NEWS: VADER Looking forward to Release New Album in 2014

Polish Death metal neurotics Vader are set to release their 10th full length album Tibi et Igni in April/May of 2014. The band stated the following update on it-

“2013 is over. This year was for us very active and successful indeed. We were touring twice in Europe, we visited Brasil and took part in many great festivals in Summer season. We also came back to USA with amazing tour after three years of silence. 2013 was a year crowning our last album “Welcome To The Morbid Reich “. It is time for NEW quality and challenges !!! NEW album – “ Tibi et Igni ” – is in progress in fiery crucible of Hertz Studio . All trax will be done till the end of January and whole thing by the February.

Expect the album in stores about April/May 2014. To all expecting new forms, artistic experiments or other pathetic garbage we say: GO TO HELL !!!! We are devoted to Metal and loyal to our Fans. Vader was born in the heat of the stages and it was YOU , who always keep that Fire burning. This new album is our dedication for that Power and loyalty !!! We’ll hit the road yet in Spring , so You can check some flames form the new Vader‘s Hell. To ALL of YOU we wish ALL THE BEST IN THE UPCOMING NEW YEAR 2014 !!!!! See You in Hell soon Brothers and Sisters…\m/

Sons of Ragnar Interview

Sons of Ragnar is a Viking Metal band from Central, Florida, Lead vocalist of Sons of Ragnar Snake-in-the-Eye (Alexander Crowe) did the interview, I had to interview them not only because you don’t hear very often a Viking Metal band from the United States but also their music is so badass you would just want to head bang your head off all night.

Can you tell a brief history of your band and when it started
Well, the band started before me, as I was the last to join.
(Ragnar was something of a hound dog, and I just happen to be the youngest and oldest simultaneously. 
It's very complicated Viking math.)
From what I understand, Ivar and Ubbe started it as a neo-classical thrash band, and it eventually evolved into the folk-viking-blackened-death-thrash-progressive-diminished-love-hate-fear-ohgodwhy-fuckscience-whyisthisathing metal that our fans know and love today.
So I'm told.
>Which famous musicians have you learned from?
We learned the most from the great Skalds of old,  Amon Amarth, Ensiferum, Korpiklaani, Wintersun, Opeth, Death (of course), Tool, and Jarl Malmsteen.
He's a Jarl now, I hear.
Word travels fast across the North Seas. If'n ya know what I mean. (wink wink.)
>What is the metal scene like in your area?
Well, there's a rather disappointing lack of crucible steelworkers.
Naw, but seriously, it's fantastic. We're from Central FL, so we don't have QUITE the old-school Death comparison that everyone has (although we certainly have the influence!)
>How did you guys come up with the name Sons of Ragnar?
Well, 'twas actually myself that came up with it (Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye, that is. Esquire. Tell your friends. And yer mum)
I'm a history student, and was looking into different aspects of the Viking age, and came across the Great Heathen Army.
I saw "led by the sons of Ragnar Lodbrok" and I was like "wait a damn minute..."
I presented the idea, and the rest is history.
Or at least it will be.
When we're done.
Now show yer neck, knave. 

>Who are your major influences?
Didn't I answer this question?
The great Skalds!
Ensiferum, Korpiklaani, Oden, Bragi....
Wouldn't happen to have some mead, would ya?
I'm feelin' frisky. 

If you guys were to describe yourself in simple word choice.. what would you say?
"Good lad, happen ye to have another pint of mead? I've been running dry, and have been in dear desire for further inebriation by means of the Aesir's nectar."
*translation: Give me more mead, asshat, 'fore I kick yer teeth in.
Simple is a word that's simply too much an' too lil' fer me. 

>Describe your shows, visual and musically.
Well, you could describe it as a mix of "Metal-driven drunken revelry"
"fuck you, seriously, I need some more mead, if you'd be so kind. I won't be next time." 

>Can you tell us about your upcoming shows?
We've got Ivar's 21st Birthday show at the Haven on January 11th, because this strange land has some stupid idea of "legal drinking age."
Dunno what that means, but either way, come get Ivar (Tyler) drunk at midnight and enjoy some fantastic metal!
(others accepting alcohol donations as well.)
>What advice would you give to fellow bands?
Oh, well I'd tell 'em to follow their dreams, keep the Florida metal scene alive (it's tryin' to throw in the towel, and we just won't have it), keep practicin', and PLAY WITH US, WE'D LOVE TO HAVE YA ALONG.
Otherwise, stay metal, and please keep the breakdowns to a musically-admonished minimum.

~ Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye (Alexander Crowe) 

NEWS: Former ANTHRAX Guitarist Dan Spitz Arrested for Choking his Wife

Former Anthrax guitarist Dan Spitz was arrested early Dec. 25 in his florida home on charges of domestic violence. Spitz was taken into custody at 5am on December 25 after getting into drunken fight with his wife Candi.

The two were drinking heavily and verbal arguement turned physical with Candi claiming Spitz wrapped her neck and choked her. Spitz claims she attacked him first and was spotted with scratches on his neck, chest and arms.

Spitz was released to be free while awaiting trial.


