Tegeran released new album

The band «Tegeran» released their second album  «Остаться собой» in October 2019. The band was formed by Viktor Karmazki in 2013 at Moscow, Russia as a Hard Rock/Post Hardcore band.
1.Вера или дело
2.Время гасить экраны
3.Воины света
4.Тревожный батальон
5.Верь мне!
6.А ты сможешь?
8.Остаться собой
9.Время действовать!
10.Вырваться из плена
11.Много не надо
12.Миг нашей победы

Haxandraok embarks on a new ritualistic voyage and revealed manifestation "The Temptress of UD DA KAR RA"

This is a prism of unlight. Unspeakable primal traditions are generated upon a diverse yet interdependent polarity, the sinister archetypes of the Witch and Warlock, the daemonic Initiators to the Black Arts and twin-bearers of the Key of NOX. A ruthless, demonic plunge into the cold arms of death, told by the blackest of scribes and channeled through an unhallowed wavelength that makes most black metal bands shiver in fear. Unto this nemeton to the Other, the Art of Magia Negra becomes a blade, athame, and cleaver, reaping the shroud of Corpus Mundi to unveil the crimson mysteries of Hexcraft and Necromancy.

Haxandraok emerged from the brass cauldrons of the Draconian Current in 2018, drenching their blades into the crimson waters of Hexcraft and Qliphothic Sorcery, to perform relentless Black Metal incantations and enchanted by the numinous traditions of the East, the classical connoisseurs of the West and the tribal reverence across the continents, Haxandraok emanate a witching lyricism fermented in atavistic Mysticism. Finally, they have unleashed their first excerpt "The Temptress of UD DA KAR RA". Bearing the title “KI SI KIL UD DA KAR RA” of the debut release of Haxandraok is set to be revealed upon the mundane planes on 17th December 2019 through the mighty Ván Records, in a royal CD & LP format. "The Temptress of UD DA KAR RA" is perfect shadowy artistry. 

Haxandraok is a new project by Chris Argyros (Acherontas, DEVATHORN, Shibalba) and Marcel Szumowski ( Ex- Inferno, Ex - Panegyrist, Besatt Horde ). The ancient locus of "KI SI KIL UD DA KAR RA" consists of a brazen mantra of Qliphothic Sorcery and primordial Witchcraft. The obsession with anything outre is not exactly a novelty in the metal scene, but occasionally it will assume a much more complex and nuanced dimension owing to musicians who insist on addressing such topics with utmost maturity and profundity.

Mixing black metal with esoteric, obscure, mysterious, introspective passages, dense otherworldly blasting, avant-garde together was always their forte. They have created a sound as powerfully evil and they intend to abuse us with a punishingly relentless display of rhythms and some overall solid riff, albeit a touch generic for the genre.

In the triumph of the occult and ritual Black Metal of the past few years, some bands lacked the necessary credibility. Numerous bands have created albums based around their own ideas that take insight from creative writing, but few bands will dedicate the entire span of an album to the relevant interpretation of the belief With the emergence and escalation of the novel and notorious tendency. In the all previous project, Chris Argyros and Marcel Szumowski both exudes tremendous, cohesive effort on every release with excellent diligence and nailed it. Looking forward to their whole studio effort, pretty damn sure that'd consist with absolute prime, with a seething torrent of insidious melody, the magic of alchemy, cryptic matters and arcane secrets and bear the torch of Malefica on the crossroad amidst the unmapped seas to the Beyond, the fiery gaze of DRAKON tearing the Worlds apart. 

Their musical style has a hypnotic effect and especially ritualistic, esoteric, arcane vibe which adds to the more atmospheric kind of black metal but at the same time, the vocals and other parts of the riffing are straight forward blasphemous simultaneously.

 They have poured their musical devotion into a chalice of sulphur flame where it burns with obsidian light. As well as they have injected ritualistic essence, obscure, arcane, esoteric vibes into blasphemous black metal style. Their musical representation evolves into souls wandering the vicious, crushing and ominous wasteland.

Despite the often mysterious ,furious,cacophonous ,heavy and barbarous form of black metal assaults  laced with dark eerie,gloomy  and occult  atmosphere with a lots of segments of slower,mid-paced tempo too where they combine cavernous drum thrashes, hellish guitars etc all  aspects  enriched this new track very powerful, strong and excellent all at the same time along with a good  balance  of black metal music, melody and brutality with strangulated, filthy, horrific riffs work and those effective chants simultaneously borrow blackened, gloomy, sinister vibe. 

They know how to hone their aggression to deal with some grievous wounds. Their new effort indulges strong songwriting and brilliant musicianship. Vocals howling scream, hoarse , immense, inhuman voice and effective chants emerged on this manifestation in a well manner and intertwined perfectly with their utterly  spellbinding,obtuse, mysterious,fully blistering, blasphemous, ritualistic, grandiose  black metal,distant musical style with a lots of melodic,atmospheric,occult,ritualization accompaniment  and  embedded perfectly . I highly appreciate and embrace their effort because of their distinct style.

Indeed Haxandraok will write another chapter in their book of successive masterpieces. If you looking for something different, esoteric, ritualistic, epic take a look at this pure unadulterated black metal utterance by Haxandraok for pure nihilistic negative space and black metal where music has the power to transcend the spoken word. It will pull out your soul from your body and take you on a journey into another universe. This is a Typhonian dissolving Draconian formula that acts and reacts the golden scimitar of Iblis drenched into the dessert madness, flaying the layers of reality and self to unearth despicable truths. HDHM.

