ETHS most brutal band from France ! REVIEW AND INTERVIEW !

ETHS the most popular, brutal, killer band from Marseille accepted to have an interview with us Metalhead Spotted. The band started with the name ''What's the Fuck !'' in 1996, it was also to Melting Point but after the final band member joined they named the band : Eths. They are touring always around France, Belgium, Switzerland and Portugal. Their label is Seasons of Mist.  They had several past band members, since first creation the Guitar player and Drummer stayed. The Genre is Brutal death, core, alternative, nu all mixing creating a brutal horrific sound I would call it Horror Death Metal (no not associated with the Horror Punk or Metal). My personal rating for mastering death metal is a 9 out of 10!

 - Eths (demo) 1999  - Autopsie (EP) 2000
 - Samantha (EP) 2002
 - Soma , 2004
 - Teratologie , 2007
 - III , 2012

Stéphane "Staif" Bihl — guitar, samples (1999–present)
Guillaume "Yom" Dupré — drums (1999–2006, 2011–present)
Damien Rivoal — bass (2011–present)
Rachel Aspe — lead vocals (2013–present)

The Interview with Eths:

MS: Hello
Eths , for first how are you ?

Eths: Hello, we're fine, thanks. We're finishing the III Tour and working on new songs for the next album, it's very exciting.

MS: First Question would be, what does your band name mean ?

Eths: Actually, it means nothing, we chose this name for that and esthetic reasons, we loved this letters together and this unknown word is only link to our music.

MS: What is the history of the bands creation ?

Eths: It starts  from nothing, I don't even have a guitar but would make music and have a band, so I found a cheap guitar, partners and founded a teenage friends band with Candice and Greg, that became „eths“ when we changed our rythm section in 1999, little by little the band grew up with shows and recordings.

MS: What was the first impression to metalheads in France from you?

Eths: At first they were speechless when we arrived, „a young band with a girl screaming doing metal ?“,some laugh, but they were impressed by our female growls and our stage performances, we also had many good reviews with our first EP „Autopsie“.

MS: What influenced your band members and is every  member of it listening to metal?

Eths: We like many different styles, from jazz or classical to electronic musics, but we also can be influenced by arts, noises or nature. We all are listening metal but every one have their tastes.

MS: What is your metaphorical meanings in your songs and themes?

Eths: The base is the human, what he can do, believe, ignore or never can be. We have our own interpretation of the lyrics but really like that everyone can find and understand what he want depending on his own experience. We always link the artwork to the album feeling in this way, to give some keys.

MS: When will you publish a new album ? And when will be there a Great Europe tour ?

Eths: We'll publish the new album in late 2014 and go on european tour in 2015, we can't wait to comeback in those countries but also to discover new ones.
MS: And for last , how do you describe your genreYou mix death with other elements.

Eths: We prefer to say we play metal, on each album the medias give us a new genre but we love many kind of metal and try to add them all in our music, I guess the voice give this death and dark feeling we like too.

Thanks for your interview, hope to meet you for a show.

Basic information and more about the biography/tours:

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