Iced Earth has released new track Among the Living Dead from their upcoming new album Plagues of Babylon which is currently set to be released in January 2014. The song features guest vocal Hansi Kursch, singer for Blind Guardian

Plagues of Babylon is eleventh studio album by Iced Earth. The album consist of 13 tracks and running time of about 62 minutes. Plagues of Babylon will be released digitally via Century Media Records

Track listing of Plagues of Babylon:

01.Plauges of Babylon
03.The Culling
04.Among the Living Dead
06.The End?
07.If I could See You
11.Spirit of the Times

Steve Harris of Iron Maiden voted as a Greatest Metal Bassist

Loudwire.com has recently run a massive poll where they’ve crowned among other things best drummer and best metal bass player. A familiar name has secured the no. 1 spot.You guessed it, Steve Harris took out prominent figures like Helloween’s Markus Grosskopf, Mötley Crüe boss Nikke Sixx, late Slipknot bass player, Paul Gray before knocking out Metallica hero Cliff Burton in the semifinals and Dream Theater‘s John Myung in the finals.

Writes Loudwire before the final votes were cast:

“Competing against Myung for the title of Greatest Metal Bassist is Iron Maiden‘s Steve Harris. The legendary band’s creative mastermind and galloping pioneer also took out some incredible musicians during his road to the final round. Harris has triumphed over an impressive list of challengers throughout this bracket, including Helloween’s Markus Grosskopf, Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx, Slipknot’s Paul Gray and Metallica’s Cliff Burton. Now he takes on John Myung in the championship battle!”

Source : Loudwire


Dark Helm is Progressive Deathcore band from Pune, India, formed in 2008. The sound of Dark Helm is an infusion of Ethnic character with modern metal. Our team member Akshay Gaikwad caught up with guitarist Mohanish for this little conversation.

Metalhead Spotted: Greetings from Metalhead Spotted! How has everything been going?
Mohanish: Hello. Mohanish here from the Helm. Everything's been going good.

Metalhead Spotted: What are your musical influences? Where do you get the inspirations for lyrics?
Mohanish: Our musical influences are varied across many genres of music. We're mainly influenced by a lot Metal and it's sub-genres, but various other genres of music play a crucial part in influencing our sound. The lyrical inspiration comes from certain historical events fused with a bit of fiction. We love being the story tellers. Haha.

Metalhead Spotted: Whos writing the lyrics? Do whole band participate in the writing process?
Mohanish: The lyrical part of DH is mainly taken care of by me. When it comes to Songwriting, yes the whole band is a part of it. Someone may write something that sounds cool but isn't a song yet and maybe missing something. Then this gets thrown across the room over and over again untill its refined and everyone is happy with the final product. Everyone has their own recording setups and this helps out a great deal.

Metalhead Spotted: Dark Helm released first studio album Persepolis in 2012, which are the songs from persepolis that caught peoples attention?
Mohanish: It's Origins II which mainly caught people's attention. However, at shows we get a lot of people singing along to Cymbeline and Jaffar and Sands Within are pit favorites.

Metalhead Spotted: Recently you got a play in Dubai.Do you like that live performance?
Mohanish: Of course, Dubai was one of the greatest landmarks for the band and the members. The crowd really liked what we played there and it was one of our best shows probably.

Metalhead Spotted: What are the experiences do you have regarding live performance in Dubai?
Mohanish: The best part of the show was that we were playing in a city we have never been to previously and yet the people knew the words to our songs. That and the encore.

Metalhead Spotted: What are some of you guys personal favourite bands & artists?
Mohanish: Other than our combined love for metal, we all have a very different taste in music. I listen to a lot of Post-Rock and Trip Hop and if you check my music player you'll find stuff like God is An Astronaut, Oceansize, Portishead, Long Distance Calling, Mogwai, Tricky and Massive Attack.
As far as metal goes we all love getting drunk to some Whitechapel, The Faceless, All Shall Perish, Born Of Osiris, Meshuggah, Rings of Saturn.and many others.

Metalhead Spotted: What do you think about current Indian Metal scene?
Mohanish: Currently the Metal scene in India looks promising, mainly this year you see a lot of Indian bands have set foot across various countries and made a mark.

Metalhead Spotted: What are your future plans for 2014? Do you have any plans for releasing new album?
Mohanish: We've got a few plans rolling for 2014, it should be one of the best years for the band.

Metalhead Spotted: I thank you for taking time to this little interview.Is there anything you would like to say to readers?
Mohanish: Thanks and keep showing us the love that you have over the years and we promise to keep your booty moving to the sound of a sitar

Their facebook page for now >Dark Helm

Their reverbnation page for now >Dark Helm

SABATON: Interview with Bassist Pär Sundström "I do not consider Sabaton to be Power Metal,We play simply Heavy Metal"

Sabaton are Heavy Metal band from Sweden formed in 1999. The band is earning much more attention and in the nearest future they shall be more big. Our team member Akshay Gaikwad had a chance to talk to bands bassist Pär Sundström about their music, recent album, future plans and many general things.

