The End is one-man experimental post-black metal band, mostly influenced by darkness, depression, suicidal thoughts, extream sadness and melancholy.

The End have done a few split albums and the demo album You Made the Rain Disappear released in mid 2013 on American label Hammerkrieg Production and also sheduled to be re-released on Indian label Transcending Obscurity.
Best thing about You Made the Rain Disappear is, how it‘s evolved into some different phases; spanning 21 minutes and 44 seconds. This music can easily change your mood and outlook. The songs are filled with feelings of darkness and melancholy. It's by far one of the most depressing stuff I've heard. While the vocals are great and other components are remarkable and drums are striking. The End has also pushed itself to be a part of any metalhead‘s collection, You Made the Rain Disappear is a depressive masterpiece!
You can listen to the demo here

Their Facebook page for now >The End

Their Reverbnation page for now >The End

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