NEWS: Lacuna Coil Lose Two Members

Lacuna Coil revealed that guitarist Cristiano “Pizza” Migliore and drummer Cristiano ‘CriZ’ Mozzati have retired from the band.

Metal Hamner grabbed singer Cristina Scabbia for an exclusive insight into what the hell is going on.

“Well it’s something we announced yesterday but knew for a few weeks and honestly I feel good, because we couldn’t have a better – I don’t even wasn’t to use the word ‘split’, that sounds like, ‘Oh we had a big fight and we don’t want to see each other anymore’. It was something that was coming from the heart, very sincere, they just decided they wanted to change their lives. It’s not like they didn’t like the band anymore, but this lifestyle is not easy. You’re on tour all the time, you don’t have any private life anymore, being on tour is really surreal because time moves in a different way, so I think it’s absolutely normal that after so many years together some of us want to carry on doing what we do because we still enjoy it and some of us would want to move on, keeping the great memories we have together. I mean they’re not planning to join other bands. It’s.not going to be a huge difference because we will have the same songwriter and we are determined to go on. So I’m sad that they’re leaving, but we will continue seeing each other outside the band. They are happy, we are happy, everyone is happy.

“We are going to do the [US] tour,” she continues. “I’m telling you because we are going to give the statement tomorrow but I guess the interview will come out later – the drums will be played by Ryan Folden who played with us for the last year while Christ[iano Mozzati] was at home growing up his kid. And for guitar we are going on with Marco only and then we will decide. I posted the news yesterday and I got 25 private messages in half an hour from people that wanted to do auditions. But we’re not doing any auditions. It’s too early to think about replacements and we don’t even know if we want that. We might work with session.musicians for a while, because even if we are serene and happy, it’s hard for us because we lost two brothers, so we don’t want anyone to come into the family just like that. It would be wise I think just to go on with us four and then move on with friends like Ryan, who is a great drummer and very easy to get to with. And that’s an important factor because if you’re going to share a tourbus with people, you have to be able to get on with them!”

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