Interview with Threinody

Old school Thrash Metal legends Threinody formed in 1996, in the South Indian city of Bangalore. Threinody are an accomplished live band, renowned for their intense concert performances and captivating music. Threinody set out to create hard-hitting metal inspired by classic metal of 70’s and thrash metal of 80’s. The current line-up consist of guitarist Premik Jolly, vocalist and bassist Siddharth Naidu, and drummer Shreyas Kamath. Recently our team member Prithiv Chandar caught up with vocalist/bassist Siddharth Naidu for this little conversation regarding bands inception, upcoming album, future plans and many general things.

Prithiv: Hello Siddharth, how are you doing? Hope everything is fine with you, and how did you guys get an idea about forming a band during 90's? Were Indians.aware of Metal music those days?
Siddharth: Hi Prithiv, I’m doing fine, thanks! We formed Threinody in 1996. We were all aged 17-20, angry young men, and we identified with the aggression of thrash metal. There were metal bands in Bangalore before us…
Millennium, Crimson Storm, Vulcan Haze were the ones playing thrash metal. The fan following was smaller in those days, but pretty intense.

Prithiv: 'Threinody' what does that mean? How did you come up with such a name?
Siddharth: We named the band “Threnody”, but a few years later, when internet became more widespread, we realized that there 2-3 other bands called Threnody, so we altered the spelling slightly, and made it “Threinody” to avoid issues that might crop up. Threnody means a song of mourning or lamentation, and is derived from Greek. It’s a song that is heard when the bodies of soldiers are brought back from the battlefield. We came across the word in a dictionary, if I remember right.

Prithiv: Your music sounds exactly like bay area thrash, what were your influences when you formed the band? Did you guys have any personal hero?
Siddharth: I disagree with.you on that. Maybe you've heard certain songs of ours that remind you a bit of the Bay Area thrash sound. We are inspired by Bay Area, German and even Brazilian thrash like older Sepultura. We are also into bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Motorhead and Iron Maiden. When we formed the band, we were heavily into Metallica, Slayer, Kreator, Sodom, Sepultura, and even some.old school death metal. Each guy in the band has his own favourites, we don’t really hero-worship anyone.

Prithiv: This generation is way too young crowd for you guys, and how are their responses in general? And what's the response from them when you guys play?
Siddharth: There’s nothing like too young or too old, age is just a number. Most of the guys who dig Threinody would be in their late 20’s or early 30’s. We see a lot of young ones at our gigs too. We get messages from 15-16 year olds asking abou merchandise.

Prithiv: Metal has always been controversial, through decades and it has always been
mistaken in one way or the.other. So, do you have anything to tell this world about it?
Siddharth: Not really. I’m not here to defend metal or tell you how great it is. To each their own. But if someone tries their anti-metal bullshit on me, I’ll have none of that.

Prithiv: For the first time in India, Thrashfest is gonna be hosted, what's your views about it?
Siddharth: Thrashfest is a step in the right direction. I always felt thrash does not get due credit. It is a vibrant, lively form of metal that reminds you that you are alive, and actually has quite a bit of positive energy. It is one genre which in my opinion can be enjoyed by almost all metalheads, as it has elements of other metal genres. Personally, I feel "at home" when I listen to thrash. Fist bumps and chest thumps to the crew at Transcending Obscurity for finally organizing a thrash metal fest. It's going to be crazy, like some of the odes to thrash metal that you hear. Great to be sharing stage with Sceptre after so many years.Finally getting to see Devoid, liked their album "A God's Lie" a lot. Going to be fun cracking inane jokes with Riju and the Albatross guys. The Kolkata thrash brigade is going to rip it up for sure. Those Kolkata bands remind me of the late 90's metal movement in B'lore...pure energy and aggression. And of course, our brothers from down south, Chaos! It's going to be a fun, memorable show, and if you love your metal thrashy, then you better be there!

Prithiv: It was a great pleasure talking to you Siddharth. Thanks a lot for spending a little of your valuable time. We MS team wish you all the best in your future endeavors of the band and your personal life. Thanks! Cheers and keep thrashing!

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