Interview with Sceptre

Sceptre are long-running Thrash Metal titans, from Mumbai India, formed in 1998. The band is avowed for delivering a pure thrash metal since the 90s. They are examined as one of the pioneers of extreme metal in the country. short while ago we caught up with drummer Aniket Waghmode for this little conversation. 

Metalhead Spotted: Greetings from Metalhead Spotted! when did you guys form Sceptre? What is your status now? 
Aniket: Sceptre was formed in December 1998. We are very much active, much to the disappointment of a lot of people! 

Metalhead Spotted: What inspired you to get into Metal? 
Aniket: Purely, the love to play 'live' 

Metalhead Spotted: Could you tell us, what’s the bottom line behind your band name? 
Aniket: Sceptre means the royal mace held by an emperor. We wanted to be associated with some kinda 'royalty' in metal. That's why the name. 

Metalhead Spotted: You guys victoriously released latest full-length 'Age of Calamity'. Do you think it sustained to extend Screpte's fanbase? 
Aniket: To be very honest, it didn't. There were a lot of loopholes in the album which we over-looked. But yes, it surely brought us back into the scene with a bang! 

Metalhead Spotted: Well, what was the concept behind Age of Calamity? What does Sceptre fetch forward through it? 
Aniket: The concept behind 'Age of Calamity' is women-empowerment. It is shocking to read the kind of atrocities women, especially in India, are subjected to. It is appalling! That's when, we thought of dedicating this album to all rape, acid-attack and molestation victims across the world. We wanted the world to know, we are against this treatment meted out to women, in general. There are no gains as such involved in having a theme like this, but it's just our humble little way of standing up for what's not right. 

Metalhead Spotted: What are you planning on doing to celebrate your 15 years? 
Aniket: We couldn't thank our fans enough for being with us thru thick and thin.That's why we decided to give them free Sceptre tees for the next gig and we'll be playing some old songs, some from 'Age of calamity' and some which are brand -new. 

Metalhead Spotted: Are you excited about playing at Thrashfest, which is going to happen in Mumbai on February 9, 2014? 
Aniket: We are extremely chuffed at the idea!! We really couldn't have asked for a more fitting comeback. Thanks to Kunal Choksi

Metalhead Spotted: Do you think Thrashfest is one of the best concerts, in which Sceptre is set to play?
Aniket: Oh yes...simply because, in an age where loyalties have gone for a toss, we have stuck to our thrash roots since day 1. We deserve a spot on that bill. 

Metalhead Spotted: Is there anyone in Sceptre involved in any other projects? 
Aniket: Samron Jude, our vocalist, also lends his vocals to Systemhouse 33 and Paratra. Apart from him, no one else plays for any other band. 

Metalhead Spotted: Do you have any experiences regarding gigs that happened in  2013? 
Aniket: Umm..not really..just attended the BMK3 gig in December...it was a good experience. 

Metalhead Spotted: What are your opinions about scene in India? 
Aniket: It is very positive. The bands are fucking talented. The social media support is overwhelming. We are fortunate to be still part of this phase in metal. 

Metalhead Spotted: What are the plans for Sceptre and future recordings? 
Aniket: We are working our asses off to get ourselves an international gig at the moment. A video also seems round the corner. We have written some new songs, which we will eventually be recording this year.

Metalhead Spotted: Thanks for taking time out for this little interview. Is there any message you would like to leave for your fans? 
Aniket: Thanks so much !! We would like to thank our fans from the bottom of our hearts for keeping the faith in us. We promise you, Thrashfest is gonna be brutal for you'll! Adios!

Interviewer : Akshay Gaikwad
Edited by   :  Mercy Thoras

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