If you ask me what’s the main difference between the genuine old school Death Metal bands from the 90's and the newer ones, I’ll say that nowadays bands are more to-the-point and don’t waste time, so they think, on winding song structures. The importance of build-ups isn't there, everything they want is that hook or that stomping part or that breakdown. It works only partly, partly because provided it’s done well, the music is more intense and relentless, otherwise it just fails to reach a crescendo and the music remains like a plateau.
Decomposed from Sweden plays in the traditional style of Death Metal, Swedish of course, and obviously there are influences from Carnage, Nihilist, Grave and Unleashed but it’s delivered with renewed force, like I've mentioned. In this band’s case, it works because the essence isn't diluted, the pace is faster, the tempos are thrilling, the madness is there – that’s something that wasn't always the case with the old bands. The melodies or hooks take a back seat but in its place are faster, more aggressive parts, making sure the momentum isn't lost. This is different from the modern-sounding Swedish Death Metal bands where they try and make it sound different by adding different elements, somewhat a contemporary, polished version, a contrived effort, but ‘Devouring’ is not that. It reeks of authenticity even though the band is recent, the scope is there, the vision is ambitious, recreating the old magic but cutting out the chanting bullshit.
The artwork is breathtaking, the atmosphere the music exudes is special as well, in fact I prefer these to the so-called “dark” and contrived efforts by newer bands playing old school music these days. It’s to-the-point, riffing has substance and depth as well, and goes straight for the jugular. If you’re looking for some modern (sic) old school Death Metal, look no further than Decomposed.

Guest review for Metalhead Spotted by Kunal Choksi of Transcending Obscurity
Credits - Memento Mori 

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