Metalhead Spotted: Greetings from Metalhead Spotted! How have you all been doing? Which was your last live appearance?
Pär Sundström: We are extremely busy finnishing our new album, we start recording in about 1 week. Our last show was in Karlsruhe in Germany and was absolutely great ending of a tour!

Metalhead Spotted: What was a conscious decision to play Power Metal?
Pär Sundström: I do not consider Sabaton to be Power Metal, power metal is usually high pitched vocals with fantasy lyrics and Sabaton has nothing in common with that. We play simply
heavy metal.

Metalhead Spotted: Your last album Carolus Rex was certified platinum in Sweden also certified gold in poland. Are you satisfied with the response it has got through?
Pär Sundström: We are satisfied with the albums response. It increased the pressure a lot on us for the next album.

Metalhead Spotted: As a musician what are your primary influences? Do you have inspirations from any other artists?
Pär Sundström: Some classical bands have of course influenced us, like Accept, Judas Priest, Deep Purple and so. But we also find inspiration outside of metal, in classical music and some movie
soundtracks and so.

Metalhead Spotted: Could you tell us, how sabaton choose lyrical themes such as world war and historical events?
Pär Sundström: We decided in 2005 when we were writing Primo Victoria that we should find a good exciting theme. We wanted to do something connected with reality and this is why we did it like this.

Metalhead Spotted: Carolus Rex is most successful Swedish heavy metal album ever? What‘s your oppinion regarding Carolus Rex?
Pär Sundström: It was a lot of work making that, in two languages and about our own Swedish history. We had to clear everything with a historican since it is not so easy to find all information that we needed. When I look at it today I am very proud. Its a milestone in our career. For sure a lot of people did not care about it as it was Swedish history. But still we liked it.

Metalhead Spotted: In 2012 four members left the band, Can you talk about the impact of a line-up change on the band.
Pär Sundström: Initially a lot of people were worried. But since me and the singer Joakim anyway did most of the work in the band ourselves it worked fine direct with new members and today its better then ever. No bad words about our past members but our new guys are simply very good musicians.

Metalhead Spotted: Well, How would you recount your approach to the bass? Do you practice often?
Pär Sundström: I do not practice a lot. I make sure I know all the Sabaton tunes but thats about it. My job is not just to play bass. I do a lot of stuff that is necessary for the band as manager.

Metalhead Spotted: How did you come to work with Nuclear Blast?
Pär Sundström: Nuclear Blast kept an eye on Sabaton for a few years and we met first time at a show in Belgium. After that we started to talk and it took about 2 years until we signed a contract since we were in trouble with our past recordlabel.

Metalhead Spotted: Do you have any amazing and crazy stories, you can tell our readers about, from gigs and pratcices?
Pär Sundström: We are not a crazy band, not so much sex, drugs and rocknroll. We are actually quite focused on not drinking and partying. We dont do drugs and we are in this to play good music and not just get drunk.
Still of course there are many things happening when we are out so much, like our guitarplayer getting beaten up at a bar in Canada by a securityguard while our drummer was taking a shit next door. Or when our drummer possibly preventing a murder by streaking naked and spraying two men with beer. Or when a drunk pilot at a private chartered airplane tried to fuck with me. There are a few.

Metalhead Spotted: There are any songs you enjoy playing live?
Pär Sundström: I enjoy to play most of them. But Primo Victoria is always my favourite.

Metalhead Spotted: What are some bands you would like to take out on a tour with Sabaton?
Pär Sundström: I always wanna have some band that is fun for the crowd to watch. To go to a Sabaton show should be fun. People should enjoy also the other bands who play the same night.

Metalhead Spotted: How do you feel about metal music nowdays?
Pär Sundström: Well, I love metal and have done as long as I can remember. Sabaton is my life. I dont do anything else, I dont have a family and I dont have another job or hobby. So, for me this is the life and I am enjoying it a lot!

Metalhead Spotted: What are the future plans for 2014? Is Sabaton working on new material nowdays?
Pär Sundström: We start by doing an album the first thing of 2014. After that follows a american tour and then its summer festivals in europe before we go back to america. We have the whole year 2014 fully booked and it is looking exciting! A new album will be out before next summer.

Metalhead Spotted: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. Any last words for fans in India and beyond?
Pär Sundström: Big thanks for your interest to find out what we are up to this late 2013. And a big cheers to indian fans and hope that we one day can come there to play.


Crawling Chaos is a Death Metal band born in the late 2005 in Rimini, Italy. Driven by the various influences and different musical tastes of its members, immediately after its birth the band spent a lot of time
rehearsing, playing covers and
trying to find the right sound. In
2007 the line-up was almost stable, and the band officially began its live career.

In January 2009, Crawling Chaos released its first demotape based on original songs. It was called Goatsuckers, a completely homemade 20 minutes EP. The band obtained
positive and interesting reviews by
the metal underground media.
However, it was just a nice
appetizer - mainly distributed for
promotional purposes. In the following years Crawling Chaos continued its stage activity and plunged deep in the writing process of new material.
In 2011 the line-up changed and the band got its current arrangement: Manu (guitar, vocals), Andre (guitar), Gabri (bass) and Edo (drums).

