Devoid is a four-piece thrash/death metal band from Mumbai, formed in 2005. They won the 2006 regional finals of battle-of-the-bands competition Campus Rock Idols. They have been featured on compilations like We Are The Scene: Vol. 1 & 2, and All Indian Metal. They have played various domestic music festivals and are endorsed by ESP Guitars and Basses. They are now signed to Demonstealer Records and released their album A God's Lie in 2010. The band released their EP The Invasion in February 2013.

'HI viewers and listeners of metalhead spotted.this is Arun Iyer from Devoid'

Navneet: What was the turning point in DEVOID’s history? And are there any special memories you’d like to share with us?
Arun: So Devoid was formed in the year 2005.and the days and years were sketchy at this point because it had been a while since we formed. it was me initially and the band’s drummer Shubham.we lived in the same building and we used to jam and I was already part of another band called Blood Bath Regimentm with my brother and couple of friends and We were doing our scenes then and we had our common genre ,the music we’d like to play now and then and that is how we came to know that we were going to start a band and then we were looking out for guitarists, bass guitarists and lead guitarists because by then I had decided to play my own guitars for the band.we were looking out for even an vocalist at that point.slowly and steadily we found people,by then I had already picked up guitars and vocals that was the shorten of dark and We just went on with it.so that’s how I became a vocalist guitarist otherwise I was not meant to be a vocalist and guitarist but it started off like that and we went ahead with it and we also found keshav who lived in the same convening who came and we had a sound lots of it, we needed to make at that point And this guy could so,that was the audition for natives of hymn and at that point we became a band. So me,shubham and keshav and then we looked for bass guitarists high and low and we could’nt find anyone, and after a point we came across a guy from all over  fucking across seven seas this guy named Frank who played in from another band who at that point had not played in gigs called Atmosphear and he was the bass guitarist for that band and they had come here actually not to audition for bass guitarist but with the intention of meeting our drummer and they were looking for a drummer for their band and we ended up liking frank as a bass guitarist and he joined the band and we played.so the longest part of being devoid that was the lineup-keshav,frank,me and shubham and then we played on,we played at shows by then  we had already comeup with a couple of songs,we had made up a few songs,by the end of I think 4-5 years we’d finished writing for an album and that is when we thought this is actually happening and we need to record, and I mean that’s when the turning point happened,the realization that we were a band.it was the first album we recorded together.and later on there were lineup changes,that is when sanket came onboard as the lead guitarist and abhishek came up as the bass guitarist for the band and then we recorded half length  with that lineup for the band

 Navneet: Tell us about the concept behind your EP "The Invasion”?
Arun: It's not a headscratcher,it’s a straightforward concept.its about aliens invading the earth and final moments, before the final moments and why the destruction happened and then the post Apocalypse and the scenario.and that was the concept and that was a pretty hit.

Navneet: "God" that would be one thing common at both of your releases so far, “A God's Lie", "The Invasion", there seems to be a keen interest with gods for the band, any specific reason behind it?
Arun:I don’t know why I am stuck debating on the concept of god or the almighty,the intelligent creator.i like talking about that,it takes most of my viewing space.plus I have had personal experiences with which is people going wrong so couple of times I have had strong sentiments against it which is why I kinda think the theme is stuck with itself.i mean everyone is curious about god.

Navneet: Well Abnormal guitar work is one of Devoid’s trademarks. What are your initial influences as a guitarist?
Arun: (laughs)no we are not abnormal guitarists,u think  thrash metal how abnormal can it get? But we have influences ranging from 80’s thrash bands which could be And other obscure bands which could be sepultura, pantera and all those guys but Part of our music,and then it went into the 2000 era of metal which had like different pieces of every genre,mostly thrash metal and technical death metal and that’s where we stepped into decapitated and people who can play well and fuck and bring out some technicality or without losing the pouts of the song that would be our influences as far with guitarists.

Navneet:So What are your personal influences as a guitarist?
Arun: my personal influences as a guitarist would be pretty much the same as the guys I mentioned definitely the slayer guitarist,the metallica guitarist,the megadeth,the sepultura,the exodus,the cannibal corpse,the decapitated,psychotic That’s my personal space of influence

Navneet:So When it comes to making music, do you guys initially  work on the lyrics and then the music or music first and then the lyrics?
Arun: Music first then the lyrics falls in the place

Navneet: How was the WOA experience for the band?
Arun: Wacken experience was great!it was a rolling cop for the band.we played a show outside of india and this was the first of its kind and not only outside of india this was in the arkland of metal germany wacken.it was a loving crowd !it was a great experience altogether! words fail me to describe the wacken experience because you have to be there to experience it,!its not just to play there you have to be there to see a metal scene outside of our confinements , how it looks and feels like that experience itself is very hard to pin down in words but in short I was to break it down,a learning curve that we desperately needed,sort of perspective, a mindset change that we needed to work as a band.

Navneet: How did you maintain a persistent sound and outlook with the way of working as a mix of thrash and death metal musical styles?
Arun: I am very glad that you asked this question because according to you at this point it seems that we have maintained some resemblance of death thrash in two religious things,which is intresting thing to hear,usually I would personally think that people with the new release. But people need to know that as musicians now off things change,the essence is always there nothing goes off away there is nothing wrong in being exposed to something refreshingly new and that usually changes and it influences the new influence and that has changed the very core of our music, but in a good way as far as I understand,now aggression without a structure is nothing and a structure without aggression is nothing so we are still in a process of understanding how to strike that balance

Navneet: You guys had a great 2013, with the release of "The Invasion”, Best Drummer award at RSMA2013, Playing at Wacken Open Air. So what’s  in store for 2014?
Arun: I think 2013 itself was’nt  all that big,I would consider them as milestones in our band career,but I still think 2014 has a lot more to offer because we do have a lot more shows lined up,we have a better understanding of how the band system works, a better understanding of how we could push our music, with 2014 hanging in the balance and since gone through 2013 all I can say is 2014 does look a lot more better in prospective, we’re having our heads screwed in straight andwith understanding the whole dynamic system,2014 should be a good year.

Navneet: What are your favorite Thrash Metal Albums of all times?
Arun: Three names that come straight upto my mind i.e Metallica-master of puppets, is definitely the best album of all times,then there is raining blood by slayer,I am sorry I am stating the obvious,but these albums took thrash metal scene to whole new level.also I would like to add up rust in peace by megadeth.

Navneet: Well Thrashfest is just around the corner. The line-up is insane and it surely has a lot to offer to Thrash Metal Doters. What do you guys expect from Thrashfest this time
Arun:  We don’t expect big squad from any of the gigs.we expect only the people come.the rest of the expectation wise,the audience needs to expect,we need to deliver so as far we are concerned we expect that they come and stay for the entire show and the rest of the expectations needs to be fulfilled from our side as a band.

Navneet: so anything you would like to say to the attendees of Thrashfest?
Arun:: The attendees of thrashfest I am extremely glad that you guys have made the choice of coming,I personally think that thrash metal is pretty much the backbone of the metal because that’s where it became what it is right now and these guys are fun loving,drinking,assholes,who love to beat the shit out of and have a good time.so i'm thankful that these guys have made the choice for coming  down to thane.

Navneet: Thanks for the Interview
Arun: Thank You Navneet

Edited by: Mercy Thoras

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