REVIEW: TERRORWAY - 'Blackwaters'

Listening to certain kind of metal has exposed me to various kind of metal. In fact, originally there are more than 26 genres in metal,for example: New wave of American Metal which we call it as modern metal or maybe hardcore. For different people,its different genre all in tact.

Terrorway is one such band who claims to be "Modern aggressive". To be honest, I like them. Their riffs, drumming, bass and clear growl vocals has bounced to height of the unexpected. With their another launch called "blackwaters" signed to Bakerteam records, they have been usual from the unusual to their lyrics as well.
Its a long way for a small city of Italy "Cagliari" to come across with such major talent in the middle of nowhere. Terrorway,being a new band yet have launched two albums. This band has the potential to provide the best of "modern aggressive" to the global metal 2014. With their influence of Lamb Of God, Meshuggah and Pantera, they are trying their best to reach more in variation level rather than other bands. Being a 4 piece band, they are doing better than any other italian bands I came across with. Thriving in their tracks as "blackwaters & swamp",  Rest of their tracks are kind of monotonous.

The major drawback of their album is Every track sounds monotonous. Hearing monotonous is not my thing. You dont want to end up hearing a loop instead of keeping the track in loop. The other plus point is the vocalist Valentino "sidh" Casarotti' s exhale growls is amazing. One can hear the word clear through his growls. The bass lines of Giovanni Serra is prominently seen in the their epic track "Blackwaters". As well as the riffs created by Ivan Fois is splendid. The beats of the drums and the timing for every track pumped up by Cosma Secchi is perfectly on the spot. Studio version is tight but You can see the vocals are more dominating rather than the music itself and usually its other way around. Its a plus point that the vocalist has the energy level to put up a great show in live.

With their previous album, Absolute and the present launch Blackwaters,they are in for a win. With the genre itself one can expect them to be brutally facing you on floor to a moshpit and swinging you to the beats of smashing violence. Very tight band indeed. Techincal skills are meant to be praised. A whole new level of energy and metal can kick your butt to listen to them and headbang your heads off in wall of death.
So be prepared to plunge into the violent headbanging !!

 Rating: 3.7 - ‎Review by Shwetha Kamath - ‎Feb 22, 2014

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