In December 2012, Crawling Chaos finally recorded its first full-length, Repellent Gastronomy, at Domination Studio. Produced and
mixed by Simone Mularoni (DGM, Empyrios), the album consists of 13 tracks and a total running time of about 45 minutes. The first track, Rue d’Auseil , is based on a piece called The Music of Erich Zann for contrabass solo written by the Ukrainian composer Alex Voytenko and performed by Anton Zhukov. The disquieting artwork, based on original illustrations by the band’s drummer Edo, has been
realized by Simone Bertozzi
(Mnemic, The Modern Age Slavery). Repellent Gastronomy released on
November 12th, 2013, through
Memorial Records. Crawling Chaos’s music is a mixture between old school and some of the new trends of the extreme fringes of metal. In particular, Crawling Chaos draws inspiration by bands such as Lamb of God, Nile, Fear Factory, Death, Cannibal Corpse and the late Behemoth. The narrative dimension of the band’s lyrics is often reinforced using samples, an element that is also crucial on stage.

Memorial Records: http://www.memorial-records.com

Contact: info@memorial-records.com


Remains In A View was born in Sulmona in 2007 mainly for the passion for Metalcore and Modern Metal in general. In 2009 once the line-up was set well a three track promo was released and the band began concert activity. After this period,a line up change happened: Elia left the band and Davide enter as vocalist. Following few gigs,then a long stay in the rehersal room in order to compose new material more heavy and dynamic than before.

In March 2013 the band enter in
Hell Smell studio in Rome to record their first full lenght called
"Elegies". Mixed at Fear Studios, mastered by Alessandro Vanara and out for Memorial Records on 17th of October, "Elegies" can be defined a musical journey through human emotions, balanced between agression,melody,energy and driven by reflective lyrics.

Memorial Records: http://www.memorial-records.com

Contact: info@memorial-records.com


Dutch Symphonic metal unit Within Temptation has released the official video for song Dangerous, a second single from their upcoming sixth studio album Hydra, featuring guest vocals ex-Killwitch Engage singer Howard Jones

You can watch the video here

According to first review of Dangerous, it is considered as fast and aggressive. It is one of heaviest songs the band has recorded to date.

del Adel statet that, It has the most bass drums we have ever used, too, and a very fast riff which we doubled with synths. It is not a typical synthsizer though --Its distorted like a guitar and its very aggressive

NEWS: 2013 Grammy Nominees Unveil for BEST METAL PERFORMANCE

The 2013 Grammy nominees for the "Best Metal Performance" category have now been unveil, and are as follows:

"T.N.T." - Anthrax
"God Is Dead?" - Black Sabbath
"The Enemy Inside" - Dream Theater
"In Due Time" - Killswitch Engage
"Room 24" - Volbeat Featuring King Diamond


Cosmic Infusion is a Symphonic black metal band from Mumbai, India. Formed to create a pure blend of symphony and extreme metal, with some best and most experienced musicians from the underground scene of the country, they play their very own style of extreme metal. Our team member Akshay Gaikwad caught with a band for a little conversation regarding album, their music and many other general things. Check it out.

Metalhead Spotted: Greetings from Metalhead Spotted! Firstly congratulations on your self titled new EP. How did the story of forming Cosmic Infusion go? Would you mind introducing the band?
Cosmic Infusion: Hails! Thank you and we also happened to release our DVD entitled 'Rise Of The Funeral Smoke' this year after the release of the EP. Reformation of Cosmic Infusion has been both, a fantastic and adifficult journey till now.
The Band is: 
Amnish - Guitars (Ex Infernal Wrath), 
Amey - Bass (Ex-Infinite Redemption),
Nakul - Guitars (Ex-Infinite Redemption) and
Sushan - Vocals and Keyboards (Ex- Infernal Wrath).

Metalhead Spotted: Which are the sources from you draw your inspirations?
Cosmic Infusion: Nature inspires us like nothing else, which is quite evident from our music. Also, life, death and the universe it's forces form major sources of inspiration for us.

Metalhead Spotted: How do you feel about the black metal scene today?
Cosmic Infusion: Black Metal scene in India is definitely on the rise. Bands are coming up with some really good music and are turning into powerful live acts.

Metalhead Spotted: Could you tell us about the writing and recording process of Cosmic Infusion?
Cosmic Infusion: Every song in Cosmic Infusion has started with a thought process or a storyline. We've always tried to convert that thought process into music and the songs are the eventual outcome.

Metalhead Spotted: The artwork on the EP is amazing. How much of an input do you have personally in the cover art?

Cosmic Infusion: Thank you.The EP artwork was completely the band's vision. It was conceptualized and planned out about 6 months prior to it actually getting done.

Metalhead Spotted: Of all songs you've recorded, is there one which is your favourite?
Cosmic Infusion: The favorite keeps changing all the time. We are definitely quite proud of every single track on the EP, hence they've made it to the release!

Metalhead Spotted: The band initially formed in 2003 and reformed in 2012, did band has undergone any line up changes?
Cosmic Infusion: A lot of changes. The band was initially formed by Sushan and Amnish, who continue to be in the lineup. We had Vian on Bass in the original lineup, there were a few guitarists and a few drummers as well. Right now though with the addition of Nakul and Amey, we clearly have the strongest lineup
and the band is sounding better than ever before.

