Breathelast & Cap De Craniu - Split It Out EP

Greetings brothers and sisters of the Metalhead Spotted community!

Today we’re gonna jump a bit back in time, more precisely on the 30th of December, 2013, when two of the most notorious groups from the Romanian underground scene – Post Hardcore/Metalcore icons, Breathelast and Grind Death Metal ass whoopers Cap De Craniu - joined forces to release a wonderful split EP, entitled "Split It Out". The EP consists of 8 songs and 2 other bonus tracks and was supported in December 2013 by the two bands in a memorable gig in a well-known venue from Bucharest, Romania – Fabrica Club. Breathelast and Cap De Craniu also released music videos for the songs included on Split It Out – 'Wolves" & the more recent "Sinking Ships" by Breathelast and ”The World between Dream and Reality and the Man without a Shadow” by Cap De Craniu, respectively.

Now, in a nutshell, I will spell a couple of thoughts about the bands, but I wouldn't too keep and bore you guys too much, so here it goes:
Breathelast are reckoned for the great dosage of delivery on stage, these guys feel their music by every lyric, chord, note or beat and they’re not shy to show it either. Mihai easily can be noted as an icon and example of a front man, especially for the upcoming younger musicians; besides his smooth-n-always-nice-to-everyone character, the intensity of his live display is overwhelming! This dude can make a crowd go nuts!

Cap De Craniu is the type of band that can own a show through their performances. Always harsh, precise and heavy, not a single doubt that CDC is one of the top dogs of the Romanian metal scene, these boys have what it takes to go beyond the country borders and impress every audience there is!
For those eager to listen to ”Split It Out”, just follow the link beneath. 

Don’t forget to check out the videos, here’s  ”Sinking Ships” by Breathelast and ”TWBDARATMWAS” by Cap De Craniu

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