Metalhead Spotted‘s Top 5 Thrash Metal Albums of 2013

5) Toxic Holocaust- Chemistry of Consciousness

Modern thrash with kind of repetitive but at the same time killer riffs and the brutal harsh vocals. The bands shows true musicianship with this album release and elevates them up to the status as bands like Slayer, Megadeth, Exodus and Kreator.

4) Havok- Unnatural Selection

Riffs and drumming straight from hell! All I see is thrash, and that's good enough for me. Unnatural Selection sounds like Havok truly coming into form. songwriting quality makes the songs all impressive overall. Havok is a new band (formed in 2009) but this sounds like they are,straight from the 80s.

3) Mortar- Ground Zero

Very old school sounding. crushing riffs with face melting thrash metal. I like the way it sounds pure old school thrash metal. Vicious riffing, striking drums and ripping vocals are in the best thrash tradition. They have their own unique sound.

2) Death Angel- The Dream Calls for Blood

This sounds like new wave thrash. It makes we want to buy a hammer and thrash the things out. It’s easily their most consistent release. This is mature, well written, played and produced thrash record.

1) Sodom- Epitome of Torture

They're not new to the thrash scene.One of the many great albums by Sodom, it's as destructive as their past albums. Aggression is quite noticeable here. Despite an epic thrash riffing and drumming, It sounds really enjoyable.

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