Band Review : Not Above Evil

Precision, tenacity and barely controlled rage- reduced to its essence, this is Not Above Evil.
Formed in late 2009, Not Above Evil is a 4 -piece, melodic death metal band based in Manchester, UK. Drawing on many disparate influences the band produces its own highly idiosyncratic brand of metal, driven by a combination of technical ability and ruthless aggression. Since the release of their debut EP in February 2010, Not Above Evil has evolved into a sonic force that embodies the very best of the intensity and power that metal has to offer.

Of influences, a parallel can be drawn between the recent metal explosion in the southern states, Lamb of God and Mastodon first amongst them. No corner of the globe is left untouched by this international line up, with melodies from Gothenburg and snarling thrash fury courtesy of the Bay Area.
Their first full length record, Deification, self released in 2010, represents the bands ascension to previously unrealized heights of musicianship and artistry with over-the-top vocals and intricate guitar harmonies and  'The Transcendental Signified' EP, released in 2011, further cemented their position as 'ones to watch' in the scene.
The band's current line-up consists of vocalist and bassist Sideeq Mohammed, vocalist and guitarist David Gwynn, guitarist Damien Levette and drummer Daniel Mucs.
 BRAND NEW EP 'Psychosis, Rage & Rapture' - Released August 2013 – available via notaboveevil.bandcamp.com
 Press & Radio – Skratch The Surface
contributed by-
 Paul Norrington

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