Metalhead Spotted: Cosmic Infusion continues to wear corpse paint, is this important to you and what does it symbolize?
Cosmic Infusion: It gives you a lot of power and transforms you into a completely different being.

Metalhead Spotted: The band enjoys performing? Is it really what you do best?
Cosmic Infusion: Haha. We live to play Live.

Metalhead Spotted: The Indian metal scene is strong now, for sure. How do you feel about some excellent acts that have emerged in recent times?
Cosmic Infusion: Recent times have seen some fantastic acts come up. The future looks good right now.

Metalhead Spotted: Do you have Any plans for new merchandise? Do you have any ideas and plans for the next album?
Cosmic Infusion: Right now we are in the midst of promoting the debut EP and the DVD. No plans for any other merchandise as of right now. New stuff is in process of making for the next album, although it isn't due until late 2014.

Metalhead Spotted: Thanks for taking the time out, if you have something to say, do go ahead.
Cosmic Infusion: Cheers! And good luck!
Their Facebook page for now 
Their Reverbnation page for now > COSMIC INFUSION

NEWS: ABORTED Announce New Album

Belgian death metal lunatics ABORTED will be releasing their 8th full lenght album to date in 2014. ABORTED recently announced that their new album, The Necrolic Manifesto will be released in 2014.

The line up for The Necrolic Manifesto is as same as their previous release, Global Flatline. It was most intense and crushing record the band has released. The group consists of vocalist Sven de Caluwé guitarist Danny Tunker and Mendel Bij De Leij bassist J. B. Van Der Wal and drummer Ken Bedene.

The Necrolic Manifesto will be demonstrating the potential of the band and showing that ABORTED once again playing to their strenghts.

The Necrolic Manifesto will be released digitally by Century Media Records. Official release date coming soon.

NEWS: HAMMERFALL Returns- New Album In August 2014

HAMMERFALL have surprised their fans with an update on their official Facebook page which stated the following:
"The Templars return in force in 2014! .The new HammerFall album will be released on August 29 2014."

Two years ago, Swedish Heavy Metal Templars of HAMMERFALL announced a creative break after celebrating their 15th anniversary of their legendary debut "Glory To The Brave". “We are taking a pause to ensure that we have another 15 years ahead of us”, said Oscar Dronjak back then. “The plan is to use the year off to recharge our batteries and come back more vital than ever with a new album in 2014″, added singer Joacim Cans.

HAMMERFALL’s anniversary show in Dalhalla was recorded and released afterwards on DVD, followed by the final show at the Wacken Open Air. The German festival was the first show HAMMERFALL ever did outside of Sweden, and marked the beginning of the long and passionate relationship the band has enjoyed with the German metal fans. And where the story started, the first chapter ended, there will also be the return: HAMMERFALL are proud to announce their performance at the 25th anniversary of the Wacken Open Air 2014.

And the show won’t be a standard one! Oscar Dronjak explains: “It’s very fitting that, when Wacken celebrates its 25th anniversary, they will get a proper “Glory To The Brave” anniversary show. This will be a throwback show to the European gig that launched it all for us: Wacken Open Air 1997. The set list will consist of all the songs from the first album and we'll of course add some newer songs at the end. We will do this very unique show at Wacken and nowhere else, so if you miss it, you missed it.”

In August 2014 also the new and yet untitled studio album of HAMMERFALL will be released. There will also be a single – released on vinyl and digitally – upfront in June. Oscar Dronjak reveals:

We’ve all kept ourselves busy with various projects of a musical nature, but, man, it feels good to finally announce that we’re going to release a new HAMMERFALL album next year! The album is set for an August release, and we have already begun writing songs for it. It’s always difficult to tell which direction we will end up going in when you’re in the middle of it, but it feels like this will be a mix of the very best of what we have done over the years. The time off has given us perspective on a lot of things, and the new material seems to reflect this. We’re all super excited to get this going again and bring you a revitalized and reenergized HAMMERFALL!”

This new album will mark a return to Fredrik Nordström, who worked with the band in their early days. Joacim Cans explains: "It's a great honor to have Fredrik Nordström back as the main producer for HAMMERFALL. As the father and founder of "The Gothenburg Sound" as well as the producer of "Glory To The Brave" and "Legacy Of Kings" we are confident that he will take our music to new and yet unreached levels".

James Michael who had co-produced the band’s latest studio album "Infected" will once again take over the vocal recordings: "In order to maintain the high vocal standard set on "Infected" we will return to USA and record with multitalented SIXX:AM vocalist James Michael. Never have I experienced such great set-up and environment as when we recorded the previous album. Even though things will be different this time around since he is re-locating in Los Angeles, I am damn sure he will make my vocal chord deliver like never before"

This won’t be the only return to the bands roots. The artwork of the new record will be created by no one else, but Andreas Marschall, who actually was the founder of Hector, to be seen on "Glory To The Brave" and many other great HAMMERFALL artworks.

