Deicide is an American death metal band, also one of the leading death metal acts of late 80s and a genre defining band as well.

In the Minds of Evil is eleventh album by Deicide, released on November 2013, by Century Media Records. This is first album with guitarist Kevin Quirion

The album has recieved some controversy regarding to aggressive lyrics, which includes anti-christian themes and among others.
Listen to the beginning, listen to the middle, listen to the end all sound as their old classic stuff. Good sound production, instruments all sound like their past album.
Some songs has catchy tunes and solos are so unexpected and brilliant. Benton growls with the melody at the time riffing, drums, everything is perfect. The bass have some groove. It blasts with touch of fast drumming and some songs has crazy intro on the drums. In the Minds of Evil is truly exceptional, Deicide is in fine form with this album.

In the Minds of Evil track listing:

01.In the Minds of Evil
02.Thou Begone
04.Beyond Salvation
05.Mistery of One
06.Between the Flesh and the Void
07.Even the God can Bleed
08.Trample the Cross
09.Banished by Evil
10.Kill the Light of Christ
11.End the Wrath of God

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