNE Says ZAKK WYLDE's Guitar Playing 'Is Unbelievably Good Now'

Ozzy Osbourne was interviewed on the September 6 edition of SEX PISTOLS guitarist Steve Jones's radio show, "Jonesy's Jukebox". You can now watch the chat below. A couple of excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).

On the end of BLACK SABBATH:

Ozzy: "[It's] done. Over. I've been solo thirty-five years. It wasn't like it was the breakup of the century. One thing I'm happy about is we're all friends at the end of the day. But I'm glad to be back on my own. I [only] have me to answer to now."

On the differences between playing with BLACK SABBATH and performing solo:

Ozzy: "I'm just Ozzy. I just do what I do. BLACK SABBATH is a completely different thing. On my own, I'm all over the place, but with SABBATH, I'm just a singer with a band called BLACK SABBATH. Now on my own, I can choose what I wanna do myself. It's just fun."

On playing with guitarist Zakk Wylde again:

Ozzy: "We've just done a few gigs. We're doing one every month. But his playing is unbelievably good now. I hadn't played with him in a band situation for quite a while now, but I'm on stage with him and my jaw drops. He's so fast now!"

An Interview with Se Ho Know of Monster league

Hello Sung-a Cho, welcome to MetalheadSpotted Magazine 
Hello. My name is Cho Sung-a. Nice to meet you. 

Tell us more about the band’s history and how you met with other guys? 
Monster league has founded at 2012. Vocalist: Cho Sung A and Drummer: Seho have been played for heavy metal bands-Madam Miryo, Silent eye since 2001. We have met Guitarist: Kim tae in and Park Chan gyu introduced by a friends. Finally, One of power bassist : Oh Ui Hwan who was friend of Kim tae in joined our band. We released single albums - The Dark Hero(2013), Tower of Babel(2013) and EP album - I saw the Devil(2016) 

What bands influence the most on the band style? 
We are heavily influenced by Judas Preast. Besides, a lot of powerful heavy metal bands - Metallica, Helloween, Children of Bodom, Iron maiden ETC - are affected to us. I think those are pervaded our music.

In 2016 you released your debut EP “I saw the Devil”. Tell us about the writing process  
When we make a song, one of our member gives us unfinished. Then, others flesh out the line of there part. All of our songs are made by these method. The albums are recorded in Tomato studio at Seoul, Korea. Mixing and Mastering are performed same place. It is need to tell the story of our music. We hate some evil things. Brutal crime -like a murder, rape- make us angry. We can not punish the criminals by hands. But we can play the music to express our crazy angry. So when we write songs, heinous crimes are used by motivation. 

How the EP has been welcomed in the world? 
After the release GlobMetal Promotions(GMP) contacted by chance at our SNS. They told us that GMP want to promote Monster League because of our music and possibility. At that time, we strongly want to show new album to many people. We thought that GMP will be a good partner for promotion. So, The GMP and Monster League contract immediately and Our music spread all over the world. 

So this is the reason why you choose to work with PR-companys
As I said, GlobMetal is a global promotion company for Rock/Metal musician. They have various program to promote their bands. I think they are working hard for bands. That is the reason why we choose them for promotion company. 

Good luck! Thanks for the interview! Any last words for our readers? 
I really want to play our music in front of you. Good luck, God bless you, Thank you.

An Interview With Ferdrian Smith of Third Reich

Good mourning guys. Lets start with something simple - what do you have for breakfest?
I take eggs with ham for breakfast, or sometimes a cup of tea with biscuits , depending on the mood.

Tell us about the band and how it was formed
The band was formed in a city called Leon, in Mexico. Influenced mainly by Old School Thrash Metal Bands. I was already in a band before forming Third Reich but I didn't share the same interests with them, they didn't take it professional so I decided to make a band with a better defined sound and after several months ,I, along with Dave the drummer, consolidated a first line up.

 As the new album, “Degeneration” was released 4 months ago. How can you describe the album and what does make it different from all the others you've made before
I think, what makes Third Reich different is the sound, Keeping this Old School scent that make  people go crazy. I consider this very first album a very nice piece, rough and loud, we put what we love in this album and that is Thrash Metal.

Your album was released on "Kunak Records" and promoted by "GlobMetal Promotions". What can you tell our readers about thouse guys, and why you choose to work with them
Yes, we had recorded a live session video at Kunak Records and we loved the quality they work there with, so we decided to record our first album there. They're very professional and helped us get our sound, the Third Reich sound.
They guys from GlobMetal Promotions have been doing an outstanding work on promoting this album on every Metal site and radios. Very professional and visionary guys that support metal bands. We decided to work with them too to promote this project , to get to more people and it has worked!

What about the people who download your albums on the Internet? Do you think is it good or bad?
Well, that's a hard one, we are aware that downloading the songs through YouTube for example, is not the best way but we cannot help it , we love that people get to know us , listen to us and like our material.

What your fans should expect from the band in 2018?
We have lots of plans and projects for the next year, we are already working on our second production which is coming rougher and louder! You're really going to love this new sound we are working on.

Thanks for the interview! Any last words you wanna pass to your fans and our readers?
Thank you very much for getting in contact with us! We do appreciate the time you put for these questions
We also appreciate the fans out there who have been supporting us, we truly thank them all, let's keep supporting this new metal scene!

DAVE GROHL Feels Like An 'Alien' In TRUMP's America

Dave Grohl has opened up about how the current political climate has influenced his lyrics on FOO FIGHTERS' new album, "Concrete And Gold".

Speaking to U.K.'s Kerrang! magazine, the former NIRVANA drummer said that he is deeply concerned about the future of his country now that Donald Trump is president, particularly as it relates to the dismantling of environmental protections, hostility to women's rights and a lack of an effective and sound international diplomacy.

"I look at all of the different periods of time where I've written lyrics, and they all have their own references and different phases," Grohl said. "This one came out pretty clear: I'm a father now, I have to consider a lot more than I used to, and I think I've realized we're not all as free as we were before.

"In every way. I mean, as the political arena started heating up in America before the elections, it became clear that there was so much more threatening all of our lives than I'd considered before."

Grohl continued: "I'm looking at a candidate that has blatant disregard for the future environmentally, when it comes to women's rights, diplomatically… I have three daughters that are going to survive me for decades — how are they going to get on unless there's some positive and progressive change?"

FOO FIGHTERS' ninth album, "Concrete And Gold", will be released September 15 worldwide on Roswell/RCA.

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