“There has never been any doubt in our minds that we would be back, and the moment we made the decision to take a much-needed break, we already had a strategy for the future of the band. A new album in 2014 has always been the plan, and when Joacim and I started to discuss the parameters for the next HAMMERFALL album we found that one of the first points we immediately agreed on was that we should consider asking Andreas Marschall to do the cover artwork. Andreas is responsible for the first three HAMMERFALL albums, and it seemed like the perfect time to let him interpret Hector again”, comments Oscar Dronjak


Hello guys, welcome on Metalhead Spotted... please introduce the band to our readers.

Hi everyone, we are Arhythmia and we came out from the middle of nowhere. We've been playing and singing loud for 10 years and we'll do it until our hearts and your ears will be fucked up. That's our mission on this planet.

You're returning from a great tour together with an amazing band such as Biohazard... how can you describe the emotions before, during and after this tour?

Before, it was like: OH MY GOD, I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT!! The day before it was like: are we going to do this shit for real!?!?! During the tour: WOW we're living our dream, let's celebrate and drink up!! We were so happy!
After the tour: OK, I WANT TO DO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN, DOWN FOR LIFE! It is the greatest experience we have ever done as a band.

How hard is to stay on tour for a long time?

When you love what you do it can be hard for real. We had no "day-off", so we played 26 gigs in 26 days, it is not simple but you can do it and when you come back you're tired but YOU WANT MORE. Anyway, the hardest part of the tour was about "cleaning your ass": you don't have the time, believe us!

Biohazard are considered one of the most important band into the hardcore and metal-rap scene, but how are they as humans?

They are great people, indeed! This tour couldn't have been so great if it wasn't for them.
We lived with Biohazard on a tourbus for almost a month and they made us feel like we were old friends from the first day, we never had a problem, only laughter, jokes, music and beer! Such cool guys!
Billy is our producer for our last EP "Time No Coming Back"; he was usually at the side of the stage while we played and that was great because it gave us lots of advices to improve ourselves as a band. That guy is an idea machine.

Was it hard for you to play just before them?

It wasn't hard, actually it was very good for us to play just before them!
We were the official support band. Playing before the headliner is a privilege and a responsibility, people want to know if you really deserve to be there! We knew we had to give 100% on every single stage, the hardest thing was making it to the end of our live set, but the audience seemed to enjoy our shows!!

Tell us something about the organization of a tour like this.

We can only say that everything was perfect. We had a great tour manager (Stephen) and even when there were some problems there was always a ready solution! We learned a lot about the organization of tours like this by seeing how it works from the inside.

I think that a lot of crazy things happened on stage, on the tour bus, or in other places. Can you tell us something?

Yes, dude! But most of these can not be told ahaha!

Choose the best show you did...

We played 26 gigs around Europe, it is very difficult to choose one of them!!! Most of the places we saw and the people we had in front of us were absolutly great!!! London, Touluse, Dublin, Koln, Malaga, Madrid..... but I think I should write each place we played in because the people were always so cool with us and we can't forget it!!!

Give to our readers some suggestions: the do and don't on tour...

Yeah, sure......
1. Don't sleep too much, you're on tour and you must be awake as much as you can.
2. Don't open the tourbus' door when you are drunk and the tourbus is moving!
3. Don't miss the opportunity to go in a strip-club
4. Don't leave your dirty socks all around the bus
5. Do the best you can on every fuckin' stage!

Now after a cool experience like this, what's your next step?

We'll be back in the studio as soon as possible in order to go on with the "Time No Coming Back" saga. At the same time, we're planning another tour, and then another one, and than another one down for life!
Can't wait to be on the road again.

Yeah... thank you very much for your availability, do you want to say something more?

We want to thank Metalhead Spotted and all the readers! You guys fuckin' ruoooack!Don't forget to listen to our new EP on Spotify or support us on our facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/arhythmiaofficial.
Stay Tuned!!

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Bloodgod is a Dutch death metal band from Utrecht, the Netherlands. They’ve just released their debut EP
'Pseudologia Phantastica' recorded and mixed by Quintijn Verhoef at Studio Independent Recordings.

It contains three death metal
infused songs on which Bloodgod let their imagination run free,
hence the title Pseudologia

The music is deep, and the band has fine potential. It is technical and there is nothing too complex to understand. One of the stuffs that are just awesome to listen to. I can hear lots of influences from Death and Obscura. Some parts reminds me of Death songs.

Guitar parts are feels like something special. Vocals are plane and decent rather than a grunt ones, and the drums are pretty drastic. An effects on strings are good. Strings are simply getting kicked in a good way. Although it is exceptional and whole stuff is drastically fine.

Bloodgod official site

Their facebood page for now > Bloodgod

Subscribe to their youtube channel here

Follow bloodgod on twitter

You can listen to the EP here

Their soundcloud page for now > Bloodgod

Bloodgod on last.fm

Bloodgod on Grooveshark

 Rating: 3.7 - ‎Review by Akshay Gaikwad - ‎Dec 19, 2013


Deicide is an American death metal band, also one of the leading death metal acts of late 80s and a genre defining band as well.

