INTERVIEW: Patrick Kistler of Eluveitie - "we'd love to come back to India."

Folk metal is a sub-genre of Heavy Metal that has been drawing a lot of attention from the very beginning. Even being classified as folk metal every band has its unique style which very interestingly brings diversity within one genre. When it comes to the more vivacious side of folk metal, Eluveitie is definitely one of the forerunners of the genre. Metalhead Spotted's own Bakai and Navneet recently interviewed Eluveitie's Tin & Low Whistles, Bagpiper Patrick Kistler. Read on..

Metalhead Spotted: Hello Patrick, Greetings from Metalhead Spotted. How have you been lately?
Patrick: Fine so far, pretty busy because we are working on a new album and that also means a lot of work and organization.

Metalhead Spotted: What was your first exposure to Folk metal and your personal opinion how it has affected the metal scene globally?
Patrick: It’s just another subgenre and had influence in case of topics like believes. Like in the late 80’s it was cool to sing about Satan and shit, nowadays it’s more common to sing about an alternative to Christianity rather than just about the opposite. I like how the folk metal genre tries to get in touch with a countries history and their ancestors. I think it would be awesome to mix Indian folk music with metal. One of my favorite bands do that with Indian music and punk/reggae, they are all from Indian heritage but grew up in England. The band is called Asian Dub Foundation.

Metalhead Spotted: What is the bands destiny and meaning?
Patrick: We are telling history, we are trying to keep up the awareness that there was and still is more than just money and luxury around. We work with historical scientists about the reconstruction of the Gaulish language as well as history in general and we pack that all together into our songs.

Metalhead Spotted:Your most successful album to date “Helvetios” got a tremendous response from listeners all over the world. What would be your next albums theme and will it be real history as Helvetios ?
Patrick: It was always about real history, even the acoustic album Evocation I is part of history. We do not sing about tales, we sing about history. Helvetios was just a concept album as a whole.

Metalhead Spotted:In what kind of ancient languages do you sing in?
Patrick:We sing, like I already mentioned above, in Gaulish language. It’s unfortunately extinct and that means all we sing in is just a scientific try to reconstruct the language. We work together with language and history scientist from the University of Zurich and Vienna.

Metalhead Spotted: On which festivals will you play next year?
Patrick: Several festivals around the globe, can’t say too much about it, because nothing really is confirmed yet, just check out our tour plans on our website.

Metalhead Spotted: Does everyone in the band listen to metal, rock, folk or do some members listen to other unique genres?
Patrick:We are all pretty much open minded when it comes down to music. I can speak for myself, I am listening to many different genres such as Punk, Drum and Bass, Ragga, Rock etc. I believe if you write music you should also be open minded and listen to other genres than your own music, it makes it more diverse.

Metalhead Spotted: In the studio do you use the folk instruments or do you use computer softwares for the music?
Patrick:We only use folk instruments, that’s why we often need more time in a studio to record and mostly we work in different studios at the same time. I think you'd hear the difference. All the instruments on Eluveitie records are 100% pure acoustic folk instruments except a few sound effects.

Metalhead Spotted:What would your advice be to musicians with upcoming bands and dealing with problems relating to it?
Patrick:Well music is first and foremost something really emotional and maybe it’s good to follow the gut feeling rather than take it too rationally.

Metalhead Spotted: Many Folk metal bands brings six or more members in their line-up, do you think it is important to imitate sound of folk instruments?
Patrick: Well that’s a question every band has to answer themselves. We do our thing and it’s not upon us to judge or decide what’s right or wrong for others.

Metalhead Spotted: Finally are there any plans to tour India again, soon?
Patrick: Well we’d love to. Our appearance at IIT Festival 2010 in Guwahati is still likely the most memorable gig we ever had so far. We got often asked about the most memorable gig and we all always answer: Definitely India. But it’s mostly more a question of local promoters willing to book a band then the bands own decision. We totally would if there would be a demand for a tour.

Metalhead Spotted: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Is there anything that you guys want to say to your fans in India and beyond? Any exclusive information you'd like to share?
Patrick:.: Yeah, you guys are amazing; we never expected to get such a great response from India, really. We all would love to come back to play for you so bother your local concert promoters for Eluveitie, we’d love to come back to India. So hope we see you soon.

Edited by   :  Navjot Kaur Gill

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