TYRRHENIAN : Band Review

Tyrrhenian is a Guwahati (Assam) based six-piece Progressive Metal band originally  formed in the year 2012 by Sam (vocalist) and Sahil (Bassist). But due to certain reasons the band was inactive until 2013, when the band reformed with new members joining them in their comeback gig and they  did claim the best band of the night.  The band likes experimenting  their music by fusing progressive metal with melodic, metalcore and djent elements to give a unique sound. The band was co-headliners of Deatholic 2013. They were also finalist of Metal-O-Honour.

Tyrrhenian has already released their album intro “The Apocalypse”, which has received an amazingly good response from the listeners. They plan on releasing their first single “Innocent  Elapse” by the 25th of this month, which has been made in memory of the Delhi rape case victim Damini and other women around the world who have been suffering  from atrocities and violence. They also have two other compositions namely “Beyond the constilations” and “Invitation to bleed”, which they plan to release in their EP by the end of next year. Tyrrhenian is definitely a promising new band whom you’d surely want to catch up live.

The current members comprise of:
Sam Konjam Singha (Vocals), Sahil Ahmed (Guitars), Ebon Borah (Guitars), Abhigyan Kashyap (Bass), Aru Tisso (Keyboards/back vocals), Parikshit Baruah (Drums).

Tyrrhenian’s album intro “The Apocalypse”  is available at:

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