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A Power metal band from Romania. The band started its career in 2002. It started as a project from Bogdan Costea of a local gothic band called Interitus Dei. Bogdan then wanted to play his favorite genres like Heavy metal and rock. So after 2 months of recording they got their first album called ''The Scroll of Stone'' it has really beautiful story about a princess Alma tricked by a demon, she looses her soul and to win against the demon, to get her soul back she must find that scroll of stone! The album is full with power with adventure-like feeling. But they got back then a lack of promotion. In 2004 October their second album came out called Lightseeker , in France! You never taught that huh? Through Underclass Music. Then they had their first video called ''Bittersweet Nightshade''. Then they reached a peak, they were featured in Metallian and Rock Hard magazine. After through years they opened for symphonic and power metal bands. Then after it in 2007 it came out for my personal favorite album from them called Hereafter ,full of power and soaring vocals. They recorded it in Germany under AFM records, they made 2 videos with this album ''All waters have colour of drowning'' and ''Entangled''. Then Ana from the band toured with power metal bands Helloween, Gamma Ray, and Axxis on the Hellish Rock tour! Then they released two more albums.Their genre is really special, it has symphonic metal vocals, power metal guitars and keyboards and the drums have a strong sound with the bass, they have keyboard solos and the vocals are soaring, calling for more and more listening.

Current members:

Ana Mladinovici – vocals (2002–present)
Bogdan "Bat" Costea – guitar (2002–present)
Emilian Burcea – guitar (2007–2008, 2010–present)
Tibi Dutu – bass (2011–present)

Studio albums:
The Scroll of Stone (2002)
Lightseeker (2004)
Hereafter (2007)
Wolves and Witches (2008)
Dark Diary (2010)
Center of the Great Unknown (2012)

 Rating: 3.8 - ‎Review by Bakai Norbet - ‎Jan 5, 2014

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