Cosmic Infusion is a Symphonic black metal band from Mumbai, India. Formed to create a pure blend of symphony and extreme metal, with some best and most experienced musicians from the underground scene of the country, they play their very own style of extreme metal. Our team member Akshay Gaikwad caught with a band for a little conversation regarding album, their music and many other general things. Check it out.

Metalhead Spotted: Greetings from Metalhead Spotted! Firstly congratulations on your self titled new EP. How did the story of forming Cosmic Infusion go? Would you mind introducing the band?
Cosmic Infusion: Hails! Thank you and we also happened to release our DVD entitled 'Rise Of The Funeral Smoke' this year after the release of the EP. Reformation of Cosmic Infusion has been both, a fantastic and adifficult journey till now.
The Band is: 
Amnish - Guitars (Ex Infernal Wrath), 
Amey - Bass (Ex-Infinite Redemption),
Nakul - Guitars (Ex-Infinite Redemption) and
Sushan - Vocals and Keyboards (Ex- Infernal Wrath).

Metalhead Spotted: Which are the sources from you draw your inspirations?
Cosmic Infusion: Nature inspires us like nothing else, which is quite evident from our music. Also, life, death and the universe it's forces form major sources of inspiration for us.

Metalhead Spotted: How do you feel about the black metal scene today?
Cosmic Infusion: Black Metal scene in India is definitely on the rise. Bands are coming up with some really good music and are turning into powerful live acts.

Metalhead Spotted: Could you tell us about the writing and recording process of Cosmic Infusion?
Cosmic Infusion: Every song in Cosmic Infusion has started with a thought process or a storyline. We've always tried to convert that thought process into music and the songs are the eventual outcome.

Metalhead Spotted: The artwork on the EP is amazing. How much of an input do you have personally in the cover art?

Cosmic Infusion: Thank you.The EP artwork was completely the band's vision. It was conceptualized and planned out about 6 months prior to it actually getting done.

Metalhead Spotted: Of all songs you've recorded, is there one which is your favourite?
Cosmic Infusion: The favorite keeps changing all the time. We are definitely quite proud of every single track on the EP, hence they've made it to the release!

Metalhead Spotted: The band initially formed in 2003 and reformed in 2012, did band has undergone any line up changes?
Cosmic Infusion: A lot of changes. The band was initially formed by Sushan and Amnish, who continue to be in the lineup. We had Vian on Bass in the original lineup, there were a few guitarists and a few drummers as well. Right now though with the addition of Nakul and Amey, we clearly have the strongest lineup
and the band is sounding better than ever before.

Metalhead Spotted: Cosmic Infusion continues to wear corpse paint, is this important to you and what does it symbolize?
Cosmic Infusion: It gives you a lot of power and transforms you into a completely different being.

Metalhead Spotted: The band enjoys performing? Is it really what you do best?
Cosmic Infusion: Haha. We live to play Live.

Metalhead Spotted: The Indian metal scene is strong now, for sure. How do you feel about some excellent acts that have emerged in recent times?
Cosmic Infusion: Recent times have seen some fantastic acts come up. The future looks good right now.

Metalhead Spotted: Do you have Any plans for new merchandise? Do you have any ideas and plans for the next album?
Cosmic Infusion: Right now we are in the midst of promoting the debut EP and the DVD. No plans for any other merchandise as of right now. New stuff is in process of making for the next album, although it isn't due until late 2014.

Metalhead Spotted: Thanks for taking the time out, if you have something to say, do go ahead.
Cosmic Infusion: Cheers! And good luck!
Their Facebook page for now 
Their Reverbnation page for now > COSMIC INFUSION

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