Metalhead Spotted‘s Top 5 Black Metal Album of 2013

5. Koldbrann-Vertigo

Songs with a down n’ dirty vibe. Each track on Vertigo has its individual charms. The perfect album for a drunk-as-fuck fistfight, all black eyes and bloody daggers.

4. Watain-The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt is an odd but brilliant album, after their four albums of rough and rowdy black metal. The Wild Hunt blasts with some pretty cool riffs surrounded by a melody. It has clean production that makes it enjoyable

3. Cosmic Infusion-Cosmic Infusion

Great composition with an epic sound! Cosmic Infusion is India's extreme Symphonic Black Metal unit. This self-titled EP is a musical journey of 5 tracks with evil screaming that will make you shiver whenever you listen to it.

2. Caladan Brood-Echoes Of Battle

Echoes of Battle has the potential to be horribl. Its loud introduction of Caladan Brood to the metal world.Echoes Of Battle is a very strong and ideal album fo melodic, epic, atmospheric black metal fans

1. Darkthrone-The Underground Resistance

Darkthrone is a band that needs no introduction...The Underground Resistance, all sounds so evil, while still being proper headbanging. although the album may feel somewhat unmemorable at times it is a release.

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