Diabolus Arcanium - Spellbound: Debut Full-Length Available From Haught Records, USA

Diabolus Arcanium, a black metal band from chennai have just released a debut full length on 23rd February. Spellbound served as their debut full-length and the band managed to release it digitally worldwide via USA based Haught Records. Even it can be purchased from Haught Records for digital download and the physical copies will be released very soon.

Spellbound tracklist reads as follows:
01. Inno Arcanium
02. Spiritual entropy
03. Frozen dreams
04. Spellbound
05. Ascension
06. Herald of darkness
07. Kingdom of sin
08. In death's embrace
09. Of fire and ashes
10. Herald of darkness

Grab it from Haught Records

Diabolus Arcanium on Facebook

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