In the Minds of Evil is eleventh album by Deicide, released on November 2013, by Century Media Records. This is first album with guitarist Kevin Quirion

The album has recieved some controversy regarding to aggressive lyrics, which includes anti-christian themes and among others.
Listen to the beginning, listen to the middle, listen to the end all sound as their old classic stuff. Good sound production, instruments all sound like their past album.
Some songs has catchy tunes and solos are so unexpected and brilliant. Benton growls with the melody at the time riffing, drums, everything is perfect. The bass have some groove. It blasts with touch of fast drumming and some songs has crazy intro on the drums. In the Minds of Evil is truly exceptional, Deicide is in fine form with this album.

In the Minds of Evil track listing:

01.In the Minds of Evil
02.Thou Begone
04.Beyond Salvation
05.Mistery of One
06.Between the Flesh and the Void
07.Even the God can Bleed
08.Trample the Cross
09.Banished by Evil
10.Kill the Light of Christ
11.End the Wrath of God

Joey Jordison splits from Slipknot

Slipknot has announced their split with drummer Joey Jordison, on December 13 the band stated Joey left for personal reasons. Minneapolis radio station 93x did a recent interview with Corey Taylor, he was not able to talk about the split because things between the band mates and Joey were so fresh, it is still unknown of why the split happened Corey stated to Minneapolis radio station 93x “"I can confirm that we have parted ways with Joey and as soon as we can say something, we will, but we're trying to protect him, trying to protect us, just making sure that we do everything right because that's what we would expect from ourselves and what we would expect from the fans."
Taylor concluded: "I know the fans are chomping at the bit, it's just we can't really say anything right now. It sucks for them and it sucks for us because we have always really prided ourselves in being able to come out and honest with everybody, but there's really nothing we can say right now."
1995 Joey Jordison joined Slipknot, it is not known who will replace Joey. 

Metalhead Spotted‘s Top 5 Thrash Metal Albums of 2013

5) Toxic Holocaust- Chemistry of Consciousness

Modern thrash with kind of repetitive but at the same time killer riffs and the brutal harsh vocals. The bands shows true musicianship with this album release and elevates them up to the status as bands like Slayer, Megadeth, Exodus and Kreator.

4) Havok- Unnatural Selection

Riffs and drumming straight from hell! All I see is thrash, and that's good enough for me. Unnatural Selection sounds like Havok truly coming into form. songwriting quality makes the songs all impressive overall. Havok is a new band (formed in 2009) but this sounds like they are,straight from the 80s.

3) Mortar- Ground Zero

Very old school sounding. crushing riffs with face melting thrash metal. I like the way it sounds pure old school thrash metal. Vicious riffing, striking drums and ripping vocals are in the best thrash tradition. They have their own unique sound.

2) Death Angel- The Dream Calls for Blood

This sounds like new wave thrash. It makes we want to buy a hammer and thrash the things out. It’s easily their most consistent release. This is mature, well written, played and produced thrash record.

1) Sodom- Epitome of Torture

They're not new to the thrash scene.One of the many great albums by Sodom, it's as destructive as their past albums. Aggression is quite noticeable here. Despite an epic thrash riffing and drumming, It sounds really enjoyable.


The End is one-man experimental post-black metal band, mostly influenced by darkness, depression, suicidal thoughts, extream sadness and melancholy.

The End have done a few split albums and the demo album You Made the Rain Disappear released in mid 2013 on American label Hammerkrieg Production and also sheduled to be re-released on Indian label Transcending Obscurity.
Best thing about You Made the Rain Disappear is, how it‘s evolved into some different phases; spanning 21 minutes and 44 seconds. This music can easily change your mood and outlook. The songs are filled with feelings of darkness and melancholy. It's by far one of the most depressing stuff I've heard. While the vocals are great and other components are remarkable and drums are striking. The End has also pushed itself to be a part of any metalhead‘s collection, You Made the Rain Disappear is a depressive masterpiece!
You can listen to the demo here

Their Facebook page for now >The End

Their Reverbnation page for now >The End

LIE FOR A SECRET in studio

The guys from powerful and aggressive Sardinian metalcore band LIE FOR A SECRET are working on  their new album at 36 crazy studio in Olbia (Italy).

The recording sessions are going very well, and soon all the tracks will be ready!

Interview with Blackhour

Hailing from the Pothohar Plateaus of Islamabad. Blackhour are one of the popular Heavy Metal band in Pakistan. Inspired by the famous British heavy metal band, Iron maiden; the founders of Blackhour created the band in 2007 with an aim of using music not for commercial purposes but for creating awareness among the youth. We caught up with Tayyab Rehman, lead vocalist and Hassaan Ahmed, manager for an in-depth conversation on the album, their music and many other general things. Check it out!

Metalhead Spotted: Hello Hassaan, greetings from Metalhead Spotted. How have you been lately?
Hassaan: I have been doing good, thanks.

Metalhead Spotted: What’s the story behind your band name?
Hassaan: Well Blackhour was our guitarist, Hashim’s idea and over the years the name has grown as each member’s individual identity that is reflected in the band’s music.

