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Well its time to say the truth that am from Serbia guys and I like power metal (as most of you know power metal is my favorite) I found one day the so called band: Forever Storm! They are from Kragujevac. They made their first album in 2009 called ''Soul Revolution'', well The album has much power but as you can listen they mix thrash and heavy with power metal which gives good riffs, good sound and also gives you a good feeling. ''Gunslinger'' songs intro is one of the best intros I ever heard in metal history! It has an amazing bass and drumming at the start with great vocals. Also the songs ''Battle Cry'' and ''Soul Revolution'' have a great sound, but this power metal is not so high pitched singing as others, the vocalist Stefan Kovačeić has a smooth (and according to girls a really sexy) sound. They have another album called ''Tragedy'' what is much moshing as  ''Soul Revolution'' (by the way the albums cover was created by a comic book artist called: Bane Kerac). Of course they have ballads like every power metal band like ''Trace in Eternity'' and ''For you'' (bonus track in Soul Revolution). I didn't listen to the whole ''Tragedy'' album but the songs what I found are really great, I would say there are power metal beatdowns you would call me stupid, but its like that and it is really great, as when you are on a Blind Guardian concert, you cant mosh to some songs, but at Forever Storm you can, yea, and they were on stage with bands like Iron Maiden and Divlje Jagode.
The themes are about battle, freedom, love and some songs are strongly metaphoric.

Stefan Kovačević - vocals, guitar
Miloš Miletić - guitar
Vladimir Nestrorović - bass guitar
Vuk Stefanović - drums
Nikola Marić - keyboards

How was it created?
It was formed in 2006 by Miloš. Stefan and Vladimir. They started with a rhythm machine before they found a drummer but Vuk joined in 2007, they played on Exit festival and Gitarijada festival and their record label is: One Records. In 2010 their keyboards Nikola joined the band!

For more info about the band and tours:

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