Metalhead Spotted‘s Top 5 Death metal Albums of 2013

1. Carcass -Surgical Steel

Surgical Steel is a flurry of intricate riffs, grinding solos, and exploding drums that result in a constant assault on your senses.This album not only puts Carcass back on the map, but it lives up to their legendary past.This album deserves your full attention 

2. Suffocation -Pinnacle of Bedlam

It sounds tight, modern, and dense. There’s a million riffs being thrown at your head, but there’s a clarity that makes it enjoyable.Pinnacle of Bedlam is an unrelenting barrage of old-school New York death metal, which is exactly what fans want and what Suffocation deliver with full, uncompromising force. (Nuclear Blast) 

3. Gorguts- Colored Sands

Each song is heavy but also jazzy and complex. It is dark, brutal, and punishing, yet it is also very melodic and beautifull. Don’t think, don’t analyze, just listen and succumb

4. Amon Amarth-Deceiver of the Gods

Amon Amarth has a solid track record of releasing good albums, and Deceiver of the Gods is no exception.Powerful guitar riffs and melodies, companied with clean growls and aggressive drumming put a fantastic melodic death metal sound that Amon Amarth have become known for. Deceiver of The Gods is  an indication of the band becoming  complecent

5. Autopsy-The Headless Ritual

The Headless Ritual is a massive album. The sound is sludgy and death-defyingly extreme.If ever you want anything half as good as the band’s first two albums, it will doubtlessly be this.

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