Interview with Anarchy

Anarchy is Thrash Metal outfit formed in 2013 hailing from Pune, India. Anarchy has been playing since sept 2013. The current line-up features Aditya Swaminathan (guitars), Ameet "Teema" Kulkarni (guitars), Harshvardhan Gore (drums), Tabish Khidir (vocals) and bassist Neeraj Diwan. Short while ago we caught up with guitarist Ameet "Teema" Kulkarni and vocalist Tabish Khidir and talked about bands inception, performances, upcoming EP, future plans and many general things.

Metalhead Spotted: Greetings from Metalhead Spotted! How have you guys been lately?
Anarchy: Hello there! Greetings from Anarchy. We have been good and hope you're doing fine too.

Metalhead Spotted: Above all tell us how did you guys get started?
Anarchy: Our Guitarist Ameet "Teema" Kulkarni was trying to form Anarchy since April 2012. He met Tabish(vocalist) through some common friends and after a few talks around Dec 2012 they decided to do.something about forming a band. Serious talks happened around Feb-March 2013 and along with Aashish Kulkarni(ex-drummer for Gaia's Throne, Anarchy) and Neeraj Diwan (also bassist for Gaia's Throne) jams started around may 2013 and soon Ashish Gogte (rhythm guitarist) joined for a brief period. Aashish Kulkarni shifted to Mumbai and Ashish Gogte to Ahmedabad and we found brilliant replacements in
Harshvardhan Gore (drums) and Aditya Swaminathan (rhythm guitars) in Sept 2013 which completed Anarchy's final lineup.

Metalhead Spotted: Who have been your main influences? What inspires you to keep going on?
Anarchy: Everybody in the.band has different influences varying from Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Symphony X to Meshuggah, LoG etc. And talking specifically about Anarchy, bands like Kreator, Death, Megadeth, Sylosis, Iron Maiden, Coroner, Pantera, Testament, Grip Inc, etc. Also, to make good music that we love, to deliver a great show to the audience and our determination to succeed in what we are doing is what inspires us to keep going on.

Metalhead Spotted: How will you describe anarchy‘s sound to our readers?
Anarchy: Thrash metal with elements of other liked genres.

Metalhead Spotted: Well, Anarchy will be appearing soon at Stormfest 2. How do you feel to be a part of it!
Anarchy: It feels amazing to be a part of Stormfest 2. We are really excited to share the stage with bands like Noiseware ,Dark Helm, Consecration, Bleeding Edge, Adamantium. Cant wait for 9th feb!

Metalhead Spotted: How the dry run preparations are going on for Stormfest 2?
Anarchy: The preparations are going good.

Metalhead Spotted: Are there any new materials on the cards for Stormfest 2?
Anarchy: Yes. We have some new material as well as some surprises for the audience.

Metalhead Spotted: Can you tell us about some best gigs where you guys have played?
Anarchy: Stormfest is just our 2nd gig so the best gig we have played would be our debut gig at December Demolition. Which,truly speaking was one of the best gigs anyone could have ever asked for, for a debut show.

Metalhead Spotted: At December Demolition you guys were fine enough on your set. Can you shed light on some experiences regarding it?
Anarchy: Thank you. We think we were pretty good at December
Demolition. We played a short 15 min, set but the response from the crowd was amazing inspite of the bad sound. It was really great to see mosh pits and people headbanging to all the songs you play at your 1st gig. We had an amazing time on stage. We.enjoyed sharing the stage. With our friends from the scene. Also,We shared the stage with a big band like Albatross on our 1st gig and this time it will be Noiseware so everybody in the Anarchy camp is really stoked and excited to go back on stage and play again.

Metalhead Spotted: Where you think that the attitude of thrash metal came from?
Anarchy: The attitude of.thrash metal came from the very thought of breaking the restrictions that society or religion set for us.

Metalhead Spotted: What future holds for Anarchy? Are there any plans.for future recordings and new merchandise?
Anarchy: As of now our plan.is to play live as much as possible. Releases will happen with time. We do have some plans for releases and you'll get to know about them soon.

Metalhead Spotted: We thank you for taking the time out for this little interview Do you have anything to say for your fans?
Anarchy: A huge thank you from Anarchy to all its well wishers, friends and supporters..We are waiting for Stormfest 2 and Anarchy will not let you down. Fans keep the scene alive so keep showing up in numbers and keep supporting metal. See you all at the gig. Thrash em all and May the force be with you ! \m/

Catch them live on 9th February at Stormfest-II 

Interviewer: Akshay Gaikwad
Edited by: Mercy Thoras

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