I.C. Wiener new single available for streaming

 "On the Atoms" - the debut official video of the domestic Alternative Metal formation «I.C. Wiener»"Everything we wanted to say with the title track of the single "On the Atoms" is now with pictures in this video clip. This song describes the horror of the atomic bombings of Japan in 1945 and sounds quite topical." - the musicians comment on their release, offering to get acquainted with the work.

«I.C.Wiener» is a trio of musicians with an honest guitar sound, clear vocals and a powerful rhythm section. Since 2014, the guys have been performing at various, mostly geographically nearest venues, from festivals to clubs, while simultaneously recording their material in the studio. The discography of the project includes the single "Letters" (2019), the maxi-singles "Weightless" (2019) and "On the Atoms" (2022).

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