Threinody has been around since over a decade, it’s one of India’s premier Thrash Metal bands and to celebrate the band’s comeback of sorts, it has decided to release a single titled Surrender to the Blade. Normally I don't do reviews of singles unless it’s special but Threinody is a special band, its music is what should set standards for bands over here instead of looking for mindless breakdowns throughout. Coming to the point, it’s one hell of a song. It’s got old school written all over it and I couldn't be happier. It’s most reminiscent of early Overkill material crossed with some Teutonic Thrash Metal a la Kreator and a bit of Destruction. One song is not enough to pigeonhole a band’s influences because clearly the band has the chops to do more, a full length is in the works and I can't sleep until it’s out. Summing things up, this is a song about a demented surgeon of sorts and the band has even released a special T-shirt to commemorate the same. It’s bound to stick in our heads with an irresistible fervor that it possesses, not to mention the vicious and ultra-sticky hook. The vocals are not over-the-top and serve the purpose reasonably well, although the genre has progressed to bear witness to a more violent expression. The soloing is beautiful and I wish the band indulges in more of that, eschewing the Groove/Metalcore influences that most bands have resorted to, including Sceptre. The production is clear and crisp but if I could criticize, it’s only that it sounds slightly passive when what’s the need of the hour is something more vitriolic. That’s all then, ultimately there’s just a song to whet your appetite for some good-intentioned old school Thrash Metal, proving that live as well as on record, the band has the balls and knack to dish out some highly potent music.

Guest review for Metalhead Spotted by Kunal Choksi of Transcending Obscurity 

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