Bangalore has long earned itself the title of  ‘Head-Bangalore’ , for all the right reasons, thanks to the contributions of bands like Millenium, Myndsnare, Thrienody , Kryptos to name a few. So much so, that it is now looked upon as the ‘Mecca of Indian metal’. Today i get the privilege of reviewing one such band named, ‘Theorized’ and their album ‘Psychosphere’.

Ever wondered what it would be like to be strapped up to a hospital bed, with your limbs cut off, and your mind frantically trying to regain it’s composure?? Welcome to the first track ‘Bound’. A fitting intro to your own demise. The next one ‘Unbound’ hits you right in the face like a club. It’s fast and grooves like a bastard! The last bit of this song  is so creepy, it might leave you scratching the wall with your nails. ‘Symbiote’, ‘ Genetic Variants’ and ‘Riptide’ only up the ante just when you start feeling you might have snapped something in your neck, as a result of the vigorous head-banging. There’s some commendable  song-writing and musicianship on display in these three songs. By now, you get a fair amount of clarity on the sheer skill and musical prowess Theorized hold. True to it’s image, the title track ‘Psychosphere’ doesn't disappoint. You simple surrender to the non-stop assault of riffs that hit you like shrapnel, only to eventually find yourself in a dead calm that has enveloped itself upon you without your knowledge. You only snap out of it during ‘Venomous Tormentia’ which sadly though is the weakest  link in the whole album, but somehow manages to make a lasting impact. Theorized are pretty cognizant of their strengths, but that doesn't stop them from taking an altogether different approach in their songs, as is aptly demonstrated in ‘Engines of Creation 1’ and ‘Engines of Creation 2’. Two songs which are awash with semi-techno samples and hypnotic voice-overs. The band ends the album with a 4:13 minute tornado of epic melodies entitled  ‘Psychoacoustic’, which has the trademark Morbid Angel  melancholia to it.

 As it stands, ‘Psychosphere’ is a robust consolidation of solos/riffs and most importantly, ballsy thrash which is hard to find in bands nowadays, that will leave your speakers  a quivering wreck by the time it reaches it’s epic conclusion. Metal like this is almost impossible to dislike!

Guest review for Metalhead Spotted by Aniket Waghmode of Sceptre

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