Review is written and Published by Souvik Basu. Dated 23/11/2019

Egyptian Death Metal Scarab Unveiled Manifestation "Coffin Texts'

Over a long-running career, Cairo based Egyptian death metal group Scarab after five years since the recording of their last sonic assailment revealed their first excerpt "Coffin Texts" from their upcoming third full-length album “Martyrs of the Storm” and will release on 6th March 2020 via ViciSolum Productions. Ancient Egyptian mythology, history was always enigmatic, mysterious and ambiguous from centuries and obviously difficult to trace. Pertaining to their geographical position where Egypt prevailed for centuries spreading knowledge and reaching higher levels of progression and exhibited humility in the face of cosmic forces such as death and divine wrath. Cleansing ignorance and darkness Egypt enlightened their mysterious history through spreading knowledge and exposure to the world about ancient enormous fields of science. Scarab means a large dung beetle of the eastern Mediterranean area, regarded as sacred in ancient Egypt. I believe that the fascination over ancient Egyptian mythology will never end and for a good reason. Always Egyptian mythology concept based article, image, band whatever easily attracted me because of their epic history, magnificent theme, culture.

Nowadays most of the bands experiment on their soundscapes to create a piece of music that can be different from others and bring to them a unique identity. Death Metal colliding with Middle Eastern, Egyptian or otherwise unconventional influences enjoys indeed tend quite rare but Scarab able to gain proper attention in this complex, unrelenting, disparate musical style. Scarab became a well-established group of bands who can make a fully sound and creative and with a lot of excellence in his lyrics, with well crafted, distinct content. It’s really difficult to separate a band, their story, their legacy and their music from each other to glean some truth about the piece you presently get to witness. Scarab has triumphed musically to attain their own particular style, religious history, and sound without sounding niche or trite. Scarab delivers a very unique kind of death metal combining brutal, technical, melodic and atmospheric musical style with Egyptian, Arabic folk elements. Their musical level of complexity, technicality and obscurity are fantastic.
Their latest studio release possessed me with their extreme, chromatic,multi-layered, powerful, blasting death metal musical style with technical riffs work, paradigm shift and melodic, folk vibe with sporadic middle eastern tunes, dark, sensual and mystical soundscapes and obviously their distinguishing musical composition, the grandiose concept just blew me away. Sammy Sayed and his cohorts exude tremendous effort in a radiant way on this track with excellent diligence and nailed it. I really appreciate each and every single musician's unsurpassed ability, efficiency, and skill.  This new track is a triumphant rich death metal. 

This whole track reflects the grand diversity of sound brought together on this new track. Their incredibly sensitive,slightly sandy,dusty antique and disparate musical styles all combined in one bold, enlightened display of unbound creativity Despite the often fast ,furious,cacophonous, heavy and extreme form of death metal assaults  with a lots of segments of  brutal,technical,melodic segments,tasteful Middle eastern,Arabic musical style involvement and without sacrificing the atmospheric aspect enhanced this new tracks unique flavor and enriched this track that is very powerful, heavy and excellent all at the same time along with a good  balance  of death metal music, Middle Eastern music, melody and brutality with strangulated, intricate riffs work and those effective rasps, harsh vocals simultaneously . Their music is both dark and ecstatic. I highly appreciate and applaud and cite this new effort because of their distinct style. This contains a strong dose of creative, memorable death metal with a trace of a modern taste, relentless rhythmic, technical, brutal and melodic that is simply outstanding.

 This track is filled with a slew of twisted, traversed, chugging, groovy, intricate, apocalyptic, crushing riffs line ups with technical prowess. As well bass line up is shifting, chaotic, deeper, roving and bludgeoning. Drumming, the percussion line up is thundering, dodgy, punishing, frantic, blast beating and rabidly insane. Individual riffs, solo sections which sound briefly something exotic.

Intricate, spectacular riffs, bass lineups matched in a fantastic way with technical orientation. This indulges strong songwriting, grandiose concept, and brilliant musicianship. Tempo changes are excellent and complicated. Vocals harsh, snarling growls, deep rasps, aggressive, vigorous, crucial voice woven in a good manner with their utterly savage, merciless, onslaught, primal organic, violent, uncanny death metal sound with a lot of technical prowess, melodic segments, Middle Eastern musical accompaniment and embedded perfectly.

I really worship this band. This new track has a fantastic sense of exoticism without any sacrifice in intensity and will take you on a journey where myth, religion, mystery, the desert and the Egyptian bright night meet. Indeed it'd be outstanding another one release of 2020 so far. Scarab able to cultivate Middle eastern music with death metal properly and garnished presented this whole as a masterpiece. Yet the subtle touches of Middle Eastern, Arabic musical style inspired flair and groove is enough to distinguish the band from the extreme metal pace and their predecessor album demonstrates it perfectly. These themes of primordial order through the chaos are mirrored in the band’s own music.  There is a sense of regality permeating throughout as the chaos is articulated, defined, and embraced by native sons with a royal lineage as old as the sands of the Egyptian desert.

Published by Souvik Basu. Dated 21/11/2019

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