Metalhead Spotted: What led you guys to establish yourself as a metal band? How did you guys start your musical journey? Tell us about the starting days of Blackhour?
Hassaan: Well the band started out back in 2007 and it was Hashim’s initiative. Initially it was just a college band with a bunch of like-minded friends who were into metal. However, as the years progressed Hashim along-with Hasan Rauf, (ex-guitarist), Saad Javed (ex-bassist) and Daim (drummer) decided to take the band at a whole new level. On the flipside Tayyab Rehman (vocalist) had been far too agitated by the pop music culture and was seeking an escape to let out the raw emotions that he had explored over the years. Hashim met Tayyab sometime around 2008 and Tayyab suddenly clicked with the band and Blackhour started gaining recognition in the local metal scene. Later Mashoo (guitarist) replaced Hasan in 2009, I think, when Hasan decided to take some break from music.
Tayyab: I guess, it wasn’t until 2009 that Blackhour became what it is today. And although it’s a cliché but the journey hasn’t been very smooth for Blackhour, but then again our fans, friends and family have always been there to help us through some really tough times, and we wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for each and every one of them.

Metalhead Spotted: What do you think separates a metal band from a core band?
Tayyab: As Hashim would say, a metal band has more feel in its song by virtue of being melodic yet powerful! Not saying that core bands lack this but if anything heavy metal is heavy metal at the end of the day no matter what the sub-genre.

Metalhead Spotted: As we know you guys are highly inspired by Iron maiden. but again tell us what inspires and influences you the most while making music? Tell us about your favorite artists?
Hassaan: Well for each member when it comes to making music they contribute their own set of inspirations and originalities on the table! I have had the opportunity of being with Blackhour during their music writing phase and it is something brilliant! Each member has a different ear to how even a single riff is supposed to sound and this helps in create more versatility in the songs. As for the band’s favorite artists, they are many for Mashoo it’s mostly instrumental musicians such as Steve vai, Malmsteen, Satriani and Faraz Anwar; on the flip-side Hashim’s taste revolves around Judas priest, Iron Maiden, Sabbath.
Tayyab: Similarly I listen to anything ranging from alternative rock to death metal, whereas, Salman Afzal is heavily moved by Victor Wooten, Flee and John Lennon, and our drummer, Diam has his own set of influences ranging from Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper) Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Matt Halpern (Periphery) and Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree). So basically at the end of the day when such varied musicians sit together on a single platform to create something original, the end product is the combined raw feel and emotions of each musician poured out into every song of Blackhour, that one would have to listen to actually hear the hard work put in each of the song.

Metalhead Spotted: Your first studio album “Age of War” got a tremendous response from listeners all over the country, not only in Pakistan, but all around the globe, from fans and other bands. Please tell us more about this and how has the road been since?
Tayyab: Album ‘Age of War’ was a big break for the band. The album itself was written rather fast and in less time, a lot of ideas that the band wanted to try and once it was all recorded and complete, we couldn’t wait for it to be released. Nonetheless, the album got a very good response in USA and Australia via Yourlabel Records and it got played at major international radio stations alongside other big bands such as, Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Judas Priest and more.
Since the album release Blackhour has grown much larger in fan base and has reached out to metal heads almost everywhere in the world. Still continuing to keep growing and with the new singles, we plan on making an even greater mark on the heavy metal industry all across.

Blackhour's recently launched music video of "Crucifix" 

Metalhead Spotted: What do you think about Pakistan metal scene? Do you think it’s improving? How much scope do you see in the subcontinent?
Hassaan: The Pakistani heavy metal scene is getting a lot better from what it used to be. Nowadays it’s good to see the unity amongst all the bands. With time the metal community of Pakistan will get bigger and bigger, especially with Hellfest Pakistan happening, it makes me proud to say that Blackhour is a part of the biggest metal festival of Pakistan. Along with that Blackhour is also a part of “Project Metal” and initiative of “THE AWAKENING” a heavy metal radio platform in Pakistan! So we are doing our very best to contribute to the growing metal scene in Pakistan.
However, as a band we know we have to play bigger markets and most of the biggest heavy metal shows are happening outside of Pakistan and we hope to play on those stages as well very soon!

Metalhead Spotted: Any plans of touring different parts of the world in the near future?
Hassaan: Well right now we are working on quite a few things and hopefully we will be touring globally very soon.

Metalhead Spotted: And how about touring in India?
Tayyab: India is somewhere we would like to start our international touring from! And I think our manager is engaged with some of the organizers in India to play a show for our rising fan base from India.

Metalhead Spotted: What are your future plans??
Hassaan: Currently, the band is actively engaged in writing new music. Blackhour is already playing live two of its new originals, “Wind of Change” and “Battle Cry” and will be hitting the studios very soon to record these songs. Other than that some new music videos are coming out as well and mostly just live shows! A WHOLE LOT OF LIVE SHOWS! Because at the end of the day Blackhour’s strength is in its energetic live performance and stage presence!

Metalhead Spotted: Well, it was nice talking to you, thank you.
Hassaan and Tayyab: It was a pleasure talking to you guys! Hope to see you all very soon when Blackhour tours India!

Salvation (audio): http://www.soundcloud.com/blackhour-1/salvation
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/blackhourofficial

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