Hello guys, welcome on Metalhead Spotted... please introduce the band to our readers.

Hi everyone, we are Arhythmia and we came out from the middle of nowhere. We've been playing and singing loud for 10 years and we'll do it until our hearts and your ears will be fucked up. That's our mission on this planet.

You're returning from a great tour together with an amazing band such as Biohazard... how can you describe the emotions before, during and after this tour?

Before, it was like: OH MY GOD, I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT!! The day before it was like: are we going to do this shit for real!?!?! During the tour: WOW we're living our dream, let's celebrate and drink up!! We were so happy!
After the tour: OK, I WANT TO DO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN, DOWN FOR LIFE! It is the greatest experience we have ever done as a band.

How hard is to stay on tour for a long time?

When you love what you do it can be hard for real. We had no "day-off", so we played 26 gigs in 26 days, it is not simple but you can do it and when you come back you're tired but YOU WANT MORE. Anyway, the hardest part of the tour was about "cleaning your ass": you don't have the time, believe us!

Biohazard are considered one of the most important band into the hardcore and metal-rap scene, but how are they as humans?

They are great people, indeed! This tour couldn't have been so great if it wasn't for them.
We lived with Biohazard on a tourbus for almost a month and they made us feel like we were old friends from the first day, we never had a problem, only laughter, jokes, music and beer! Such cool guys!
Billy is our producer for our last EP "Time No Coming Back"; he was usually at the side of the stage while we played and that was great because it gave us lots of advices to improve ourselves as a band. That guy is an idea machine.

Was it hard for you to play just before them?

It wasn't hard, actually it was very good for us to play just before them!
We were the official support band. Playing before the headliner is a privilege and a responsibility, people want to know if you really deserve to be there! We knew we had to give 100% on every single stage, the hardest thing was making it to the end of our live set, but the audience seemed to enjoy our shows!!

Tell us something about the organization of a tour like this.

We can only say that everything was perfect. We had a great tour manager (Stephen) and even when there were some problems there was always a ready solution! We learned a lot about the organization of tours like this by seeing how it works from the inside.

I think that a lot of crazy things happened on stage, on the tour bus, or in other places. Can you tell us something?

Yes, dude! But most of these can not be told ahaha!

Choose the best show you did...

We played 26 gigs around Europe, it is very difficult to choose one of them!!! Most of the places we saw and the people we had in front of us were absolutly great!!! London, Touluse, Dublin, Koln, Malaga, Madrid..... but I think I should write each place we played in because the people were always so cool with us and we can't forget it!!!

Give to our readers some suggestions: the do and don't on tour...

Yeah, sure......
1. Don't sleep too much, you're on tour and you must be awake as much as you can.
2. Don't open the tourbus' door when you are drunk and the tourbus is moving!
3. Don't miss the opportunity to go in a strip-club
4. Don't leave your dirty socks all around the bus
5. Do the best you can on every fuckin' stage!

Now after a cool experience like this, what's your next step?

We'll be back in the studio as soon as possible in order to go on with the "Time No Coming Back" saga. At the same time, we're planning another tour, and then another one, and than another one down for life!
Can't wait to be on the road again.

Yeah... thank you very much for your availability, do you want to say something more?

We want to thank Metalhead Spotted and all the readers! You guys fuckin' ruoooack!Don't forget to listen to our new EP on Spotify or support us on our facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/arhythmiaofficial.
Stay Tuned!!

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